Thursday, June 6, 2013

When the rain comes...

~When the Rain Comes by Thirdday~
 Is it ironic that this song was playing on that lazy Wednesday afternoon in which I was in the car for an hour or so on brick roads and passing cute houses and small diners while the rain lightly brushes the car's window shield and paints the streets? I think it is. Because I just put in this new cd not knowing what was on it. Not having heard the songs before. So, I think it's ironic.
Yesterday, was one of those pleasantly perfect and calm think a lot and hang out by yourself day.
It was indeed one of those; do I have coffee or tea when I get home? kind of days.
For the record, I chose Mint Hot Chocolate and a warm brownie.
Because sometimes combinations make a day.
When I got home, I took my warm brownie and mint hot cocoa in my room and I listened to classical music as it rained some more before eventually clearing up.
Then I wrote.
And lastly, I read.

But... that was only the afternoon, my friends.
Then came the evening.
At church, I had deep long conversations about pressure points, poking, family relations, we sorta played hide and seek in the rain, I learned how to shoot a bottle top, met a frog named Phyllis, and then to top off the long, rainy evening we all took a trip to Chili's and I ate yummy, free chips and salsa(the best kind really) and purchased and devoured my first ever Skillet Chocolate Chip Cookie.

Heaven in your mouth, that's what it shouuuld be named.
And beautiful music, rain on roads and windshields, mint hot chocolate, brownies, cozy rooms, good books, dancing in the rain, laughter and good talks and company, free chips, chocolate chip skillet cookies and an active pensive/nostalgic mind is a good combination.
A perfect combination.
A DREAMER'S Combination.


  1. Sounds like a perfect day, but not one that belongs in June. Sounds more like a November day!

  2. Dreamy and wonderful. I'll take this day any day!