Friday, October 21, 2016


Today, at the preschool, there were only three children in the age group I work with.
I work with the young toddlers and I come in during nap time.
When the numbers are big, there are two people to every 5 children in our age group.
Since there were only three, I was by myself.
The three were sleeping peacefully until one of them awoke and started crying and reached her tiny little arms out to me.
So, I took her into my arms and tried to comfort her.
Soon enough, as she rested in my lap and wrapped her fingers around my hand, she fell back to sleep.

Sometimes I bring a book to read while I'm waiting for the children to wake up from their nap time.
But in this moment, I simply held onto the sleeping child and was still.
The music we usually have playing during naptime wasn't working, so it was silent with only the occasional sound of the children breathing in and out as they slept.

It was in those sweet moments that I began to treasure the stillness of it all and recall the verse in Psalm 46 that states; "Be still and know that I am God."

We often forget to be still in our busy everyday life that we forget how much we need to be still.
How beautiful it is to be still.
And how important it is to recognize the might and power of God in these still moments.
How important it is to take these still moments and focus our mind on things above.
How important it is to remember that God is in control our lives every step of the way.

In the chaos and the peace,
God is on the throne.

Often times we forget it, but sometimes we are reminded of it.

Today, the reminder came in the form of a sleeping tiny body full of warmth and a tiny hand wrapped around mine.

I don't always love my job, but today I was reminded of the small joys of it and I am thankful.

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