Friday, July 12, 2013

Coffee Stains and Sleeping At Last

~Just aheads up, this post does not have one topic and one topic a lone. I've decided to be sporadic and spontaneous and put off my load of St.Augustine pictures and stories until next week. Because this is how I roll. Instead, I want to talk about musicians and coffee stains and other assortment of things just because. ~

I've recently discovered how much I love Sleeping At Last.
You must listen to their songs; "I'll Keep You Safe", "Clockwork: The Piano Version)", and "In the Embers".
Their lyrics turn people into butter.
Well, at least they turned my heart into butter because it melted when I heard those songs.

(Lyrics From the One and Only- Sleeping At Last)
Now let's talk about coffee stains.
Just because.
I made a painting with coffee.
It's pretty much just coffee stains.
And I love it.
You know, people are like stains.
Or at least their actions are.
They leave stains everywhere with whatever they do.
They leave their mark on everything they touch or even breathe on.
 I guess they just need to be careful because some stains are hard to remove. So, they need to try to make sure the stains they leave are the kind that people don't mind.
The kind that people like.
 Maybe like that splash of paint the little kid accidently got stained on his or her hands who was secretly happy about it because of the bright, beautiful color marked on their hand.
Or maybe like a coffee stain that turned out pretty and smelled like Heaven and made a neat picture.
But we got to be careful that our stains aren't like the spaghetti on a white t-shirt stain, or black ink spill on a page full of beautiful and important words stain.
Those are the stains that destroy and ruin and are hard to remove.

Now, let's lastly discuss pies, free slurpees, friends, Bible reading, lots of Writing, reading of the Great Gatsby, Peter Pan, Dalmatian puppies, Oreos in PeanutButter, The Parent Trap (Lindsey Lohan version) and PowerRanger kites. I love them all and that's what my week has consisted of and it's been wonderful. Not gonna lie.
I suppose this is all I got.
So, farewell.


  1. I've actually been listening to some of the tracks you put on your winter CD for me, and "Snow" by Sleeping At Last is gorgeous. :) It's a great mix all around! Thanks again. :D

  2. haha love this. The coffee stain artwork is quite cool, actually! You should frame it and hang it :D I'm going to have to look that musician up because I've been dying for new music lately, and I think you have great taste!

  3. Ah, Soph, you have a wonderful way of finding/making the coolest similes. I love that picture of the people we meet (even just the ones we see, too) leaving bits of themselves on us, like coffee stains. Thaaaaat's cool. 8D

    I agree with Lacey, your painting IS worth of a frame; it reminds me of bubbles. And I especially like the splash right above the 'ff' in coffee. It's near perfect. ;)

    Plus, I like the idea of lyrics turning people into butter. (I think I've experienced that before too, now that I think about it!)

    Hope you have a lovely day! =D

    xx ~Jenny

  4. Mhm. I like your thoughts on stains, and it makes sense. Reminds me of a piece I wrote awhile back...but that's a different thing.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts. :)