Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Future and Now

Things I'd Like to Do In the Future:

1. Live in the Country.
2. Have a white Christmas.
3. Go to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.
4. Travel the World with my Husband some day.
5. Own a Old Red Pick-up Truck.

No way.
Much want.

I want someone to make me a  flower crown some day.

This smile; I like it.

If I knew where this was, I'd be there right now.

If you ever have wondered if you were enough...
You are.
Well, this post was entitled the Future and Now.
You already heard about my future wantings,
Now its time for the Now. :)
Village Inn Free Pie (Cherry). Spanish Radio Stations. Country Music. Cheryl (The name of my Pie). Five (Count em) Five cups of Coffee in One Day. Secret Missions. Smiling at People.
Thats what my now has consisted of. Today was a magical day from beginning to end.
In the beginning, I woke up in a good mood.
I smiled and held doors open for people at school and they smiled and thanked me.
That was exciting.
Knowing you can cheer some people up with simple actions.
I also made a couple of friends.
Which isn't so hard afterall.
Even for an awkward person.
Then tonight I read some Isaiah at church.
Very impactful.
Then Pie, Hyperness, Coffee , Music, And Secret Missions.
Also, the waiter said cream like creme with the apostrophe.
That was pretty cool. :)
I've also been learning how to love better. Love the World, love what you have, love what is given to you, love what isn't yours, love those who love you, love those who don't love you. I've been learning that love should have no bounds and no exceptions. I'm learning from people around me, the depths and beauty of love. I've been learning from the Author of Love Himself, how sweet and precious and undeserving His love is. I've been real appreciative of what I have now. And not taking it for granted.
Honestly, love can be shown in many ways. Not just words. Simple gestures, and simple acts can really impact. It's pretty. I've also spent a lot of my time daydreaming or wishing for things. But I'm realizing that even though it's not always a bad thing to be a dreamer, sometimes you got to spend some of your life living and taking advantage of what you have. Like for instance, I've always wanted to travel. And I still do. But today, I had so much fun with my good friends in a simple place like Village Inn and that was enough. I appreciated it. I appreciate the times we have and the things I do here and now. You can wish and hope for things, but while you're doing that, don't forget to appreciate the things you have now. The wonderful beautiful World and life you're living.
And I love it.
This world.
This place.
These times.
These faces.
These friends.
The Now.


  1. This post is absolutely beautiful and makes me so happy. Not only have you made yourself happy today, but you just left me feeling so inspired and happy too. Thank you ;)

  2. I love this post so much! You write beautifully and always have the best things to say.
    What you said about not taking things for granted was perfect. It's terribly easy to forget how blessed we are and to get all caught up in what we want to have/do! :) I needed this post, Sophie. <3

  3. "Lend me your hand and we'll conquer them all"
    *sigh* I love that song <3 < that. ;)

  4. what lovely pictures. we made flower crowns at camp all the time :) xx