Thursday, July 11, 2013


When I was in St.Augustine, we visited the Fort. The Fort is a huge monumental basic must when you go to St.Augustine. Every one talks about it, and if you ever visit there, you'll know why. It is a beautiful sight. Well, when I was going through the walls and places in the forts, there was one wall that someone had in scripted the word "can" on there.
Can what?
Why just the word; can?
Can as in a tin foil can?
 Can as in I can do this?
Who knows.
All we have is; Can.
I like that though.
I don't know why the person wrote it.
Or what was going through their head as they in scripted that on the walls of the Fort.
Maybe they were going to write more when someone stopped them?
 Maybe they forgot what they were going to say?
 Maybe they wanted you to wonder why the word can was written on the wall of that old fort?
Well, I wondered. And I don't think it matters why it's there.
But I choose to believe that it was written because the person wanted to encourage anyone who looked at it to change their can'ts into cans. To let them know that they can do it, whatever it is. To give them hope and perseverance.
Why do you think the person left the word can on the wall?
Is there a reason?
What does it make you think when you read it?
I want to know.


  1. My instinct is that it was a mischevous person who wanted to confuse people, and perhaps just to make them think and wonder. At least I hope that's what they meant. Or maybe they were just lazy and didn't bother finishing the whole sentence. haha!

    HEY! I hope you are doing well! I've been slacking in post-reading, including yours. I've missed reading here! Hope all is good :)

  2. Interesting stuff.

    Liked your Facebook page too! Thank you very much Sophs x

    The Young Bridget Jones