Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Andrew and the Creme Guy

So, I like to take the time to acknowledge and write about write worthy people and today I have two people I'd like to write about.

The first one is Andrew. I met Andrew in North Carolina at the Boone Eatery and Expresso Bar. He had a southern accent and dimples. And he was our waiter. He said thank you to everything. He thanked us for asking him for a refill or if he asked if he could refill our waters, he'd thank us for allowing him to do that. He told us he appreciated it. If he thought the wait for our pizza was going to be awhile he apologized for it and thanked us for our patience. He made sure our food tasted good, and he was as friendly as ever. But I'm not exagerrating on the thank you's. He thanked us for everything we did! And he was sincere. And always smiling. So, I thought he was worthy of being written about because he was a character and he's nice and he deserves to be written about even if I'll never see him again and he never knows that I wrote about him.

The second guy, is Creme guy. I'm not sure what his name is. But back in September, my friend Erin from Write Run Dream Sing had a birthday. On her birthday we went to get pie and coffee at Village Inn. When we went, we had a waiter who pretended to be all fancy and pronounced cream as creme and called us Ma'ams. I saw creme guy again on Christmas Eve when me and my family went there after our church service for pie and coffee. I got all excited. He wasn't our waiter though this time. But he still left a good story that Creme guy. I won't forget him.

I had a Merry Christmas. How about you guys?
And I just adore It's a Wonderful Life.
I wish I was Mary from it.
Today, I'm seeing Les Miserables and I'm super excited for it.
Much love to you all. <3


  1. I love this. :D They sound like the kind of people that could make someone's day. I like those people. <3
    I had a wonderful Christmas!
    I *want* to see that movie. :D Make sure you do a post on how epic it is after you see it! ;)

  2. Awe, this is so sweet, dimples and a southern accent? sounds pretty awesome, i'm very fond of a sweet southern slur, not to strong tho. ;)
    i can't wait to see that movie! we'll probably go this weekend :D
    I had a great christmas, btw. ^_^

  3. Oh my goodness, Les Miserables is so good! Get ready! :D

  4. Lol! Sounds like awesome people! <3

  5. I think more folks should write about people who come into our their lives like that. You never know how you're making an impact on someone.

    Have fun!! :) I'm going to see Les Miserables next week!

  6. I love the idea of writing about people that come into our lives! Also, let us know what you think of Les Miserables!!

  7. I've been itching to see that movie! How was it?
    Glad to hear you had a lovely Christmas!

  8. oooh how sweet. I love random people like that who are so great in their own way, even if you only interacted with them a little bit. Such fun.

    Enjoy the movie! :)