Thursday, August 30, 2012

Loves and Love

I've been really realizing how blessed I am and how thankful I am to have the friends and family that I have. They're so precious to me in many ways so I thought I would find ways to thank them. With that being said, I'm going to start doing a once a week posting all about one of my family members or friends that i'm thankful for. Trust me, I have a lot that I am thankful for in many areas of my life. So, this may take a while. But it's okay because I plan on keeping up with blogging. Anywho, I guess I sorta started one this week with my post for Natalie. But next week, my post is going to be about my Mom. Because I love my Mommy to the moon and back.

For now though, I just have a collection of photos to show things I love.

Converse. Though, i'm in desperate need of new pair.

Art colors. I wish i was good at it because I don't want to pay for a painting. But I do want  a painting to put on my wall.

Colorful Rain Boots. Though I'd hate to wear them because they look squeaky.

Well there you go, a whole list in one picture. Pretty self explanatory.
 This quote, that book, that feeling and books in general.

This quote. It makes me laugh because it's totally something I'd do. Especially the 25 cups of coffee part. Also, it's from Remember Me and I want to see that movie again because I don't remember much of it. (Yes, that's sort of ironic)

Cold weather, and again, vibrant lights. I like them. They're cheery.

I honestly still will always love Taylor Swift. I like her hair, I like her style and I like her smile. I like that she wears vintagey stuff and glasses and dances and sparkles and brings magic to her fans and to her life. It looks like she sincerely enjoys life, you know? And I like that. Sincerely enjoying life.

On the topic of love (again):

If a guy says he loves you and he'd do anything for you including wait for you, then make him prove it. Make him wait. Test it out early, not later. Don't wait till it's too late and he's left you broken hearted because he's found someone else and he never thought you were a person to wait for, but a person to be a substitute until he found what he was looking for or wanted better. I'm just saying. Sometimes things Love looks so pretty when its wrapped up in beautiful packages made out of words and gifts and sometimes even actions, until you open it up and find out the reasons or motives behind his so called love.  I just thought I'd say this, because I think I finally get that. The importance in waiting. I've made mistakes before and I'm bound to do it again, but one thing that I think I'm finally getting right is waiting for the right guy. And seeing if he'll wait for me too. Sometimes its hard waiting. Sometimes I daydream about love. Sometimes I daydream about where I'll find the right guy for me. Sometimes I wonder if it's someone I already have met or know. And sometimes thinking about that makes me anxious and sometimes thinking about that just makes me more excited for the beauty and surprise it'll be when it unfolds. But then again, when I get stricken by love (Real Love) I know it won't be a surprise at all.

                                                Your loves?   Your thoughts?

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

To My Best Friend

Today I wanted to take the time to dedicate this post to my bestest friend.
This girl knows me inside and out.
This girl has been with me through thick and thin.
We've cried together,
We've laughed together,
We grew up together.

There are so many memories. So many stories. So many things.
And of course I can't describe it all. But this is for you Natalie. For all you have done.

In 7th grade, we were hopeful and happy and you took my lunchbox and forced friendship.
In 8th grade, we made code names and couldn't wait to be in highschool.
In 9th grade, we suddenly were in highschool but it wasn't a big deal.
In 10th grade, we were Sophomores, we played Bob Saget at lunch and there was the Great Debator.
In 11th grade, there were harder times and bathroom talks, but there was also Little Women and English.
In 12th grade, we couldn't believe the future was getting so close. Our lives getting older and new.

Now it's College for me. Traveling soon to be for you. New times. New beginnings. New experiences. New moments.

No, things aren't as easy. Yes, things keep tasting bittersweet. But the fact is: I couldn't be who I am today without you. You make me happy and I love you. I love that you're hyper, that you get me, that you watch Netflix constantly, that you want to knit, that you make people feel comfortable even if they just met you, that you radiate energy and sunshine, that you talk too much sometimes, that you talk too fast sometimes, that you know more music than anyone else I know in the planet, that you have a sweet heart, that you help disabled people, that you have a boyfriend who loves you, that you have been in my life for some good years. I'm thankful for you. I'm thankful for memories made. I'm so incredibly blessed to have you in my life. And even though we may see each other less often and even though friends leave, people change, and life doesn't stop for anybody( thanks perks of being a wallflower ), I know you'll always be there for me and always be my best friend and you will always have a special place in my heart no matter how cheesy that sounds. And I'll probably still be writing poetry about or to you even when I'm 80 years old and have that green mohawk of mine.

Here's to you. Here's to us. Here's to life. Here's to My hands Are Bananas. Here's to Uh duh. Here's to Heidi Klume. Here's to our old selves. Here's to our grown up selves. Here's to ourselves that keep learning and growing. Here's to the good days up ahead and the bad ones. Here's to the smiles and tears. Here's to us knowing that whatever comes our way, we can take it. Here's to glitter. Here's to broken bones. Here's to Jack Sparrow lunchboxes. Here's to flying on my birthday. Here's to West Side Story. Here's to Katie's watching you. Here's to stepping into every store in the mall. Here's to I feel like a Lobster. Here's to I'm in the Lord's RV. Here's to old music videos. Here's to playing MyScene Barbie Dolls. Here's to nailing jello to a tree. Here's to splatter painting your neightbor's house. Here's to gross pictures. Here's to old Veritas skits where I was Betsy Tenboom and I died. Here's to Fried Twinkies. Here's to singing NeverShoutNever songs. Here's to Facepainting. Here's to FastDancing at prom. Here's to pictures with quotes. Here's to gigantic mugs. Here's to piggy back rides and sticking out tongues.
                                                       Here's to Friendship.

Yes, some of those pictures are entirely gross. But we took and kept them because we were entirely too young to care about how gross they were. And to be frank, I still don't care. They were memories I'm glad to still have. I love you. <3

Thank you anyone else who journeyed through a good portion of my lifetime there with me and my best friend. Kudos.


Sea Breezes and College

Thought I'd change it up a bit and let you sea some of my photography. :)

Today i'm gonna describe College:

Ethics: People are highly opinionated and talk to much. Except for my row, in which the people there are nice but very shy. One time a guy sat next to me and he was well dressed and smelled nice but i didn't like how he cussed a lot and what to do you know, he's never sat by me again. I think thats nice how that worked. I didn't even ask him to move or make weird faces at him to scare him off.

Humanities: Buddha is apparently skinny and my Teacher is kind of unique. I don't like that class.
However, I met a Mama who's brother in law is Big Mike from American idol and that's exciting. Also, there's this really enthusiastic girl and I like her cause i like people who are exciting. And then there's this girl named Rachel and she's really sweet too. So though I don't like that class, I like the people.

Statistics: The one class where I'm surrounded by people, haven't made any friends, but don't feel like I'm alone in. If that makes sense? You see, there are people who sit next to me but they don't talk to me really but they seem nice enough and don't ignore me either. So we're not friends, but we tolerate each other and that's okay by me. I don't feel alone. I feel included although I don't know how that works. Also i actually like Statistics and my Proffessor is the bomb.

Computers Class: A nightmare. Its so easy but it's soooo slow and takes a long time to complete each thing that I already know. Very long process and it makes me want to scream.

Comp 2: Hasn't started yet.

Also, I might join a club. It's some academic and social club and the person who handed the flyer was nice.

Me and Zooey could easily be good, quirky friends and do good, quirky things together.