Wednesday, June 26, 2013

She likes...

She likes to sketch in her room whenever there's a Thunderstorm.
Sometimes she turns the lights off except for the one string of lights hanging up on her wall and just sit in the quiet and peace.
She likes to listen to Ray Lamontagne during these times too as of now.
She's discovering small things that she likes to do, but never knew before.

This girl, she also had a wonderful evening spent with two best friends.
So, this girl, is still a bit tired as one usually is after staying up until 3:30 am.
So, this girl, probably won't get around to checking other blogs until possibly tomorrow.
I hope you're cool with it.
I think you are.

That girl also is going to Saint Augustine for the first time on Sunday and she'll be gone the whole week including the Fourth of July.
She's excited for the trip, but she's also excited for the life happening before the trip, and the life awaiting after the trip too.
Honestly, she likes living.
She's blessed to be alive.

Guys, I'm also really excited because I might have an amazing opportunity at showcasing and possibly making money off of my photography...
I started a photography page a while ago on facebook, and my old dance teacher saw some of my photos and she wrote on my wall saying how talented she thought I was and that she thought I was better than some of her friends who do photography for a living. She encourage me to pursue photography and to go after that dream. She sent me a link to a place where I guess they have undiscovered local artists( from paintings, to photography, etc. ) display and put for sale if she deems them worthy enough, their art and photography. And people just come in and they can look/browse/ or purchase the photos/painting on display.
So, I'm putting together a portfolio of my photography and am going to go down and talk to her sometime and we'll see what happens from there.
But it's a start, it's a step, it's a chance and I'm excited.
Even if it doesn't work out.
(The Page)


  1. Oh, this is beautiful Sophie.
    You sketch during thunderstorms? What a sweet idea...I should'v guess you'd come up a with a good idea like that. =)

    "She's discovering small things that she likes to do, but never knew before." Me too!! =D

    I like living too. It is a blessing!

    REALLY?!!1 That's awesome Soph! I didn't know you had a page for that, I'm gonna go check it out now! =D

    xx `Jenny

  2. Oh, I love the clock picture! That would be perfect for this blog ya' know, since it's Time is Passing? ;) The teacup was another of my favorites, same with the clouds, and the Massachusetts sunset; SUCH vivid colors! 8D
    I think the most noticeble thing about your photgraphy is that- well, you're really good at telling a story with your pictures, and capturing moments we all have. =)

    Hope it works out!