Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Sea Breezes and College

Thought I'd change it up a bit and let you sea some of my photography. :)

Today i'm gonna describe College:

Ethics: People are highly opinionated and talk to much. Except for my row, in which the people there are nice but very shy. One time a guy sat next to me and he was well dressed and smelled nice but i didn't like how he cussed a lot and what to do you know, he's never sat by me again. I think thats nice how that worked. I didn't even ask him to move or make weird faces at him to scare him off.

Humanities: Buddha is apparently skinny and my Teacher is kind of unique. I don't like that class.
However, I met a Mama who's brother in law is Big Mike from American idol and that's exciting. Also, there's this really enthusiastic girl and I like her cause i like people who are exciting. And then there's this girl named Rachel and she's really sweet too. So though I don't like that class, I like the people.

Statistics: The one class where I'm surrounded by people, haven't made any friends, but don't feel like I'm alone in. If that makes sense? You see, there are people who sit next to me but they don't talk to me really but they seem nice enough and don't ignore me either. So we're not friends, but we tolerate each other and that's okay by me. I don't feel alone. I feel included although I don't know how that works. Also i actually like Statistics and my Proffessor is the bomb.

Computers Class: A nightmare. Its so easy but it's soooo slow and takes a long time to complete each thing that I already know. Very long process and it makes me want to scream.

Comp 2: Hasn't started yet.

Also, I might join a club. It's some academic and social club and the person who handed the flyer was nice.

Me and Zooey could easily be good, quirky friends and do good, quirky things together.


  1. Oh I dont miss the college much work ... lol...

    Love your art work with the shells ... so pretty!!

  2. haha. you had me at "sea some of my photography". beautiful photos! love the blog!

  3. Aww pretty photos! I miss college. Enjoy it while ya can! (yep I sound like an old lady now)