Sunday, June 30, 2013

Goodbye June

June ended in :

- Jelly Donut Ihop Pancakes
- Late Night Mario Kart
- Driving around on a Sunday night searching for a SuperMoon
- Pizza and IceCream with Good Friends
- Impromtu Trips to Coffee followed by Movie Watching
- Watching Meet the Robinsons for my 1st time
- Octopus Gummies
- BasketBall
- 5 Weiner Dogs
- Good Music
- Card Games
- Bike Ride
- Swimming
- Mario Party
- An Afternoon Run
- Coconut Water
Yes, that all happened in one week.
The last week of June, was a good one, indeed.
I told you life is busy and time flies.
And now, it's about time to say goodbye to June, and Hello to July.
And what better way to welcome July than to embrace it with a family trip to Saint Augustine?
We're leaving this Sunday, and coming back late Friday.
We'll have a lovely Summery filled week, and an awesome Fourth of July.
I probably won't be posting until I get back though.

However, seeing as I won't be on, I wish you all a wonderful week and fourth of July. <3
May your July be full of adventures and smiles. :)
And no tears, unless they're the kind of tears you grow from.

(This was taken by me from last year's fourth of July. You can check out the post with more pictures here; )

 Ephesians 3:20; "Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us."
I'll leave you with that verse to think upon.
Remember that God can do the impossible.
Remember to thank Him for it.
Trust Him.
I'll see you when I get back.

Friday, June 28, 2013

Where anything is possible

I still believe this, even if the world tries to prove me wrong.
You see, I think that's the key to growing up.
I think it's keeping innocence.
But not ignorance.
I'll tell you what I mean.
I mean, you are undoubtedly going to be broken, bruised, and used in your life.
I know one of the hardest parts about being young is that you are naïve.
So you think you're best friend will never ever turn their back on you.
Because you'd never do that to them, so why would they do that to you?
It's a no brainer that they would keep you as their friend too.
It's a no brainer that if they somehow were not able to be with you and stay friends, that they would regret it and miss you terribly because you knooow that that's how you would feel if that were you.

But that's when you learn the cold bitter truth that some people don't feel or think that.
Some people can easily move on and forget and not miss.
And some people can easily hurt other people, even if you wouldn't dare hurt them.
And it's hard to grasp.
But as adults, we learn that.
And we know the world has ugly in it.
We're not ignorant.
We know about trials and hardships.
But here's where we can maintain our innocence.
It's when we're tough when we need to be and we get through those trials.
Its when we're there for people until they get past their hardship.
It's when we're kind and listen and serious when we needst be.
But then when the serious and the sad past,
we learn to be happy again and we live like we've forgotten that the world is capable of being cruel and sad.
We see the world as beautiful again, not ugly.
Sure there will be ugly again, but in that moment it's beautiful.
You can get through the ugly with adult eyes,
and see the beautiful with child's eyes.
And you remain innocent.

That's the key, I think.
At least, it's working for me.
Life's not a piece of cake, and it never will be.
And I'm serious when I needst be.
But I never ever give up dreaming or hoping or being okay with what Life offers me.
And I never pass up an opportunity for adventure and laughter.
And I also keep holding onto the promises of God, and holding onto the joy I get from Him.
And honestly, I still believe that anything IS possible.
Because it Is.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

This One is For You

Do you wrap your hair in a towel once you've gotten it wet?
Do you rush to the coffee pot first thing in the morning?
Do you ever make faces at yourself in the mirror on those days where you are in a really weird mood?
Do you ever talk in a British accent?
Do you have a dog best friend?
Did you ever watch Arthur as a kid?
Do you still put out cookies for "Santa" on Christmas Eve?
Did you ever put out cookies for "Santa" on Christmas Eve?
Have you ever jammed to a Hannah Montana song?
Have you ever made homemade rice crispy treats?
Have you ever tasted sugar cane?
Did you ever name your Thanksgiving Day Turkey?
Did you ever go Black Friday shopping?
Do you have an obscure or bizarre tradition that you absolutely love?
Have you ever made a home-made apple pie?
Have you ever tried(and did you like) a minced pie?
Is apple cider a common friend at your house in the Fall?
How about pastels in Spring?

This one's for you.
Yeah, you.
The one sitting at home, or at work, or outside(but most likely not outside) reading this.
The one who might possibly be wondering if I'm talking about one specific person or just to anybody who reads this.
Yeah, you know who you are.
Because you are reading my words I carefully typed for you.
And yes, I am talking to you.
And yes, I want to know.
And yes, this one is for you.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

She likes...

She likes to sketch in her room whenever there's a Thunderstorm.
Sometimes she turns the lights off except for the one string of lights hanging up on her wall and just sit in the quiet and peace.
She likes to listen to Ray Lamontagne during these times too as of now.
She's discovering small things that she likes to do, but never knew before.

This girl, she also had a wonderful evening spent with two best friends.
So, this girl, is still a bit tired as one usually is after staying up until 3:30 am.
So, this girl, probably won't get around to checking other blogs until possibly tomorrow.
I hope you're cool with it.
I think you are.

That girl also is going to Saint Augustine for the first time on Sunday and she'll be gone the whole week including the Fourth of July.
She's excited for the trip, but she's also excited for the life happening before the trip, and the life awaiting after the trip too.
Honestly, she likes living.
She's blessed to be alive.

Guys, I'm also really excited because I might have an amazing opportunity at showcasing and possibly making money off of my photography...
I started a photography page a while ago on facebook, and my old dance teacher saw some of my photos and she wrote on my wall saying how talented she thought I was and that she thought I was better than some of her friends who do photography for a living. She encourage me to pursue photography and to go after that dream. She sent me a link to a place where I guess they have undiscovered local artists( from paintings, to photography, etc. ) display and put for sale if she deems them worthy enough, their art and photography. And people just come in and they can look/browse/ or purchase the photos/painting on display.
So, I'm putting together a portfolio of my photography and am going to go down and talk to her sometime and we'll see what happens from there.
But it's a start, it's a step, it's a chance and I'm excited.
Even if it doesn't work out.
(The Page)

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

A Voice is a Powerful Gift

So, you know something I've found that I've taken for granted very much and didn't realize it until this past year?
My voice.
I think I've said this before, but I'm not the best talker. I'm not articulate when it comes to words and speaking especially to quiet people or strangers. I usually had to be reallllly hyper in order to be okay talking to people.
Well, I'm not going to say that I can now talk to any person with 100% confidence and 0 difficulty, but I have been talking more and being more confident and therefore it is less difficult.
I don't know how or when it started really.
I always know whyyyy I didn't like talking as much. I'll tell you my main reasons.
1. I always would think a lot and doubt myself. So conversations were stressful because after a conversation I would analyze what I said, how awkward I sounded, anything stupid that I said, points where I should have said something more, etc.
2. I was afraid that if I messed up with my words, that people would dislike me or think I'm weird or it'd just create a huge awkward mess, etc.
3. I love to write. And why would I need to talk so much when I can express myself through writing all the time? I'm good that even though I'm not always good at talking. I have time to think things through and time to change something if I don't like the way it turns out once I've written it. You can't undo spoken words.

But in all that I missed the beauty and power and gift of having a voice. Sometimes spoken words mean more because you can't undo them. Because their precious. And because they aren't as easy to fake as words in writing can be sometimes.
Sometimes having spoken words, help you connect to people more. It teaches you to listen more. And it can teach you to focus less on yourself and on your mistakes sometimes. Because I realized the more I talked and talk to people, strangers or friends, the more it comes easy. The more you enjoy it and don't overthink it. You just are yourself and have a good time. And you really care about the people so conversation comes easier because you genuinely want to know things or tell them things. And sometimes it's just fun to joke around and laugh and make people smile with your spoken words.
I think I started to realize this, and the importance of it, when God showed me what I could do with it. And how it wasn't so hard or scary if I focused less on what other people thought and learned that I could do stuff with it that I can't do with writing alone.
God also helped me with speaking when I went with our church youth group to go evangelize to people at the beach. I used to be so scared and wouldn't go up and talk to people at all. But something was different when I went. God gave me the words, not just to come up to them, but to actually talk to them. Its a very beautiful thing being able to share the Gospel with strangers. And I've missed out on many opportunities to do that.
I'm not an expert at being outgoing or talkative all the time. I still love writing, and will continue to do that still. I enjoy moments of silence between two people where you don't have to talk constantly and you feel comfortable just being there together.
However, I am becoming bolder, and I am learning the beauty of a voice and I'm starting to use the gift God gave me.
You have a voice too.
Do you use it?

Monday, June 24, 2013

Bask In the Moonlight, Dance in the Storm

This week has been crazy. But good crazy.
I got to spend the week with my good, crazy awesome friends.
I got to eat pie.
I got to sleep extra hours in the day.
 I got to see Monsters University(which I highly recommend, it's so cute). I got to eat cinnamon toast crunch for dinner.
I got some Starbucks coffee this weekend.
I got to go to the beach.
I got to experience a Thunderstorm and caught in one.
I got to enjoy sometime in downtown st.pete and have my favorite amaretto espresso shake.
 I got to put up the final decorations in my room.
 I got to eat out for lunch with my family.
 I got to take pictures of the Supermoon.
I got to dream, and dream big.
Because that's what I do, and that's what Summers are for.

 I painted with the moonlight too as you can see.
Because painting dreams in the sky, is fun.

Honestly, one of my dream mottos is;

And Dream Big.
And go for it(as long as it IS within reason, and within moral boundaries and something you think could be your Dream that God has for you)

But be flexible.
And don't think it'll come to you because you wished upon a star for it.

Sometimes, you have to work for your dream.
And sometimes even if you work for it,
you might not achieve it.
Which means that you need a different and new dream, because that might not be the dream God has for you.
Honestly, its not in black and white whether the dream you pursue or want is God's dream or want for You.
But you will find out,

I do believe that.
You'll know if you're on the right path,
and it'll happen if it's supposed to happen.
And if it's not the right path,
you will know that's it not,
but it's up to you to get off it and find a new path.

And if that's the case,
that you find yourself not able to live your current dream because some dreams cannot be...
still don't ever stop dreaming.
But DO change your dream.
And chase that one,
and follow it,
and see where it goes.
And keep going until you find the one God has for You.
Because even if it's not how you perfectly envisioned it, it's the perfect one for You.
He has your best interests in mind.

And remember, seldom do we find out what we truly want or need right away or the first time.
Sometimes it's not after we really check ourselves and pray about what God wants for us,
that we find it.

So, don't ever give up.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

A Dedication Post

This post will be lengthy and deservedly so.
This post is a dedication post to my friend Nora.
You've probably seen her face around my blog pictures and such before.
Nora, is leaving for two whole months(maybe that's not a long time to you guys, but it's a long time for me) to go up to Georgia.
She's going to be a Summer Camp Counselor at this Bible camp called Covecrest.
 So, by all means, I am extremely happy for her and for the people who get to meet and know Nora!
Because I can tell you, that she will be the perfect camp counselor.
Not only is she just an overall fun person to be around, but she really values her faith and has a strong heart and love for God and is willing to do be a servant of His and do what He calls her to do.
That's a remarkable thing, people.
 Because saying you'll follow God's calling is completely different than actually doing it.
And she's doing it with a sincere heart and want to follow His will.
She's also extremely caring and an easy person to talk to and she easily laughs, so the people there will definitely love her and be blessed by her presence.
Now, that you've had a background of what she's doing, now it's time to cut down to the chase of this post...
Nora, you are an amazing person and human being and I'm really going to miss you. I'm so thankful to have a friend like you and a good example to look up to. I am super thankful for all the memories we've had and have yet to make when you get back! :) I'm glad your my Disney buddy. (You see Nora and I have watched Tangled, Little Mermaid, Princess and the Frog, HunchBack of NotreDame, and Brave together.) I'm also glad that your my arts and crafts buddy too! Whether it's print making, or melting crayon art on pumpkins, it's always a blast to do with you. You also are my fandom buddy as well. From Harry Potter, to Glee, to Disney, we've got it covered. And I am forever grateful that you also graciously introduced me to Mario Party and A Very Potter Musical. You've also been my Downtown St.Pete buddy as we've been and walked around there 3 times together:) And we've encountered prosperous creatures like the Nigel Pelicans, tasted macarons for the first time ever, sang cheetah girls really loud at the top of our lungs through the streets, and took pictures in Santa's sleigh down there. Also, you introduced me to the Amaretto Espresso Shake, which is heavenly. So, thanks for that too. :)  Your mix cd's are also the BOMB. I adore them all. We've also done some baking together! We made those yummy Thunder cookies at your house!  That was a great time too. We've done a lot together this past year. 


I suppose maybe I'm going overboard... but honestly, sometimes I think its necessary to take time and let someone know that they are appreciated and that you remember all the fun things and are grateful for them.
On top of all this though, I'm really glad and thankful for the times where we just talk too. Sometimes that means the most, because it shows that you aren't just a friend who enjoys being around to do fun stuff all the time. We also can talk about anything from light to serious and I sincerely appreciate that. You are a great listener, and a great encourager and I'm so thankful that you support the things I do and encourage me to keep dreaming too. I'm just really glad your my friend, glad we were able to create so many memories, and glad that you have this amazing opportunity ahead of you. But, I'm also really going to miss you. So, I thought I'd find a way to let you know. And let you know that I love you! And I'll be praying for an amazing experience which I know God will impact you and use you and grow you from, and I'm so so so happy for you. :)

Before I say goodbye I have three things to leave you with;

1."If you can dream it, you can do it." -Walt Disney

 2. Joshua 1:9; "Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.”

Goodbye for now, dear Nora, but I shall see you again in two months and be anxiously awaiting to hear your adventures.