Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Story of a Car-less Girl

I so can't wait until I can drive. I'm 18, but I have this sort of not cool thing called Epilepsy.
You have to be two year seizure free before you can drive. And it has been, indeed, two years. However, around this time, my Neurologist decided to try and lower the dosage of my medication and see how I do without it. He wants to see if the seizures were a fluke thing that I could grow out of. He highly doubted that i would be able to grow out of it, but he thought I should do it anyways just to make sure. So, this process takes quite awhile as I go down half a pill every two weeks which drags out my driving possibility. So far I've gone down a whole pill worth and I'm doing fine. I take one and a half at nights and one in the morning on a daily basis. But right now, as the weening off period has begun, I am taking a half in the morning and one at night. However, even though there's some dissapointments with this (such as no rollercoasters, and no driving), life is pretty much normal for me and I'm grateful for that. God is good, always.

All of this to say in a roundabout way though, I really can't wait to drive though. Not just to drive, but also to have a car of my own. Here's what i would do if I had free will and the priveledge to drive:

I would go on adventures. Tons of them.
I would go to the beach and run in normal clothes with my arms stretched out in a flying position.
I would go to publix and get a Monster.
I would go to Starbucks and pick a crazy name to tell them.
I would say Hi to people and give them a highfive and make their day.
I would drive at night and with the windows down and good music playing real loud.
I'd dance in my car at stop lights.
I might scream "I love this place" out the window of my car.
I would drive to the moon. (Just kidding)
I would go many places and do many things.
I would feel legit.

I want a car. I want to drive at night. I want to work at Starbucks. I want to get out more often.

We all have Dreams.

Sorry, I posted twice today. I can't help it sometimes. I just a love writin'.


  1. I Like that list of want to do's :)
    I would totally do most of those things!
    love this blog! <3

  2. Thanks for being honest about your life. I hope all goes well, and you can start driving soon! I also love your list of what to do's.

    -Victoria Horea

  3. Great post, i really enjoyed reading it! It's great that you can be so open and honest on your blog! I'm now following you and I would really appreciate if you would follow me back! Thanks:)