Wednesday, July 31, 2013

God is So Much Bigger

The sky is vast with its ever changing colors as the sun leaves and the moon comes up in this neverending cycle.

The sea goes on and on and on with its waves of blue and green and bottomless ocean floor and the sand that you'll never be able to walk forever on.

The sand with it's tiny miniscule particles, more than a million, making up a shore.

We are on ONE planet, in orbit right now in a huge solar system and we'll never be able to see or count all the stars up there.

There are thousands of countries, states, and people out there we'll never see or know or meet. Each with a story, a landmark, a place.

And God is so much bigger than that.
And yet we sit here dwelling on normal everyday things, wasting our lives.
Only what's done for Christ will last.
Someone told me that sometime, and it just rang true in my ears.
Our small problems, our clothes we bought from that brand we liked, the band we saw in concert last week, those things won't last.
Only what's done for Christ will last.
God is so much bigger than anything here and better than anything here,
We need to remember this.
We need to know that.
The World will perish, but God will remain.


Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Are you sure it's still July?

Yesterday, was a good day.

I came into the car, and my Mom had on Christmas music. We drove to the mall where I had multiple tea samples (Teavanna just loves to give you samples whether you want them all or not haha), a conversation about Loki and Thor with a worker in Hot Topic, looked at the many Christmas ornaments already out in Hallmark, and shared an Auntie Anne pretzel.  Lastly got a Pumpkin Spice Latte(Glorious, I tell you. GLORIOUS) from a cute Coffee Shop called the Coffee Mill.

Are you sure it's still July?

Because I'm not.

I'm ready for; routine classes, trying new things, colder weather, sweaters, actually enjoying going outside, boots, jeans, enjoying a hot cup of coffee, football games, holidays, pumpkin and gingerbread flavors, warm scents, Fall colors and Christmas lights.
I'm ready, ready, ready.
In fact, I'm already thinking about what to get my friends for Christmas.
I really am.
 I feel like everybody is getting this anticipation though as of late.
I know my friend Heidi is counting down the days till Christmas, and my friend Erin is anticipating sweater weather. 
So, I'm not a lone in this.

I have to say, sometimes people say you should anticipate things.
They say it distracts from living in the moment.
But I don't think that has to be true.
You see, I can live in the moment.
This whole missions trip week, I lived in the moment and had multiple infinite feelings especially as I submersed myself in crashing waves in the late nighttime air with an orange moon and a dark sky and sea that stretched on and onwards.
I live in moments, and I love moments.
But I don't think there's anything wrong with being excited for more moments to come either.
The Future is exciting.
So, keep moving forward.

Last Fall and Winter were wonderful. Dressing up like a hobo, finding a pumpkin, making pumpkin cookies, visiting a winter wonderland, embracing the snow. Yeah, I wouldn't mind doing it again.
But I also can't wait for the new surprises that this Fall and Winter have to bring.

To top my wonderful yesterday off though, I came back home and logged onto facebook and had my already glorious day topped off by a sweet message from my friend Erin who has been a BIG blessing in my life lately. Then, I worked out and later watched Star Trek for the first time at my friend Austin's house. It was a realllllly good day.
Reallly good day.
And tonight, at midnight, I get to greet my sister and bring her home from the airport after her two week Mission trip.
It will be a good day too.

Monday, July 29, 2013

I'm Back

I'm back.
The retreat was many words and many things.
I don't have much time to describe it all though.
Maybe I'll write another post in the future expounding on it...
but today, I'll sum it up in words.
It was; perfect milkshakes, ferris wheels, orange moons, red sand beaches, late night walks and talks and swims in the pool, rain and waves, skim boarding, "Grudging"(Don't ask), Tifton, Dunkin Donuts escapades, riding a luggage cart for the first time, meeting new people, Uno, Hipster pictures, sand castles, friends, responsibility, lessons, quiet time, reflection, encouragement, God's handiwork seen in everything.
To Him Be the Glory.

Since I got home on Saturday afternoon, the time spent has mainly been time spent sleeping(which we didn't get a whole lot of. Basically, 4 hours each of the 3 nights.), and talking with my family. I haven't really had much time to catch up on posts. I would like to, but gosh, Summer is eating up my days.

Three more weeks until school... three. O.o

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Don't Be Like the Rest of Them, Darling

You know something I realized? We're all so darn judgmental. I hate that. I truly do.
But I know I'm judgmental too. I just don't want to be anymore though, now that I realize it.
I think something that people tend to do is to judge a person for who they once were.
Instead of accepting and seeing them for who they are now.
You know something?
People Change.
I'm pretty sure you know that, and I know that too, but usually when I think about that I think about it in terms of people changing from good to taking the turn for the worse.
I never think about people taking a turn from bad to good. I mean, sometimes I do. I guess what I mean is that if someone I knew who was mean to me when I was little and I came across them today, I probably would stay away from them. Unless they approached me and showed that they turned out to be nice people, I'd probably stay away from them. And I wish I wouldn't. Because I'm judging them on their past actions. And that's the catch too, you know. If I'm doing that to others, they're probably doing that to me too.
Did you ever think about that?
If people judged me based on who I was back then, I'd be terribly upset.
Because I've made tons of mistakes, burned bridges I didn't need to burn, and said things I shouldn't have said.
But I have changed a lot since then.
And even if I still mess up and make mistakes every now and then, etc., it still doesn't mean I'm not a nice person or the person I once was.
So, I wouldn't want a person to judge me based on who I was.
I guess two things made me think of this. 1. I was thinking about "the bad guys" in superhero films that we love. The ones we make excuses for and say; "Well he was misunderstood. He was hurt when he was a kid. He was lonely." Or whatever else reason like that. Because we get their back story and we feel sorry for what made them the way they are. They're sympathetic.
And yet, when it comes to humans and their lives, we don't tend to think the same way. If they wronged us, they've wronged us. And we usually judge them. We don't get to know their back story, or learn it, and we judge. If a person is mean, if a person is really out there, if a person is constantly seeking attention and it's gotten on our last nerve, we judge.
And if they ever took the time to change or fix their problems(which by the way, we all have problems even if they aren't always as noticeable), we would probably still judge them for who they were and wouldn't really give them a chance.
2. The other reason I thought of this... is because of what Tom Hiddleston said here; "Thought for the day; Don't judge people on who they used to be. Allow them to be who they are. See them "now." Not "then."
SO, yeah, he's the bomb...
Obviously, I don't know all. And honestly, I hope this wouldn't be me. I haven't really be in any of the afore mentioned situations as of recently. I had when I was younger, and when I was younger, I did judge. And I know I won't be cured of judging either because we all do it without thinking sometimes. But, I hope I'm more aware of when I am judging someone and make it more of a goal to not judge and to accept people for who they are, not who they were.

By the way, I'm going on my retreat/missions trip, so see you all when I get back! Prayers are appreciated. :)

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Thank-you, darling

"Showing young children in these communities, that there are outlets for their feelings, that there is room in a space for their stories to be told, and that they will be applauded-and it's not about ego, it's about connection: that their pain is everybody else's pain."

Thank-you Tom Hiddleston, just thank-you.

Monday, July 22, 2013

*Rannnndommm Postiiiinggg*

Okie dokie.

So this post is just some of my random rantings...

I saw The Avengers this weekend(I know I'm behind on the bandwagon) and I loved it! Now I want to see Captain America, Thor and Iron Man. I've seen the Batman series and Spiderman series, but I just never got the chance to see any of the Marvel Superhero Movies. But, The Avengers was free on Amazon Prime Instant Video, and therefore, I got to see it. :) The funny thing is, I kept seeing posts about Tom Hiddleston and I had noooo idea who he was. I saw quotes from him, pictures, etc. and I think I've even pinned one of his quotes on pinterest because I liked it. However, I didn't know Loki was this Tom Hiddleston person. BUT I LOVED LOKI. So, after seeing the movie I looked up the actor cause he seemed sort of familiar ( probably from all the other people who fangirl over him) and then I saw the name, and then it all made sense, and now I feel like I can join and understand the Hiddleston Fangirl Clan. So, yeah. He's my new husband. And now I'm going to see Thor and Captain America(which are both free on Amazon just f.y.i) as soon as I have free time again.

Speaking of new husbands, I've also discovered that I really like Drake Bell (I briefly mentioned it last post). I always thought he was sorta cute when I first saw him on The Amanda Show, and then on Drake and Josh, but I never really was a huge fan of him. However, now, I quite enjoy him. I think his posts and stuff are hilarious and he really does seem to be more classy and never writes anything mean or nasty on his twitter/etc. He says he tries to make sure he's a good role model since he knows people look up to him and I think that's admirable. And he's funny. So, yeah. Another new "husband" for me.

Okay, now that we're done discussing guys... I guess the other things I could talk about are nature trails that my family and I went on, alligator babies in which we saw there, a record/vintage shop we looked at, the possibility of me getting a typewriter!!!!, trying curry for the first time and liking it, froyo, Starbucks, The Once Upon A Time series(SO ADDICTING), Winnie the Pooh, our church's coffee house event, the beach and more sunburn :P , Soccer,  and Truth or Dare... That's went down this weekend.

(Disclaimer; the Pooh photo is not mine. I found it on tumblr. Because, I mean, how cute is that. I want one! All of the other ones from the weekend were taken by me though.)

Now that I've stepped off my pedestal of my weekend randomness, I would like to let you all know that I'm going on a camp/retreat/type thing this week. I'm leaving Wednesday and coming back Saturday. So, I won't be blogging then. Instead, I'll be diving into God's Word, and strengthening friendships and bonds and creating memories. I'm real excited for it. :) Whenever we have a church summer outreach/retreat/conference/or missions trip, I always come back refreshed and joyful beyond belief. I know that's all from God and I can't wait to experience that again. I can't wait to learn more, and seek Him, and be reminded of the things I need to fix in my life. I say that, because sometimes I think we don't realize or really listen as well as we should when we're here in our life living normal days. Sometimes you need to get away, you need to be told things and encouraged by others, and you need to tune out the rest of the World and listen to God. So, I'm ready to do that.

I apologize for the randomness that this post consists of. I usually have it organized and I usually try to write with proper grammar and connect everything well and make it meaningful. I don't know if this was meaningful or not to you, but sometimes I think we need a bit of unpredictability and randomness in life. Sometimes, it's healthy to be unorganized for once. One also small thing, even though I'm posting today and tomorrow... I probably won't be on to read blogs although I want to... because I have packing, and spending time with my sister(who's birthday is this week so I promise Tuesday to her since I won't be here during her birthday) and some preparation for VBS which is the next week. So, I'm busy busy.

So, I'm sorry, but I'm not sorry.

Ps. Props to whoever got my title reference.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Hold Your Horses Now

"After every sunny day
Came a stormy night,
That's when Finner would say,
"Keep your heads held high".
And we are far from home but we're so happy."

--From Finner- Of Monsters and Men--

I guess this song is just what I needed to hear today. Because though I've had some sunny days, but last night I had a stormy night. But I'm going to keep my head held high. We are so far from home, you know. This life is not our home, it's not our resting place. And we may be so happy here on earth on some beautiful days, but it's nothing compared to the joy awaiting us.

(Photo taken and edited by me, song from Of Monsters and Men. More photography here;

This week has been:

- A lot of writing
- A lot of music
- A lot of reminiscing
- Some handfuls of heartache
- A random swim in the ocean before a storm
- A Hot Cup of Toasted Almond Coffee
- Dancing
- Drake and Josh re-runs
- Realizing that Drake Bell is my new husband because he's hilarious
- Some time to my thoughts... which is good and bad
- Candyland and Forrest Gump
- A lot of reading
- Cinnamon Dolce Latte
- The Avengers
- Once Upon a Time
- Guitar Playing
- Song Writing
- The Bible

What has your week been?

Thursday, July 18, 2013

A Whiff of Nostalgia

So, tonight, I had one of those nights where your mind just drifts.
It started with me looking back at old blog posts.
It's so weird, because I have written so many posts that I hardly recognize or remember some of them.
I look back and wonder what that stranger was thinking the day she wrote it.
Not like in a bad way, but in a curious way.

I also am thankful for details.
I realized a couple of things when looking back;
1. I detailed events. I wrote them in colors and with names. I am thankful for this, because it reminds me of things I've already forgotten and makes me smile at the way I described people or places or events.
2. I think Fall and Winter inspire me a whole ton more than Summer. But at the same time, it also gives me a weird kind of sad every now and then too. I guess because sometimes I feel lonely in the cold. However, I am still oh so very fond of the cold and sometimes that's when I'm most alive. Yet, I still get sadness sometimes. Nevertheless, it's very inspiring to me. Those seasons. It slows things down and speeds things up and I try to write about them the best I can with photos and music to aid my memory and ache for telling stories.
3. I also realized that I listened to music a whole lot more during the Fall/Winter. I think it's mainly because music is also inspiring. That, and I listen to music when I leave for school, when I'm doing homework, when I'm sitting in between classes, and etc. I also realized how much music influenced me.
For instance,
-  Lullaby by Creed takes me back to that dance class forever ago with the choreography that made me feel like a beautiful angel.
- Some Nights by Fun take me back to last Summer before my first year of College started up where I was in the mall with one of my best friends Erin and I heard the song for the 1st time and started dancing because I liked the beat.
- I'm Glad You Came by the Wanted reminds me of the small journey I got to take in Orlando with my sisters and Mom. Where we saw the American Idol concert, where they sang this ever so catchy song as their grand finale, and where we walked back and swam in the pool at midnight laughing at each other and enjoying company.
- The Avett Brothers remind me of Fall, the season in which my friend Julia introduced me to these Mountain Men type people.
- It's Time by Imagine Dragons take me to the night I was at your house, before our friendship started to dwindle, where we looked up the Perks of Being a Wallflower trailer and I instantly fell in love with both the trailer, and the song and anxiously awaited the movie's arrival.
- Mountain Sound by of Monsters and Men remind of this past Tuesday night where I discovered my love for them while riding in the car with Heidi on the way to get us some lattes on a spontaneous Summer night.

Want to know something?
I used that quote before in one of my blogs.
The weird thing is, I didn't remember using it.
I didn't remember the story that went a long with it.
I didn't know that that night I dressed up in a wedding dress and ate mint pie and rocked out to a Spanish radio station.
And so, those moments are now stories. 
Though at the time, they weren't stories.
When I posted it, they were moments.
It was happening.
How weird.

( Here's the post if you want to check out what I'm talking about...
There's just so much that happens in life. It's impossible to remember it all. Which is sad, because I want to remember it all. Because it all grew me and taught me and impacted me and brought me to where I am. It all has written my life story, and documented me. They were moments that now are memories. But I suppose that's what leads me back to my appreciation for this blog. It's only roughly a year old, but it has accounted so much. So many of my changes, my thoughts, my inspirations, my life. I didn't know it all was happening when it was, but it was and it is and I'm glad it's all there. I'm glad I can go back and visit the past events and remember the good times, and smile at the bad times knowing I got through them. I'm glad I can learn forgotten lessons and dream from my older dreams.
I'm glad I'll have stories for my children to read some day. So, they know what my life was like or what I thought or dreamt about. So they know how I do know how it feels to be their age.

Also, remember that one time I posted this picture;

And it just is so me.
I didn't remember it either.
But when I saw this picture I posted forever ago, I laughed.
Because this is still so me.
And I love it.
I'm glad I'm me.
For a very large portion of my life, I wasn't thrilled about being me.
But today, I look back upon all the things that are me, that I've done, that I do, and I'm glad to be me.
I'm happy about life.
And I'm inspired by my past self to go out there and make some more moments.
Create some more memories.
And then to tell some more stories.
I'm ready to live.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

4:00 a.m Thoughts

So, yesterday, I got up at 4:00 am to ride with my Mom to drive my sister down to get dropped off at a bus that would take her to an airport where she would be leaving for Honduras on a Missions Trip.
The surprising fact of the matter is that I am widely awake at 4:00 am.
I have deep thoughts and wonders and dreams.
I enjoyed the hour round trip there and back up before the sun and before most of the world.
I enjoyed looking at the stars, talking with my family about memories and insomniacs and appreciating how quiet it is in the still of the morning.
I enjoyed having time set aside to simply think and ponder life.

I don't know why, but I feel extremely disconnected from the world at those times, and extremely connected with God.
The darkness of the nighttime sky has never scared me.
It just awes me.
I enjoy the night where the streetlights and stars finally get to shine and show what they are capable of.
I love the night and early mornings.
Even if I'm not always awake to enjoy it.
I've decided that one day, my husband and I are going to go on late night/early morning adventures. Because every once in awhile, it'd be nice to get coffee from some 24-hour diner, eat an early breakfast, and go to the beach and watch the sun rise and appreciate the beginning of a new day together. Or just to go to a park with a telescope and find constellations and name stars. Or to ride around and guess where the people in the car next to us are going to or why they are up at that early hour.

I tend to do that by myself. I wonder where people are going or why they are up or what their life is like. This also may sound really crazy, but I feel like we share a special bond between us or secret because we're both up at an early hour for whatever reason it is.
Early morning drives are adventurous, indeed.
And time is funny in those moments where you feel as if you aren't supposed to be awake, but you are.
It feels as if the time melts off the clock, and suddenly hours and minutes don't matter.
It's just a fa├žade anyways.
It seems full of meaning, but that's only because we give it meaning.
When I came back it was about 5:30 am.
I read a chapter in my book, because that's also entirely calming.
Then, I went back to my bed at 6:00 am where some people might be just then getting up.
Honestly, it's something thrilling, that feeling of doing something opposite than others.
I don't know why it is, but it is.
It feel rebellious.
It feels adventurous.

I know that quote is extremely overused, and I extremely wished that it would never become so popular that people would use it at any given time and moment carelessly throwing it into the air because they liked the way it sounded... but even though it is popular, and people do carelessly throw around that phrase, I don't carelessly use it.

You see,
I only used it because,
I swear,
In those fine, precious, and peculiar moments,
I was infinite.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

A Late Night Revelation

"But Peter, how do we get to Neverland?"
"Fly, of course."

Now if you all have been following me for awhile... you should know this;
I have a fascination with Neverland.
I always had as a child.
I still want to go to Neverland(even if it "does not exist")
In my head, Neverland is a beautiful place where there is no suffering. It's an escape from the real world that does have pain and suffering and tears. It's full of people who grow old, people who die, people who grow up and lose innocence and wonder and sometimes even happiness. It's full of things beyond your imagination. It's a place no one would ever not go to.
Now, I never thought of it this way before, and I don't know why I haven't...
But I *do* get to go to Neverland. It's not called Neverland by most people, but in a way it is Neverland. When I die, I will go to Heaven. There will be no more tears, no more suffering, no death. We won't age there. And everything there will be beyond my imagination.

Fly, of course.

"I'll fly away, oh Glory, I'll fly away.
When I die, Hallelujah by and by...
I'll fly away."
I wish J.M Barrie saw what he was describing. I know his life was full of pain, and I know he wanted to escape it to pretend there was this beautiful place to escape the real world and it's sorrow, and there was and is a place like that. I don't know his life, or his beliefs, but I really hope he did know my Lord and Savior and that He sent His son to die for our sins and I hope that he got to go to the real Neverland.
This makes me happy, the more I think about it.
I always wanted Neverland to exist.
And in a way it does.
I never thought it was possible for me to go to Neverland.
But I am going there someday.
Only it's even better than the one human mankind dreamed up.
And that's gives me joy.
I hope you all go to Neverland too.
The real one.
I hope I see you all in Heaven one day.

Monday, July 15, 2013

A Beautiful Weekend

I just adore pleasant weekends and this weekend was plenty pleasant.

It started off with Friday. Friday, I went to highland rec center pool which happens to have two amazing waterslides. I love waterslides, so that was a plus. Also, there were nice lifeguards and one of them had a tattoo that said something like; I rescue people, because He rescued me. I thought that was neat.

Afterwords, I watched Finding Neverland(again, yes), The Goofy Movie, and Mama. So, a Drama, a Comedy, and a Horror film. It was quite an entertaining mix. I watched this while consuming pizza and laughing at the films with my friend. So, that was awesome in itself.

One quick thing I'd like to talk a bit more about;

Johnny Depp. Can we please all take a minute to appreciate him? I find him highly amusing and he seems like SUCH A NICE PERSON. I know he loves kids and he loves being weird and silly, and he's really good with both. I'd love to meet him. Plus, he's a highly amazing actor. He can be serious, goofy, and whatever he's asked to be pretty much, and on top of it all he's highly attractive. And for anyone who questions my sanity in thinking he's attractive, do yourself a favor and go watch Finding Neverland and then try to tell me he's not attractive. With his accent, and gentleman looks, ohmygoodness. Watch the movie, it's a great movie. You won't regret it. It's truly magic.

 Okay, I am done ranting about his greatness. We may proceed...

Saturday. Saturday I had a quiet and lovely day. It started with poptarts( and I mean seriously, how can a day that starts with poptarts go wrong?), and SpongeBob Squarepants. Then, it proceeded with a thunderstorm and shopping. I got a new book, a new cd, a photography portfolio, starbucks coffee, and pumpkin bread. So, it was successful and lovely and the rain made it ten times better because it's so soothing and comforting. Don't you agree? Rain is lovely. And I got to enjoy my Mom and sister's company. Then we had frozen yogurt and watched The Princess Bride which really is a great movie.

Sunday, Waffles and Coffee. And encouragement, much needed encouragement. Sometimes a reminder, and a good lesson from other people are just what you need for you to realize things. I feel extremely blessed and thankful for the power of prayer and the gift of prayer, and I also feel comforted about the Future and trusting God that He is faithful and His will and way for my Future will always be the best for me. Also, that if I really seek to follow His way, then I can trust that I won't get misguided but follow His way, if that is my desire, which it is.

Another thing I realized or had pointed out to me, was that we were given our talents for a reason. Also, we are blessed to have the brains we have and we should use them. So, I've been more excited or motivated I should say to write more and photograph more and learn more since I can and I've been blessed with the ability too. I also think for awhile there, with writing, I just kinda didn't do it as much because I thought; "What's the point?" It's not like it's going to get published someday or going to be read by a lot of people. I kinda lost faith in the whole chasing your dream things. I know it's a lovely idea, but sometimes I get discouraged when nothing happens right away. When you write or photograph but it doesn't amount to anything. But then outta the blue, I got inspired. I decided that we can't just sit around and wait and hope that one day my writings amount to something or people decide they want me as their photographer. I have to do things. I have to create. And even if they don't amount to anything, I can't just neglect the gift I've been given. So, I'm writing, learning, photographing, creating. And who knows, maybe one day it will mean something to someone somewhere. And if nothing else comes from it but it glorifies and points people to God, then I'll have succeeded and have accomplished more than anyone could hope for.

So, I hope and pray I can use my talents and gift and not just sit there waiting and hoping for something to happen on it's own. I hope I can impact and point people to God and make something beautiful out of my writings and photographs. Or even if I just happen to connect with the people I photograph and get to talk to them about my love for God or tell them that He's the one who gave me this life and my talents, then I'll be just as happy there. I just want to be molded and used clay for Him.

So, the weekend was great and I just wanted to write about it because it made me happy and I've been told that I should write about things that make me happy.
Yes, some of this weekend has been tough for me too,
but that's Life.
Life isn't always perfect straight lines.
Sometimes you get thrown curveballs.

But it's a learning process and you grow from your trials,
and you rejoice in the Hope of God.
And so I do, and so I will.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Coffee Stains and Sleeping At Last

~Just aheads up, this post does not have one topic and one topic a lone. I've decided to be sporadic and spontaneous and put off my load of St.Augustine pictures and stories until next week. Because this is how I roll. Instead, I want to talk about musicians and coffee stains and other assortment of things just because. ~

I've recently discovered how much I love Sleeping At Last.
You must listen to their songs; "I'll Keep You Safe", "Clockwork: The Piano Version)", and "In the Embers".
Their lyrics turn people into butter.
Well, at least they turned my heart into butter because it melted when I heard those songs.

(Lyrics From the One and Only- Sleeping At Last)
Now let's talk about coffee stains.
Just because.
I made a painting with coffee.
It's pretty much just coffee stains.
And I love it.
You know, people are like stains.
Or at least their actions are.
They leave stains everywhere with whatever they do.
They leave their mark on everything they touch or even breathe on.
 I guess they just need to be careful because some stains are hard to remove. So, they need to try to make sure the stains they leave are the kind that people don't mind.
The kind that people like.
 Maybe like that splash of paint the little kid accidently got stained on his or her hands who was secretly happy about it because of the bright, beautiful color marked on their hand.
Or maybe like a coffee stain that turned out pretty and smelled like Heaven and made a neat picture.
But we got to be careful that our stains aren't like the spaghetti on a white t-shirt stain, or black ink spill on a page full of beautiful and important words stain.
Those are the stains that destroy and ruin and are hard to remove.

Now, let's lastly discuss pies, free slurpees, friends, Bible reading, lots of Writing, reading of the Great Gatsby, Peter Pan, Dalmatian puppies, Oreos in PeanutButter, The Parent Trap (Lindsey Lohan version) and PowerRanger kites. I love them all and that's what my week has consisted of and it's been wonderful. Not gonna lie.
I suppose this is all I got.
So, farewell.

Thursday, July 11, 2013


When I was in St.Augustine, we visited the Fort. The Fort is a huge monumental basic must when you go to St.Augustine. Every one talks about it, and if you ever visit there, you'll know why. It is a beautiful sight. Well, when I was going through the walls and places in the forts, there was one wall that someone had in scripted the word "can" on there.
Can what?
Why just the word; can?
Can as in a tin foil can?
 Can as in I can do this?
Who knows.
All we have is; Can.
I like that though.
I don't know why the person wrote it.
Or what was going through their head as they in scripted that on the walls of the Fort.
Maybe they were going to write more when someone stopped them?
 Maybe they forgot what they were going to say?
 Maybe they wanted you to wonder why the word can was written on the wall of that old fort?
Well, I wondered. And I don't think it matters why it's there.
But I choose to believe that it was written because the person wanted to encourage anyone who looked at it to change their can'ts into cans. To let them know that they can do it, whatever it is. To give them hope and perseverance.
Why do you think the person left the word can on the wall?
Is there a reason?
What does it make you think when you read it?
I want to know.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Complacent Skin

Sitting on the back deck basking in the sun,
Pretending as always that nothing is ever wrong.
Not realizing that we're sitting there wasting in our sin,
Refusing to look at the innocent blood on our hands.
Human nature has struck again...
Lord, help me shed my complacent skin.
Save us, O Lord our God,
Gather us from the nations.
I've been asleep to the crimes I've done,
O Lord, please help me be awakened.
We've become so fond of our ignorance,
Trying to excuse our follies and use Your forgiveness.
We don't change from the sins we've committed and done,
We don't take the time, we'd rather hide our face and run.
Human nature has struck again,
Lord, help shed my complacent skin.
Save us, O Lord our God,
Gather us from the nations.
I've been asleep to the crimes I've done,
O Lord, please help me be awakened.
Yes, the Lord can surely save us,
But we must change too.
And He will hear our cries,
He will see us through.
Inspiration from; Psalm 106