Friday, December 28, 2012


Hello, all, today is sort of a rant.  The thing is, people have been posting everywhere about perfection. And how perfection is found in being skinny.
This makes me sad, because this is exactly what everywhere and everything portrays. Think about those mannequins in the stores you pass all the time. Think about how you compare yourself to every human that passes your way seeing if you are skinnier than them or not. This is not how it should be. What's worse is the way people compliment you when you're skinny. As if you have reached perfection. I've gotten compliments on being skinny before(which I don't even think I am skinny) and they act as if it's something I accomplished. But it's not. It's just the body I was born with. The body God made for me to have. And it's beautiful, just like yours. It's not something I have perfected. And I'm sure others out there are happy because they are skinnier than me. So they're closer to perfect right? No. They're no more perfect than I am. They are no more beautiful than I am. They are not a better person because they are skinnier than me. Beauty is not weighed in pounds. Perfection is not weighed in pounds. So stop counting the pounds, stop being jealous of other people's bodies, stop counting the calories. You can be fit and healthy and happy and that's fine, but don't obsess and think that being skinny makes you perfect. It doesn't. Nothing makes you perfect. We'll never achieve perfection. But the closest way to get to perfect is by acting Christ-like and striving to be more like Him. That's what we should concentrate on, ladies and gentlemen. Let go of this warped perception of needing to be skinny. Please.

Now I will leave you with a beautiful, heartwrenching song.


  1. Just what I needed to hear. Thank you.

  2. Grrr. I know! I'm naturally pretty small, and I think that can actually be a real pain sometimes. lol...

    Hey what's the name of the song? The link isn't working. :(

    1. Empty Chairs and Empty Tables by Eddie Redmayne. It's beautiful. <3

  3. "Beauty is not weighed in pounds. Perfection is not weighed in pounds."...well-said my friend. well said.

  4. You. are. fantastic.
    i like your rants. :D

  5. Wow, I was just thinking this! After our sleepover talk, I read an article about beauty and skinny as perfection in an old magazine. I totally agree with you. :)

  6. It's oh so true. But you know what? All the girls or boys who strive for skinnyness, more beautiful hair, better skin, will never be satisfied. It's always something more. You know? You will never be happy with yourself unless you have confidence that rests in the One who created you. He's the only one who doesn't change!

    Anyway, now I'm ranting. Haha. But thanks for this good reminder ;)