Monday, December 31, 2012

New Years Resolutions

Every year I write a letter or note recapturing the year and what I've learned from it.
This year, I've decided to not do that.
 Because I've learned so much and a lot has happened and the biggest lesson I have learned when I piece together everything that has happened is that God is in control, He is faithful, and He will bring you through it.
No matter what goes on, you'll make it out alive and to the other side.
So keep you chin up, a smile on your face, and keep changing the world with every breath you breathe, step you take, world you paint.
I don't have any new year resolutions.
I always forget the ones I make anyways.
So, here's to the new year up ahead,
here's to living it fully and to our best,
and to putting others above our selves.
Here's to a year of ups and downs ahead,
and a new start, a new bud to bloom.
Here we are, bring it on.

Here's to celebrity crushes to be found,
Memories to be kindled,
Mistake to be made,
Photos to be Taken,
Pie to be Eaten.
Treasure it All.
On side notes,
I watched Les Miserables for a second time in Theaters and I just adore Eddie Redmayne.
Have a Happy New Year's Eve!

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Want to Know a Secret?

I secretly want to be an actress. I'd love to be in the play Little Women being Joe. Or the musical Les Miserables playing as Eponine. I'd love to be in a sad movie because I like to impact people, and I want to play convincing roles where I can make the hairs on people's arms rise and give them chills down their spine. I would want them to remember the emotion and the words that I said and think about them and let it impact them. Let that open their eyes to something they hadn't thought of before. I like impacting people with words, but sometimes I think words aren't always enough to some. I think they need more. They need visuals. I don't know. I just like impacting people because I think there's something magical about it. The feeling I get when I'm impacted or inspired is exciting and unexplainable. And if I got the chance to do that to other people, it'd blow my mind. I say this even though I know I'm not the best actress. I know I'm not Hollywood material. But even if it was a local theater, that'd be fun to me. I just want to act and impact. So, thats one of my secrets. Not many people know this.
Do you have any secrets you want to share?

Saturday, December 29, 2012

2012, Where did you go?

Alas, 2012 is coming soon to an end.
 I know we still have a couple of days so I probably will have a what I learned post on New Years Eve.
This post is just simply stating the crazyness of time.
It's mind blowing.
So many things change in years.
And some things for the better and some for the worst.
But we just deal with the cards given to us and move on from there.
Because thats all we can do.
We can grow from them.
The only odd thing is that no matter how many times my life changes,
I still feel like it's very circular.
Like I feel the same feelings in the new beginnings of the new year.
I still hope for adventure, and sometimes I get it and sometimes I don't.
People fly into my life,
And people fly out of my life.
And constantly I feel like I'm plowing through College semesters,
waiting for my life to finally begin.
Well, it's beginning.
It always is.
And it's always worth it.
It always is.

 (I love him. He's such a good actor and such a good singer. I just want to give him a hug.)

"Life in Three Different Views"
Life Through the Eyes of a Pessimist.
One time I decided to survery the wonders of this life,
But to my dismay I couldn't find a single one.
I looked and looked but couldn't find a single place,
Where something didn't go wrong.
The clouds covered the sun,
Dimming it's bright shining light.
The grass withered underneath my feet,
And down the street was a kid trying to fly a broken kite.
I searched for a beautiful thing that hadn't been contaminated,
I looked in the mirror and saw a mess of a person staring with broken eyes.
I looked at the cars all with the same destination,
Of trying to get by.
I couldn't find a single thing that was beautiful,
I couldn't find the wonder of life.
I wondered if I need a new prescription,
Cause I didn't like my vision.
Life through the Eyes of an Optimist.
One day, I decided to go out and survey the wonders of this life.
I made sure to look through brightly lit eyes.
I realeased my inner child and looked up at the sky,
The fluffy white clouds covered the air contrasting the striking shade of blue.
I looked at the butterflies enjoying the breeze,
I noticed the soft, gentle swaying of the trees.
Underneath my feet were beautiful flowers others may call weeds,
I saw the birds swarming the air and deciding to throw them some bird seed.
I saw a kid across the street trying to fly a broken kite,
So I immeaditely ran to his saddened side.
I glued together the broken wings,
And happy stretched across his face with his eyes gleaming.
I searched far and wide and saw nothing but beauty,
But when I looked in the mirror I saw a mess of a person.
I got down on my knees and repented to my loving Father above,
He renewed my broken heart and revealed within true beauty like that of a dove.
I noticed cars trodding along the street without a care,
I noticed drivers with the windows down gently tossling their hair.
I found so much beauty and wonder in life and I knew,
That I never wanted to change this view.
      Life through the Eyes of a Realist.                                                                                                   
One time I decided to survey the wonders of this life,
And to my surpise I found some.
Beauty and Ugly met face to face.
And I urged them both to come and greet me.
I wanted to capture the reality of life,
So I beckoned them closer to get a better look.
I saw people helping people,
And I saw others with hardened eyes capturing hearts on hooks.
I saw a person help the elderly cross the street,
I saw cars impatiently waiting and yelling out mean things.
I saw the radiant of the sun and the black clouds up ahead.
I saw people living life like they were dead.
I saw people laughing and talking merrily,
I saw people fighting over mundane things.
I saw the ups and downs of the human race,
I saw good and evil raiding this place.
I looked into the mirror to get a better look at me,
I saw some things in my life that I needed to keep, and others to be cleaned.
Life has its share of ugly and beauty,
But it isn't about the world, it's about you and me.
It's about what we do to make it beautiful,
It's what we do to glorify God.
It's about what we do to help those in need,
It's all about planting seeds.
Life will be beautiful and it will be ugly,
But we shouldn't dwell on such things.
Examine yourself and tell me what you see,
Is it beautiful or is it ugly?

I wrote this poem at the end of last year,
I thought it seemed fitting.
Any comments on the approaching new year?

Friday, December 28, 2012


Hello, all, today is sort of a rant.  The thing is, people have been posting everywhere about perfection. And how perfection is found in being skinny.
This makes me sad, because this is exactly what everywhere and everything portrays. Think about those mannequins in the stores you pass all the time. Think about how you compare yourself to every human that passes your way seeing if you are skinnier than them or not. This is not how it should be. What's worse is the way people compliment you when you're skinny. As if you have reached perfection. I've gotten compliments on being skinny before(which I don't even think I am skinny) and they act as if it's something I accomplished. But it's not. It's just the body I was born with. The body God made for me to have. And it's beautiful, just like yours. It's not something I have perfected. And I'm sure others out there are happy because they are skinnier than me. So they're closer to perfect right? No. They're no more perfect than I am. They are no more beautiful than I am. They are not a better person because they are skinnier than me. Beauty is not weighed in pounds. Perfection is not weighed in pounds. So stop counting the pounds, stop being jealous of other people's bodies, stop counting the calories. You can be fit and healthy and happy and that's fine, but don't obsess and think that being skinny makes you perfect. It doesn't. Nothing makes you perfect. We'll never achieve perfection. But the closest way to get to perfect is by acting Christ-like and striving to be more like Him. That's what we should concentrate on, ladies and gentlemen. Let go of this warped perception of needing to be skinny. Please.

Now I will leave you with a beautiful, heartwrenching song.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

We All Have Dreams

I have wishes. I have dreams.

I have dreams to own a horse some day. Or to become friends with someone who has horses and let me ride them.

I have dreams to go to College or live in North Carolina some day where the air gets cooler in the weather and people are nicer and have accents.

I have dreams to be a writer some day.

I have dreams to travel around the states some day.

I have dreams to visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter some day.

I have dreams to have a White Christmas some day.

I have dreams to make a photography series some day.

I have dreams. I have wishes.

Even if they're impossible at the time being.

It's still important you have them.

What are some of your Dreams and Wishes?

(By the way check out this post for my Les Miserables review: )

Wednesday, December 26, 2012



You all HAVE to see this movie and bring bucket fulls of tissues. (though i didn't cry) I did get teary eyed though! SO SAD BUT SO SO SO GOOD.

The acting was OHMYGOSH.

The singing was OHMYGOSH.



Andrew and the Creme Guy

So, I like to take the time to acknowledge and write about write worthy people and today I have two people I'd like to write about.

The first one is Andrew. I met Andrew in North Carolina at the Boone Eatery and Expresso Bar. He had a southern accent and dimples. And he was our waiter. He said thank you to everything. He thanked us for asking him for a refill or if he asked if he could refill our waters, he'd thank us for allowing him to do that. He told us he appreciated it. If he thought the wait for our pizza was going to be awhile he apologized for it and thanked us for our patience. He made sure our food tasted good, and he was as friendly as ever. But I'm not exagerrating on the thank you's. He thanked us for everything we did! And he was sincere. And always smiling. So, I thought he was worthy of being written about because he was a character and he's nice and he deserves to be written about even if I'll never see him again and he never knows that I wrote about him.

The second guy, is Creme guy. I'm not sure what his name is. But back in September, my friend Erin from Write Run Dream Sing had a birthday. On her birthday we went to get pie and coffee at Village Inn. When we went, we had a waiter who pretended to be all fancy and pronounced cream as creme and called us Ma'ams. I saw creme guy again on Christmas Eve when me and my family went there after our church service for pie and coffee. I got all excited. He wasn't our waiter though this time. But he still left a good story that Creme guy. I won't forget him.

I had a Merry Christmas. How about you guys?
And I just adore It's a Wonderful Life.
I wish I was Mary from it.
Today, I'm seeing Les Miserables and I'm super excited for it.
Much love to you all. <3

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas!

 Merry Christmas. :)

May all your Christmases be merry and bright,
and don't lose sight of what's important about it.

Luke 2:10-14

10 But the angel said to them, “Do not be afraid. I bring you good news that will cause great joy for all the people. 11 Today in the town of David a Savior has been born to you; he is the Messiah, the Lord. 12 This will be a sign to you: You will find a baby wrapped in cloths and lying in a manger.”
13 Suddenly a great company of the heavenly host appeared with the angel, praising God and saying,

14 “Glory to God in the highest heaven,
and on earth peace to those on whom his favor rests.”

I love Harry Potter Christmases.
I've been re-reading the series so yesterday I skipped to the Christmas chapter and read it.

I just want to say a quick couple of somethings. Sometimes Christmas is sad for people.
They don't have much of it.
They spend it by themselves.
A loved one is lost at that time of year.

I just want to say that I really wish you a happy Christmas regardless.
I wish that you will find joy and peace within your heart no matter what happens today.
That if you do spend it alone and find yourself thinking sad thoughts, that you'll be able to brew up a cup of tea, cuddle under warm blankets and watch your favorite movie or read your favorite book and find warmth and comfort and happiness. I hope you can do that. Even if you get the blues and aren't a fan of Christmas, I hope you have a wonderful one and make it lovely. May all your Christmases be bright.

I wish you all the best, and don't forget the reason for the season.

(Ps. I will probably read and wish you all a merry christmas on your blogs tomorow. As for today, I'm sort of busy. :)

Merry Christmas.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas Eve Traditions

Hello, Merry Christmas Eve everyone!
I love this day possibly even more than actual Christmas day.
I love going to Christmas Eve Soccer. Then coming home and opening one Christmas present early(it's always a book). Then going to Perkins for a family dinner which has the most amazing breakfast foods(my sweet spot). After that, going Christmas light looking. After that, going to our Christmas Eve Church Candelit service. Which is beautiful and right. It sets your heart right, and you get to wish your friends a merry christmas. I'm also reading a poem tonight at our service. I'll share with you the poem. After that we go to Village Inn and get pie and coffee and hyped up on sugar. When we come home, we read Christmas stories like the Grinch Who Stole Christmas and Santa Mouse. My little sisters leave out cookies, milk, carrots, and cheese. Then all the girls have a sleepover and await Christmas morning.
What are your Christmas Eve traditions?
 It was almost Christmas, on a cold December night.
The most wonderful time of the season, but nothing was right.

The stress began on finals week as the homework load weighed nearly a ton,
And the kids studied all night anxiously waiting for finals to be finally done.

A time was set aside for Christmas break, a time to relax.
But the bills kept on coming, and so did the tax.

The car broke down again a long with the air vents,
Another small thing to go wrong, another dollar to be spent.

Now, it’s almost Christmas, there is still shopping to be done.
Where is this so called joy, where is this so called fun?

I hurried to Macy’s but I missed their big sale,
Due to the weather which instead of snow, consisted of hail.

Friends and family are coming and we should be grateful for one another,
But how can we be when the children are fighting with their Mothers?

It was almost Christmas, on a cold December night.
The most wonderful time of the season, but nothing was right.

But are our troubles bigger than giving birth on a cold night in a small, filthy stable?
Can’t we be thankful for our warm homes, good friends, and food on our tables?
Are we too self-centered? Are we not able?

Did we just find out there has been issued a decree,
To put to death our new born baby King?

Some are quick to complain about the gifts we receive,
But does anyone remember what took place on Christmas Eve?

The waters may be high and the troubles may block the way,
But would you be content and would you be okay,
If the only gift you got was a Savior being born on Christmas day?

Would you take the time to stop, think, and remember?
How undeserving and blessed we are because of December.

Heartache may occur this season and for some, loved ones are lost,
But we still find reason to rejoice found in our Savior who paid our debts, our taxes, our costs.
With His hands nailed to a tree as He poured out His love for us.

It was almost Christmas, on a cold December night.
Let our hearts not grow cold, let us not lose sight.

Merry Christmas Eve!

    Sunday, December 23, 2012