Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Flowers and Macaroons

I've never had Macaroons.
But I want to.
There is something about Macaroons and Lattes.
The name of those two items sound like writer fuel.
They sound like the ingredients to Sophistication.
Can't you picture a girl with her hair up, pen in hand, bitten lip, sitting at a table with Macaroons on one side of her and a Latte on the other all captured in a Black and White photograph.
I can.
I want to try a Macaroon some day.
I also want to bring flowers to someone's grave someday.
And I want to pray for that person's loved ones because I don't know if they get prayers but I know everyone could use one.
I'm not very bold, but sometimes I want to be.
Sometimes, I try to be.
I'm having a grey day,
an in between colors day.
A neither happy nor sad day.
A pensive day.
That's me.
That's where I'm at.
I want to share a piece of writing with you.
So please take the time to read it.
Because it's important.
And not enough people in the world have read this message.

on “fat” vs beautiful

The man who tells you you’re beautiful but doesn’t respond when you ask Just the way I am? is the one you need to leave. Make him point to a photo in a magazine of a size 6 woman or a size 2 woman, and if he points to the left one and tells you she’s more attractive than the right, pull on your coat and shoes and slam the door behind you. But don’t leave until you’ve ripped all his clothes to shreds with the biggest pair of scissors you can find.
We’ve created this idea that bones are something to be admired and revered, but in fact bones are not beautiful if you have too many of them. We suck nonexistent fat from models’ bodies with Photoshop and distort them so they look the way we want to. Sometimes thin is just the way someone is, and there’s nothing wrong with that. But if you tell that thin girl or that thin boy that he or she needs to lose even more weight, you’ve crossed the line. Same with the supposedly “fat” boy or girl. Tell them they’re beautiful just the way they are. What’s the difference between a “fat” girl and a skinny girl? Only the weight. There’s not a difference in character or kindness or intelligence.
Sometimes our bodies are hard to live in; for others it’s a daily struggle. We look at ourselves in the mirror and view our ribs as cages, our collarbones as scissors. We want more more more. More bones. Less food. And the thing that’s so disgusting about that is the fact that society put that belief there. If you show me a 200-pound man and a 150-pound man and ask me which one is better, I’d tell you without hesitating that neither one is. They’re the same.
Some boys and girls live only on sticks of celery and grape juice every day. And one of those girls or boys can weigh 50 pounds more than the other. People who are already skinny want to lose weight, and so do people who are already “fat.” So don’t you dare let anyone tell you that skinny girls or boys are the ones to treasure. We all are, no matter the size or shape.
We all are.

I don't know who wrote this. I found it on a girls' blog called Writings for Winter. I wish I could accredit her name to this but she didn't leave it. However, her writings is phenomenal. And this piece is beautiful. And I wrote someone the other day that I needed to write to. So, I'm glad I did it. When in doubt, my dear friends, write. You have powerful words at your fingertips. Use them.



  1. Wow! What beautiful words, and I totally agree! :)

    P.S. I want to try a macaroon someday too! ;)


  2. very beautiful and i am glad you shared it :)

  3. <3 love this. :) Those words are so true.
    Macaroons are delicious! You haven't had them before? yeah. They're good. :D

  4. i <3 this.
    i've never had macaroons...but i want to someday too :]

  5. Macaroons are delicious! I love making (and eating) them. Mmmm.....

    The writing is beautiful. I am glad you shared it.

    And thank you for your loving comment on my blog. It's comforting to know others out there "get" how I feel and can be encouraging to me. Thanks girl!

    Hope you have a fabulous day :)

  6. I love that piece of writing, thank you for sharing! I've actually had self-esteem issues with my weight for most of my life, and it's still a struggle, but just remember what's really important makes all the difference. :) And that God looks on hearts, not on outward appearance.

    You need to eat some macaroons! :D I had a macaroon cupcake the other day, and maybe there's a recipe online, because that is like macaroons amplified about twenty times. :)