Friday, July 19, 2013

Hold Your Horses Now

"After every sunny day
Came a stormy night,
That's when Finner would say,
"Keep your heads held high".
And we are far from home but we're so happy."

--From Finner- Of Monsters and Men--

I guess this song is just what I needed to hear today. Because though I've had some sunny days, but last night I had a stormy night. But I'm going to keep my head held high. We are so far from home, you know. This life is not our home, it's not our resting place. And we may be so happy here on earth on some beautiful days, but it's nothing compared to the joy awaiting us.

(Photo taken and edited by me, song from Of Monsters and Men. More photography here;

This week has been:

- A lot of writing
- A lot of music
- A lot of reminiscing
- Some handfuls of heartache
- A random swim in the ocean before a storm
- A Hot Cup of Toasted Almond Coffee
- Dancing
- Drake and Josh re-runs
- Realizing that Drake Bell is my new husband because he's hilarious
- Some time to my thoughts... which is good and bad
- Candyland and Forrest Gump
- A lot of reading
- Cinnamon Dolce Latte
- The Avengers
- Once Upon a Time
- Guitar Playing
- Song Writing
- The Bible

What has your week been?


  1. i *love* that song. now its stuck in my head. thank you!
    and that is a wonderful list!!
    this week was movies, time with friends, hiking mountains, boating out to beaches, jumping 40feet into 40degree water, drinking way to many energy drinks, spotting whales and sea lions, and pulling an all nighter.
    it was gorgeous.

  2. Love it! When you said nothing compared to the joy awaiting us :)

    The song is good too. You writing songs? How neat! :)
    I love things you do.


  3. I'm sorry you went through a rough time. <3 Those days and nights seem to sneak up. Usually with me it's remembering. But you're right, we have literally out of this world adventures up ahead. God has so much ready for us. :)

    Drake! Land sakes, I've always kinda adored him. ;)

    This week has been me learning a LOT to rely less of myself and more on my God. I guess I'm just relearning the fact that He's love.

  4. Yeah, I'm sorry about the tough times for you too. I am glad you handle them well, though. You are a trooper!

    I never got into Drake and Josh! I need to meet this husband of yours, Mrs. Drake ;D

    This week has been me = sick like no ones business, tons of reading, a few days of work, disney movie watching, nieces and nephews, and WATERMELONS! (see my latest post).

    xo! Hope you have a great Wednesday :)