Saturday, August 11, 2012

Be Young

You have time to live. You have time to be Free. You have time to Be Young. So go out and do that.
I'll tell you what Being Young is like:

Being young is stepping on the top of a tunnel with your friend at night with your eyes closed and then jumping off and "flying" so to speak.

Being young is going Swing Dancing with your best friend and dancing incredibly slowly to incredibly slow and mediocre songs in a crowd of old people.

Being young is running with your friend with your eyes closed and watching the ground dissapear beneath your feet.

Being young is screaming songs at the top of your lungs and rocking out in your car with your oldest sister.

Being young is making secret pacts that involve an obnoxious light up cowboy hat.

Being young is going up the down escalators and getting in trouble for doing so with your close friend.

Being young is dancing on the table to Taylor Swift songs with your younger sisters.

Being young is being fascinated by life and sparkly things.

Being young is creating memories. Being young is doing things because you can and it's fun and because you're young and you don't have to worry. Being young is not planned. It just happens. And when it happens, the timing is perfect. Being young is most fun with friends, but you don't need them to be young. You can be young at anytime and anyplace. Being young is enjoying yourself and enjoying others in creative ways. There is no set definition. There is no age limit. Go and Be Young.

Don't forget how to Dream. To forget how to Be. Don't forget how to Believe. And remember, Being Young is not being childish. You can be young and not childish. Being young is taking advantage of opportunities to have fun and to enjoy life. It doesn't mean you can handle serious things seriously. It means you can also be happy and young when the opportunity comes. And not letting the seriousness of life crowd out your happiness. So Dream, and Be young.

What does being young mean to you? What are some ways you have taken advantage of being young?

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  1. I really love this! We all need to embrace being young while we still have life to live. :)