Tuesday, July 16, 2013

A Late Night Revelation

"But Peter, how do we get to Neverland?"
"Fly, of course."

Now if you all have been following me for awhile... you should know this;
I have a fascination with Neverland.
I always had as a child.
I still want to go to Neverland(even if it "does not exist")
In my head, Neverland is a beautiful place where there is no suffering. It's an escape from the real world that does have pain and suffering and tears. It's full of people who grow old, people who die, people who grow up and lose innocence and wonder and sometimes even happiness. It's full of things beyond your imagination. It's a place no one would ever not go to.
Now, I never thought of it this way before, and I don't know why I haven't...
But I *do* get to go to Neverland. It's not called Neverland by most people, but in a way it is Neverland. When I die, I will go to Heaven. There will be no more tears, no more suffering, no death. We won't age there. And everything there will be beyond my imagination.

Fly, of course.

"I'll fly away, oh Glory, I'll fly away.
When I die, Hallelujah by and by...
I'll fly away."
I wish J.M Barrie saw what he was describing. I know his life was full of pain, and I know he wanted to escape it to pretend there was this beautiful place to escape the real world and it's sorrow, and there was and is a place like that. I don't know his life, or his beliefs, but I really hope he did know my Lord and Savior and that He sent His son to die for our sins and I hope that he got to go to the real Neverland.
This makes me happy, the more I think about it.
I always wanted Neverland to exist.
And in a way it does.
I never thought it was possible for me to go to Neverland.
But I am going there someday.
Only it's even better than the one human mankind dreamed up.
And that's gives me joy.
I hope you all go to Neverland too.
The real one.
I hope I see you all in Heaven one day.

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  1. Oh my dear friend Sophie...this blog is just so me :)
    I love Neverland so much treasures there and I love the words about your thoughts in Neverland and related with our desires to our Savior.