Friday, December 7, 2012


It's the Holidays.
Don't stress out.
Don't turn blue.
This is time for you to be happy.
So try on a smile.
Go on.
It looks good on you.
Breathe gently.
Fill up the bath tub and give yourself a nice relaxing moment.
Play the music you like and turn it up loudly.
Now sing.
Yes, that's right.
You have a lovely voice.
It's the Christmas season.
Don't forget about the beauty of it.
Don't get lost in deadlines and the rush.
Give yourself quiet times.
Enjoy December.
It doesn't last forever.
We tend to forget how to relax.
Don't let that be the case today.
Enjoy today, enjoy the moment, enjoy exisiting.

Yesterday, I had my first Macaroon. My friend Michelle was so kind and thoughtful, she made me a whole batch of Macaroons. It made my day. :)
I also, caught up on Christmas gifts/ wrapping and even got to spend quality time with my sisters.
Classes are done, just two more exams to go.
I'm cookie baking today and running the Jingle Bell run tonight.
I also get to see my close friends Heidi and Nora. :)
I saw my sister perform at her school last night and it was lovely.
I feel relaxed and happy.
December is good.
Take time to breathe and enjoy it:)


  1. YES! enjoy December!
    i love that picture<3
    i'm glad you had macaroons! i really want to try one sometime=)

  2. December is very good. :D This is a great reminder. It's definitely tough to just take time to relax and breath when there's sooo much going on. :D <3

  3. Yep! Just checked off another school subject myself! And walked around listening to the hoards of birds that gather in flocks and descend upon the biggest trees in my backyard. Oh, and stalked a rabbit (got quite close too, before he scooted off) a calico cat and a Squirrel! Pretty fun. =)


  4. Yes, taking time to relax and enjoy the moment is *such* a blessing in this life.

    It sounds like you've got so many things to be happy about, girl. :D That was so kind of your friend. I think there's nothing else like receiving something homemade from a friend. :)