Sunday, September 30, 2012

If You Wanted to Know

If you wanted to know more about me, I figured I'd take the time to introduce myself more.

I'm Sophie. My real name is Sophia but I prefer Sophie. I'm an avid reader and lover of poetry.
I write poetry and some times I write short stories.
I have attempted at writing songs before, but I don't know if they're any good.
I like to dream and hope because it's good for your brain and keeps you young.
I like Teas and Coffees. I like the way paint feels on my hands.
I love the Seasons.
I love God, and I want to glorify Him.
I am wearing Plaid right now because it's Fall.
I like red lip stick.
I like Black and White film.
I like records, typewriters, and cameras.
I like letters.
I like soccer.
I like laughing and doing things most people wouldn't and don't.
I am sometimes weird but it's part of what makes me, me.
I like making movies.
I like acting.
I like to smile.
I like to make people smile.
I've been made fun of because of my innocence, but honestly I'd like to keep it.
I want to be pure and innocent.
I'm okay with being quirky.
Sometimes I'm socially awkward.
Sometimes words get jumbled in my mouth and make me sound stupider than I am.
Sometimes I'm introverted.
But I like that.
Overall, I want to leave this world having been me the whole time. I don't want to go through a huge ginamorous change and become a stereotypical teenager or woman. I want to stay me and have people like me for me. I want to encourage, inspire and help out others. I want to show people how to look at life through different eyes and in different ways.

I'm not ordinary. I don't want to be ordinary.


That's me.
The girl who's a fashion genius.
Who poses as a turtle.
Who's a hippie.
Plays guitar.
Takes photographs.
Makes weird faces.
Creeps in pictures.
Who tebows in wet clothes.
Who planks on cars.
Dances in malls.
Flies off tunnels.
Kisses dead sharks.
Holds Baby dolls.
Plays Patty Cake.
Poses in Pumpkin Patches.
Fakes fake tans.
Climbs playhouses.
Eats Pretzels on the top of Cars.
Rides in Golf Carts.
Bird Calls.
Wears Straw Hats.
Gives Piggie Back Rides.
Drinks from the Milk Carton.
Gets Blue Hair.
Wears Fake Teeth on occasion.
Becomes Gangsta.
This is me.
If you wanted to know.
In case you were wondering.
And I'm not changing folks.
What are some of the things that characterizes you?


  1. haha, awesome post :)

    P.S. I awarded you at my blog! :)

  2. Love it. I totally get what you mean by being made fun of for your innocence. My sister and I have gotten that a lot growing up. Unfortunately, I wanted to be like everyone else for a period of time, so I forgot myself for awhile. But I am back and have the same attitude as you... I don't want to live as reflections of the people around me, I want to be me!! And YOU, my friend, are a beautiful person!

    Keep it up, you are inspiring :)

  3. This is a Splendiferous post!
    I loved the "Creeps in pictures" Picture! Lol, I like to photo bomb too...just walk up behind the person and make a scary monseter face like you're about to eat them...yes,yes,yes.
    How much guitar do you play? And for how long?
    I love how pictures say a thousand words...


  4. You are such a precious daughter of Christ. :) He has made you so unique! Don't ever change who you are. The only changes you should ever make are the ones of spiritual growth, so you can be stronger in Him!

  5. Such a sensitive post Sophie! I love all the snapshots!