Sunday, October 30, 2016

The Last Octobery Weekend

October is nearing it's end.
So what does that mean?

Well, if you're me, it means;

Lot's of coffee.
A frappula.
A pumpkin spice cup of coffee.
Pumpkin themed games.
Bean Bag Toss.
"It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown" Bingo.
Candy Corn Bowling.
Apple bobbing.
Apple baseball.
Apples to Apples.
Pumpkin Fondu.
Pumpkin Chili.
Pumpkin Alfredo.
Pumpkin PiƱata (with lots of candy).
Pumpkin carving (such as funny face carved pumpkin and a tinker bell carved pumpkin).
Pumpkin painting (such as mike wasowski and sully painted pumpkins).
Annual hay ride.
Apple pie.
Orange Sherbet Punch.
Lit Pumpkin Candles.
November Mix CD.

Good friends.
Good family.
Good life.

My last October weekend of 2016 has been quite dandy.

Tomorrow's my last October day but then November is creeping up.
It may be the scariest thing about October,
but I will welcome November as much as I welcomed October.

I like them both.

I hope your weekend was just as pleasant and pumpkinfull.

Tell me about it, won't ya?


Thursday, October 27, 2016

My heart hurts

Ah, to be broken;
a beautiful and painful thing.

The dust in my eye is heavy and wet.
The weeds in my heart need pruning.
The crawling veins in my arms are tired of moving.
The sleepy voice of mine refrains from making a noise tonight.

I'm broken,
my heart hurts.

A bleeding heart;
a beautiful and painful thing.

Depending on what you do with it...
that is.

Depending on who you let come and stop the bleeding.

You can't stop it.
Your gauze and rags can only stop it for so long.

You need a healer.

I know one.

Would you like to know His name?

Friday, October 21, 2016


Today, at the preschool, there were only three children in the age group I work with.
I work with the young toddlers and I come in during nap time.
When the numbers are big, there are two people to every 5 children in our age group.
Since there were only three, I was by myself.
The three were sleeping peacefully until one of them awoke and started crying and reached her tiny little arms out to me.
So, I took her into my arms and tried to comfort her.
Soon enough, as she rested in my lap and wrapped her fingers around my hand, she fell back to sleep.

Sometimes I bring a book to read while I'm waiting for the children to wake up from their nap time.
But in this moment, I simply held onto the sleeping child and was still.
The music we usually have playing during naptime wasn't working, so it was silent with only the occasional sound of the children breathing in and out as they slept.

It was in those sweet moments that I began to treasure the stillness of it all and recall the verse in Psalm 46 that states; "Be still and know that I am God."

We often forget to be still in our busy everyday life that we forget how much we need to be still.
How beautiful it is to be still.
And how important it is to recognize the might and power of God in these still moments.
How important it is to take these still moments and focus our mind on things above.
How important it is to remember that God is in control our lives every step of the way.

In the chaos and the peace,
God is on the throne.

Often times we forget it, but sometimes we are reminded of it.

Today, the reminder came in the form of a sleeping tiny body full of warmth and a tiny hand wrapped around mine.

I don't always love my job, but today I was reminded of the small joys of it and I am thankful.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Pumpkins, Coffee, Operatic Phantoms and More

Yesterday was watching "What's Eating Gilbert Grape", Wawa's 24 oz and 79 cent pumpkin spice coffee, 8 preschool kids, a breezy baseball game to watch with friends as the sunset slowly melted before our eyes, pretzels with beer cheese dip outings with the best friend and loud singing of classic songs on the ride home featuring; "Allstar" by the Smashing Pumpkins and Phantom of the Opera songs.

It was a slow morning and a busy afternoon- evening, but it was still a lovely day.
Today was a bit rough, but c'est la vie sometimes.


Can I just snuggle up in Autumn?
Because I really want to.

Dear Autumn,
come and never leave.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

"Coffee is its own language in itself."

-- Jackie Chan

So, I'm not posting this quote along side this picture to somehow convey that the coffee at Denny's was so amazing because, well, it wasn't.

But, that's not the point.
The point is that so many memories can be shared over a drink of coffee.
Last night, I made amazing memories eating pumpkin pancakes and sipping halfway decent coffee at a diner with my family.
The ceiling starting leaking, so we had to move tables.
Some songs came on the radio that I really disliked.
But those stuff, they didn't matter.

We had a great time, laughing, saying silly things, and excited for going and picking out a pumpkin at a pumpkin patch afterwards while we were all decked out in plaid clothing.

Our original plan to go to our favorite pizza and outdoor eating place fell through as it was overly crowded on a late Friday evening, so our back up plan was good 'ole Denny's and it didn't disappoint.

Denny's has always been a favorite of mine (partly because it's featured in The Santa Claus) and it's just always has been full of good breakfast food and memories.

It's not the most fancy restaurant, or prettiest, or best tasting food,
but that's totally okay with me.

Because it has a homey environment and that's all that matters.
The waitresses and waiters were nice and joked around with us and I'm sorry,
but I don't think you can get that type of feel or experience at Carrabbas.

I'm a simple person and always will be.

I'll cherish nice, friendly people and friendly atmospheres and diners always.

Anyways, after our lovely dinner, the moon decided to shine ever so bright and we drove quite a bit through the night to our favorite pumpkin patch and found our perfect pumpkin.

Then, as tradition has it, we watched "It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown" and I made some apple cider.

{Moral of the story; I love coffee, diners, and pumpkins.
Always have, always will.}

Have an October memory you'd like to share?
Comment below!

It was a perfect October evening and nights like those remind me why I love Octobers so much.

Monday, October 10, 2016

Autumn red sent the leaves to their new beds

it's been awhile.
Once again.

So, I'm sorry.

But I'm going to catch you up.

I will tell you that work and being sick has definitely distracted me from blogging.
Also, just life in general.

But anyways, today was a great day so I wanna talk about it.

Today, Florida actually decided to bring on the breezy weather.
It decided to actually feel like Florida Fall.
So, having the morning alone to myself,
I sipped up some coffee on my back porch, savoring the taste and the feel of the breezes while I caught up with a friend of mine who I haven't gotten to talk to in a long time.

Then I ate lunch, got ready for work and brewed me some pumpkin coffee to take there and although I have to wear my uniform t-shirt and jeans, I wore my boots and a plaid shirt with it.

The work day went well and I got plenty of hugs from tiny children and as the sun went down, I ate dinner on my back porch.

Later I had apple cider and a pumpkin cookie to finish of my Fall day plus my Fall music playlist going on.

So, today, was a good October day.

And while we are on the subject of Fall,
I'm going to spam you with wonderful Fall pictures that include the one and only, wonderful, Matthew Gray Gubler.

Here is flannel Mr. Gubler.

Here is spooky and pumpkin headed Mr. Gubler.

Here we have Mr.Gubler showing his love for pumpkins and other gourds while looking gourdgeous himself.

Here Mr.Gubler is hiding behind Fall leaves and he will most likely lose at playing hide-and-seek but it's okay because he's cute and he's along side Fall leaves so it's basically perfect.

we have Mr.Gubler consuming an apple and holding a fur hoodie jacket while describing his dream date which includes Fall things because he loves Fall just like I do.

So, moral of the story; be like Matthew.
And also, Fall is great.
So, to end this post, I will post some Fall pictures I got because I like Fall.
A lot.
A lot, a lot.
Like, a lot.

Happy Fall!

May it be filled with Fall leaves,
fake barns,
road trips,
pumpkin spice lattes,
breezy weather,
and more.

Monday, October 3, 2016

This, well, this is a post

I've had stuff to say.
Meaningful stuff.
Deep stuff.
Neat stuff.
because I don't remember what was so important to say,
because I can't think of anything to say right now,
because I am boring,
because I am,
because I,




do you have anything to say?
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any questions for me?
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