Thursday, July 4, 2013

Let Freedom Reign

Hey everyone!
I'm taking a bit of time out of my trip to say Happy Independence Day!
Honestly, I usually tend to forget why it's a BIG DEAL.
I tend to forget our baby nation and how far it's come.
In my mind, America has always existed and has always been free.
I know that's not true, but that's how I usually think about it.
It's hard to picture an America that wasn't discovered yet, that was built and constructed and united, and one that wasn't free.
So many people fought for the freedom we get to bask in and enjoy, and I think we should take time to remember and appreciate that.
I have to say, being in St. Augustine, a city rich in American History, definitely helps me appreciate our nation and even my home state of FL so much better.
I'm in awe of it, and of how far we've come.


I know our Country is far from perfect.
I know there's a lot of things we need to fix.
I know our generation isn't ideal.
But I'm thankful and appreciative.
And I know it will never be perfect, because we're all horribly flawed human beings.
But we can do our best for our country by following in Jesus's footsteps and doing our best to follow His will and to spread His undying love.
And I know our Country can be better, and our generation will be better if we strive to do that.
I'm not saying that everyone will do that, because they won't.
But we can do what we can to help grow our country.
And we can do what we can to respect, appreciate and thank our Country.
And we can Pray for our Country.

I hope to catch up with all your 4th posts when I get back,
and also I'll share my adventures when I get back too.
And of course, lots of pictures. :)


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