Monday, September 30, 2013

Excited About Life

Have you ever been so excited about life that you just wanted to share it?

Like, I don't know. I really would love to get a gift and wrap it up and give it to a random stranger someday. Maybe on Christmas, maybe just for the heck of it. I would just love to help someone else get really excited about life. Cause life is exciting. I would want to believe that something totally unordinary could happen out of the blue to me, and so I would love to do something that is out of the ordinary for a person to experience. I want to go hug a stranger and tell them that they are beautiful and life holds a lot for them. I want to bring a puppy to a little kid's house. I want to throw confetti or glitter in the air and give out free balloons. These are all outrageous ideas that probably will never happen, but then again, who knows? Maybe it will someday, and maybe people will think it's completely ridiculous and weird but they will smile and be forever changed and their lives will be exciting.
Today I feel like I can do anything. I don't know why that is, and it is succumb to change. But I feel adventurous and light and happy and like my life is meant to be lived.
Which it is.
Maybe it's the short hair.
Maybe it's the steadily paid photoshoots I've been having.
Maybe it's the caffeine high from National Coffee Day.
Maybe it's getting to go to Neverland with Once Upon a Time's season premiere.
Maybe it's trying pumpkin bagels at Einstein Bros Bagels with my friend.
Maybe it's building a bear and watching the Sound of Music.
Although I highly doubt it, maybe it's the getting of flu shots.
Or perhaps, those are just merely life events that have come to pass this weekend.
Surely, I enjoyed them.
But I don't think that's whats making me joyful.
I think it all has to do with my Savior.

Have an adventurous week,
and be thankful for being basked in God's grace.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Beauty and the Beast

Because I have an unhealthy obsession with Belle, I have decided on something. My future husband, will take me to the Be Our Guest restaurant, and he'll surprise me with a single rose. From that day on, every time he sends flowers, it will actually only be a flower and that flower will be a rose. He can still send me multiple chocolates though, that'd be okay. Every year for my birthday, he will buy me a teacup, and it'll be chipped and I will adore it. And then when we get married, we can play Tale as Old as Time at the reception and that will be our song, and it will go down with us as well as the story, and our story really will become A Tale as Old as Time. Our kids will have asked for us to re-tell it every night when they were growing up. It'll be beautiful and romantic.
Of course, this is all my imagination.
The probability of this happening is highly unlikely.
However, a girl can dream.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

One day

Maybe one day you will wake up in the middle of living your life and suddenly everything will be okay and it'll all make sense and you'll be alright and you won't be tired and you'll be happy and it'll be okay. You won't know what happened or how it happened, but it happened. And you're okay.
I think it can happen, I've seen it happen to thousand of peoples.
So, for those of you who are tired and confused and grey and don't know what's going on or how to live life, I hope one day it hits you and you finally get it. And I hope you have the hope that I have if you haven't got it yet, and I hope you cling to His hope and promises and your life will radically change the closer you draw to Him.
Because my life has changed because of Him, and I am happy.
I want all of you to be too.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Happy Fall (Ya'All)

So, yesterday, was the first official day of Fall. So, huzzah! Fall, is here.

I am excited about Fall.
Are you ready for Fall?

Well, listen to "The Ballad of Love and Hate" by the Avett Brothers.
Firstly, it's a good song.
Secondly, they have a Fall sounding tone to their music. Trust me.

If you want, you can also listen to Autumn Leaves by Ed Sheeran. That's another good one.

Next, light some candles!!!
Candles are cheery and smell like Fall.
Wear some plaid.
Make pumpkin creations, and definitely go grab a Pumpkin Spice Latte from good ole Starbucks.

Then, make Fall plans.

For instance, my friend is sleeping over and we're going to watch The Nightmare Before Christmas and It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown together sometime in October.

I'm also going to a football game with a friend in October.

And of course, I have my church's annual Fall festival with Tractor hayrides, bucket loads of candy, and usually a game of football or basketball to look forward to as well.

I love Fall.
October is coming.
I can smell it.

So, get excited.
Bring out those reds, browns, and oranges to wear.

 (Photocreds to me)
(Photocreds to me)
(Photocreds to me)

Things That Remind Me of Fall:

1. Taylor Swift. Yeah, she's changed a bit, but I still like her. Her cd's almost always came out around September/October. Last year's song; "All too Well" also had a Fall-like vibe to me and her mention of Maple Lattes. Before that, I remember her cd "Speak Now" coming out in October and we bought it and listened to it the first time on a car ride to our church's annual Canoe trip. It was freezing that day, and it was nice having a car ride up there listening to her songs and feeling alive and full of Fall. That cd was also my favorite one so, good memories. :) Also, in Thanksgiving they had her tv special shown then too and I remember watching it right after our guests had left. Perfect ending to a perfect day. So, Taylor will always hold fond memories for me.

2. Harry Potter. They always have a great Fall scene in all of the books and movies. And I love Hermione's sweaters and boots, and her overall personality and fashion sense. I love Emma Watson. But overall, Harry Potter reminds me of Fall and I watch the movies/re-read the books around this time.

3. Pumpkin Patches. For obvious reasons. haha. But last year, we had a really memorable time getting our Pumpkin. We went out to eat at this really good Pizzeria, in which they brought out Pizza on a platter and my Dad accidently knocked off the table and onto the floor. Which somehow ended up being hilarious. haha. Then, we walked to a Puppy Place where you can gawk over cute puppies and play with them. After that, we went and got pumpkins. One to carve, and one to use for a favorite pumpkin recipe. And it was just fun. Everyone was in good spirits, and it was lovely.

4. Candy. For the obvious reasons.

5. Cold Weather, for the obvious reasons.

6. Plaid, Moccasins, Jackets, Football Games, and all that Jazz.

I just love Fall.

So many memories to make and remember.

Friday, September 20, 2013

I Went Back in Time

Not, literally, obviously.
But today I went through my old last year September posts.
I'll admit two things;
1. They were a bit more melancholy than this year's September posts.
2. I mentioned Fall a lot more then.
Even though they were melancholy, that time grew me and I'm glad about that. Because I'm really and truly happy now. Also, I think I don't mention Fall as much now because it still feels like Summer this year. But once Fall actually feels like Fall, I'll probably post more about it and my undeniable love for it.
Isn't weird how when you look back at something you wrote a year ago, it seems so foreign and like another person wrote it? I guess in a way another person did write it. Because we change day by day. We are new people as we grow older and experience more life. But anyways, I thought I'd share some of the things I wrote from last September that I didn't remember writing or posting, but actually like. A long with a collection of last year's September post photos I loved.

"Cover your Flaws with Fall Leaves."


"You had vulnerability in your toes,
Innocence on your clothes.
The world was but a broken dream,
But still you danced a Dreamer's Dream."
"You have time to write a poem about noodles.

You have time to thank someone for existing.

You have time to sip your coffee in a mug after it cools enough so you can taste it.

You have time to think, to dream, to explore, to love.

You have time to waste and time to keep.

You have time to regret, but not regret too much.

You have time to move on.

You have time to live."
Long Live Inspiring Quotes, Bloggers, Tumblr people, Pinterest Fans, Twilight haters and Team Jacob lovers, Whiny Popstars, and killer acoustics, Fashion genuises and Band Tees, Crooked Teeth and Straight Teeth.

Long Live it All.

The Memories. The Good, the Bad. The Sad, the Happy. The Immature, the Mature. The Concretes, The In Betweens. The Constants, the Changes. The Laughter, the Tears. The Everything, the Nothing. The Anything. Be Anything.
As they say; the more you know about life, the more you know that you don't know very much about it.
Am I back?
Am I?
I don't know.
I said I'd write when I was inspired again,
And today I was inspired.
We'll see what the future holds...

Monday, September 16, 2013

Sloooow it Down

Have you heard the song Us Against the World by Coldplay? Well, there's this one line and it goes;
Sloooo-ooo-ooo-oow it down.
Simple, right? Well, that's what I feel like singing. Honestly, I'm having troubles balancing life right now. It's all good, and stuffs, but I'm constantly busy and tired.
Here's what's been going down; for the past 2 weekends, and this upcoming weekend, I've had a photoshoot booked. After the photoshoot, I also have all these pictures I need to edit to get done in a week. Which wouldn't be a big deal, right? That is if I didn't have 2 papers to write each week (one for Theater, one for Creative Writing), Oceanography activity sheets and in my case tomorrow: a test, Spanish online homework and workbook homework, a play to read each week, and essay questions/readings for American Literature. That's just the homework, and I feel like I'm constantly doing that on Mondays/Wednesdays. I also have my Oceanography class on Mon/Wed. Then, I have to try to balance time to spend with my sisters as I've tried to make that a bigger commitment to spend time with them and love them, which I do on Monday nights. Tuesdays/Thursdays I have an hour and 40 minute Spanish class, An hour and 15 minutes American Lit. Class on Tues/Thurs, and lastly 2 hour and 40 minute Theater class on Tuesday evenings. Wednesday nights I have church. Thursday nights, I have dance class. Fridays, beautiful Fridays, I have off. But, I still usually have work to do, as well as appointments( such as allergist, dentist, etc.) , and now making sure I get the photos edited before Sunday is up. Then, I also try to balance my social life as I don't get to see my friends as often as I did in the Summer when I actually had free time and free evenings. So, I try to cram that in the weekends. And then there's family time. And then there's church on Sundays. And soon to be dance rehearsals for Holiday performances on Sunday afternoons.
So, my life is so busy.
And I can't wait to get a break.
 'Cause I really need one, and it's only been like a month into school.
Mind you, some of the days can be fun, but I always feel like I'm doing something or need to be doing something.
I want a day where I know I have nothing going on and I can choose to spend it how I like.
But I thought I'd explain to you the reason why I'm hardly on here.
'Cause I know, I've been really vacant.
I want to be on here, because I want to share writings and thoughts and messages and get inspired, but I feel like I don't even have time for that.
 I barely have free time of my own to write and draw and create and make inspiring things.
So, most likely, posts from me are going to be sporadic.
 And I won't get offended if you don't always comment or check on them.
 Because I know I haven't kept up with all of yours.
 Hopefully, one day, if things slow down, I will have the time again to blog regularly and check regularly.
 I hope I do.
But until then...
Have an amazing week and I will be back somewhat soon.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Life is a Memory

Life is a memory so document it well.

Document it with handprints, prose, rose petals, coffee stains, music notes, letters, words, and photographs and every way you know how.

Document it.

Yes, life, has been very busy. I've barely been on here. And I'm sorry. But just heed my words, as I heed mine too and continue to document my memory called life. Life is fleeting.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Weekends, Oh Weekends

I think I've pretty much made it a habit to at the end of each weekend, make a weekend post. That's because weekends are eventful. I'll tell you what my weekend consisted of.
- Coffee Date with my older Sister and having the Starbucks barista write Gracie as both of our names
- Getting the same name on our coffee cup
- Photographing a Baby Shower
- Watching the Newsies again (which is by the way, an outstanding musical)
- Going shopping and buying basically everything pumpkin as well as a new Fall outfit
- Having a birthday celebration for my younger sister Maria who's birthday was Thursday
- Auditioning for our Dance company's Christmas performances
- Pie and Coffee
- My dog being my dog, which in other words meaning absolutely awesome
- Reading Les Miserables, Hamlet, Peter and the StarCatchers and re-reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
-Worked on the story I'm writing
-Finished Once Upon a Time Season 2, and desperately wish to be able to play or portray the character of Belle at some point in my life because I absolutely adore her plus I do actually have brown hair and brown eyes.
- Church

Life is all about the little things, my dears. The little things.
If I had to sum it up, I'd sum it up again with the word: coffee. I think I'm addicted. Thursday night: I had a pumpkin coolatta from Dunkin Donuts (woop woop). Friday day: I had a toasted almond coffee from D and D's. Saturday day: A pumpkin iced coffee from Starbucks. Sunday day: A cup of a new blend of coffee in the mid-day, and a small toasted almond coffee from dunkin donuts. All of this a long with the normal big mug of coffee that I drink every morning.
Yes, coffee sums up the weekend most perfectly.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Because every now and then we need a reminder...

My Dear Reader,
Maybe you're a follower of mine.
Maybe you check this blog often.
Maybe you check it once in a blue moon.
Maybe this is your first visit. (If so, welcome.)
Whatever the reason is for why you are here reading this right now, I do think one of the main reasons why you are here is because you needed to hear it. You needed to hear what I'm going to say. I could be wrong, but if so, that's okay. I still felt like I needed to tell you, whoever you is.
You are beautiful. In the way you walk, the way you wear your smile(crooked or straight), the way you drink your coffee, tea, or water, the way you laugh or giggle or cry. You, in all your you-ness, are beautiful. Your time today here on this earth is important. The very breath you breathe is important. Don't waste your time, don't waste your breaths. Life is very short, and very long, but either way you toss the coin, you have one life. One. Appreciate your life, appreciate existing, and make the most of it. You won't always have wonderful days. Life doesn't work that way. You're going to go through tough stuff and you're going to want to break down at some point. Maybe you already have. Maybe there's some of you who don't think you can take this anymore. Well, you can. And I hope you will. Because you matter, and you're beautiful and I want you to be brave and don't give up. There's a Savior who already won the War for you, so you don't have to fight my darlings. You don't have to fight yourself. Sometimes, feelings and thoughts can tear. But don't let them. Grin. Read your favorite book. Buy a cup of coffee. Have a chat with a stranger. Write a letter. And know you are not a lone, you are worth it, this is worth it. Despite what goes on, you must. You must fight. Whether you're sad for a day, or for days. Insecure for a moment, or for hours. Stop. Look in the mirror. You are beautiful. You are loved. I love you. I don't know you, but that doesn't matter.
 I love you.

So, now you should never think that you aren't loved because you are, and I do love you. And I hope that counts in your book. I hope you know I care. And I hope that's enough for right now even if you have these mean kids at school, mean young adults at college, mean adults at work, that's bringing you down and may not like you because they don't stop to see the beauty in you. There's always people who don't like you. But I think what matters is that someone does. So, please believe it. Because sitting here typing this all out, I mean every word and I want them to sink into your heart cavity and for you to look back at the words there and know that I mean them and I need you to know that I mean them and that they are true and that you are loved and beautiful. And most importantly, God will be there always, God will love you always, God won the battle for you. He knows how beautiful you are, because He created you.
So, stop and think about that.
Because we all get carried away by our thoughts.
We all have feelings we think no one else has experienced, but they actually have.
We all need the reminder.
And I needed to say it.
That's all, my dear you. My dear reader, my dear friend. That's all.
I wish you the best in all you do.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Because Life is Short and My Dreams Are Big

I know you can't do everything on earth. It's not possible.
But I really want to.
Ok, well maybe not everything.

But I do know that I have very big dreams, and very big dreams usually don't come true.
I know that while I'm here I want to live radiantly and vibrantly.
I know that I want to create and speak and write and never stop.
But I want to do that for people.
Not just me.

I want to be a filmmaker, one of those who makes movie shorts that people think about afterword.

I want to be a writer, one who's pieces of writings gets quoted because people think it means so much. Or they simply love how the words feel on their tongue.

I want to be a photographer, one who captures beautiful things like Love in a single photograph. Where people can look at it and go; "Wow that's love right there and I want that." Or maybe something deeper like sorrow. Sorrow for someone going off to war. Sorrow of a loved one that passed away. I want to be able to photograph words you can't express. Like sorrow and love. Things you don't always have to talk about to get.

I want to be an artist, one who creates concepts and draws life in vivid colors and different perspectives that no ordinary person sees or would think to create. A picture that is so patiently crafted and so differently drawn out that it makes you just stop and stare and appreciate the subject matter of the photo. It makes you really look, not just see.

I want to be a dancer, one who you can see every emotion on the emotion pallet painted in every single dance she dances. I want to be the one who can dance out what I feel and have it look beautiful and breathtaking and effortless.

I want to influence. I want to create. I want to not sit here stagnant waiting for something to magically happen. I want to show people, I want to show them life. But I don't know how.
I don't know how to get out there and do it. 

But I want to.
 Believe me, I do.
And maybe one day I will.
Maybe my hard work will pay off and I'll find a way to share my creations far and wide.
Maybe I'll be able to influence others.

But in all my hopes and dreams and wants and influences, I don't want it to just be about me.
I want my creations to glorify God.
My talents, my gifts, my everything, to glorify God.
I hope I do that.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Words are Heartbeats

The smell of greed: It was in the air that night when he looked at that girl and wished her heart was his. It clogged the nostrils of the politician who let the power go to his head, who let his want for status rule over his mind and deteriorate his heart. It poisoned the human race who couldn't stop wanting, couldn't stop and appreciate the world around them. The smell is intoxicating and deadly to all who get too close, tempt fate and indulge in it's wake. To all who don't simply walk away after mindlessly walking into it's path. To all who don't proceed with caution and breathe in the smell of wisdom and pure heart. Take heed, my friends. Take heed.

The color of hope: It's small. The color. It's small but bright. It flickers on and off in yellow flames. But it doesn't stay that way. The color grows. It's not small anymore. It's yellow but now you can see the tints of red licking the yellow and the orange hues hidden in the tips of the flames. It's burning brighter. You couldn't see where you were at first. It was very dark. But the color of hope illuminates everything around you. You can see now, and you can see the color, and it's beautiful. You won't forget the color echoing the word beauty in your life. Once you see hope's color, you can never forget it.

The kindness of a stranger:

It's empowering. It's life-changing. It makes you take pauses. It makes you stop and think about what you have the capability of doing. It makes you ashamed of being shy. It makes you sad when you realize you didn't smile to people who could probably have used one. It makes you want to change. So, you do it. You change.

And it's worth it all.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Coffee Dates and Weekend Moments

This weekend in words:

-Pumpkin Spice Lattes
-Receiving an Avengers Coloring Book
-Improv Show
-Birthday Celebration
-Disney Songs
-More Pumpkin Spice Coffee
-More Photography Opportunities
-Downtown St.Pete
-Weeki Wachi
-Long Weekend

This weekend was very eventful and fun. I got to spend Friday shopping with my Mom and sisters, and then the evening getting coffee with my friend Heidi and then going to see a band play and watch an Improv Show. I got to spend Saturday chilling and then getting fondu at the Melting Pot with a group of friends to celebrate my friend Nora's birthday. I got to spend Sunday worshipping God and then fellowshipping with my sister and my friends Erin and Kaylie at Starbucks sipping some more coffee and late getting curry at downtown st.pete with some more family and friends. Then Labor Day, I went to Weeki Wachi and got to have a fun day there as well.

It was good to be able to relax after a long, tedious week of College.