Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Coffee Dates and Weekend Moments

This weekend in words:

-Pumpkin Spice Lattes
-Receiving an Avengers Coloring Book
-Improv Show
-Birthday Celebration
-Disney Songs
-More Pumpkin Spice Coffee
-More Photography Opportunities
-Downtown St.Pete
-Weeki Wachi
-Long Weekend

This weekend was very eventful and fun. I got to spend Friday shopping with my Mom and sisters, and then the evening getting coffee with my friend Heidi and then going to see a band play and watch an Improv Show. I got to spend Saturday chilling and then getting fondu at the Melting Pot with a group of friends to celebrate my friend Nora's birthday. I got to spend Sunday worshipping God and then fellowshipping with my sister and my friends Erin and Kaylie at Starbucks sipping some more coffee and late getting curry at downtown st.pete with some more family and friends. Then Labor Day, I went to Weeki Wachi and got to have a fun day there as well.

It was good to be able to relax after a long, tedious week of College.


  1. Sounds like a blast!

    I hope college is going swell for ya, dear. :))

  2. Wow...you always get so much out of your weekends. =)
    You went to an improv show??!!! Was it funny? I'm actually doing an improv class this fall!! =D
    Hehe, love your sister's expression in the last photo!


  3. YUM. I want pumpkin coffee. That picture of you is adorableeeeeeeee!

  4. I love shopping with mom and sisters...sounds you had good times of course with the coffee :)
    You are beautiful young lady Sophie.

    Blessing to you.