Friday, September 20, 2013

I Went Back in Time

Not, literally, obviously.
But today I went through my old last year September posts.
I'll admit two things;
1. They were a bit more melancholy than this year's September posts.
2. I mentioned Fall a lot more then.
Even though they were melancholy, that time grew me and I'm glad about that. Because I'm really and truly happy now. Also, I think I don't mention Fall as much now because it still feels like Summer this year. But once Fall actually feels like Fall, I'll probably post more about it and my undeniable love for it.
Isn't weird how when you look back at something you wrote a year ago, it seems so foreign and like another person wrote it? I guess in a way another person did write it. Because we change day by day. We are new people as we grow older and experience more life. But anyways, I thought I'd share some of the things I wrote from last September that I didn't remember writing or posting, but actually like. A long with a collection of last year's September post photos I loved.

"Cover your Flaws with Fall Leaves."


"You had vulnerability in your toes,
Innocence on your clothes.
The world was but a broken dream,
But still you danced a Dreamer's Dream."
"You have time to write a poem about noodles.

You have time to thank someone for existing.

You have time to sip your coffee in a mug after it cools enough so you can taste it.

You have time to think, to dream, to explore, to love.

You have time to waste and time to keep.

You have time to regret, but not regret too much.

You have time to move on.

You have time to live."
Long Live Inspiring Quotes, Bloggers, Tumblr people, Pinterest Fans, Twilight haters and Team Jacob lovers, Whiny Popstars, and killer acoustics, Fashion genuises and Band Tees, Crooked Teeth and Straight Teeth.

Long Live it All.

The Memories. The Good, the Bad. The Sad, the Happy. The Immature, the Mature. The Concretes, The In Betweens. The Constants, the Changes. The Laughter, the Tears. The Everything, the Nothing. The Anything. Be Anything.
As they say; the more you know about life, the more you know that you don't know very much about it.
Am I back?
Am I?
I don't know.
I said I'd write when I was inspired again,
And today I was inspired.
We'll see what the future holds...


  1. " seems so foreign and like another person wrote it?" YES. I know exactly what you mean. It hold a curious sense of amusement and wonderment.

  2. I know what you mean, looking back at older posts that you wrote...
    But I'm glad to see myself changed, you know? I would hate to look back a year ago and see that I'm the same. Change is better, I think.

  3. Yeah, I love that thought -- that we were different people a year ago. I definitely have changed this year, I can see that so clearly when reading my old posts.

    ""You had vulnerability in your toes,
    Innocence on your clothes.
    The world was but a broken dream,
    But still you danced a Dreamer's Dream.""

    I LOVE that. It's beautiful!

  4. "cover your flaws with fall leaves" <--- Yup. It's da truth. Autumn leaves are just like snow; whatever they fall on becomes an object of beauty!
    Hehe, yep, I've read through some of my old posts and they seem to stiff! Change is definitely a good thing, especially when the bad parts die off....kinda like autumn leaves. Ya' know?

    Cheers to Autumn!

    xx ~Jenny