Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Don't Be Like the Rest of Them, Darling

You know something I realized? We're all so darn judgmental. I hate that. I truly do.
But I know I'm judgmental too. I just don't want to be anymore though, now that I realize it.
I think something that people tend to do is to judge a person for who they once were.
Instead of accepting and seeing them for who they are now.
You know something?
People Change.
I'm pretty sure you know that, and I know that too, but usually when I think about that I think about it in terms of people changing from good to taking the turn for the worse.
I never think about people taking a turn from bad to good. I mean, sometimes I do. I guess what I mean is that if someone I knew who was mean to me when I was little and I came across them today, I probably would stay away from them. Unless they approached me and showed that they turned out to be nice people, I'd probably stay away from them. And I wish I wouldn't. Because I'm judging them on their past actions. And that's the catch too, you know. If I'm doing that to others, they're probably doing that to me too.
Did you ever think about that?
If people judged me based on who I was back then, I'd be terribly upset.
Because I've made tons of mistakes, burned bridges I didn't need to burn, and said things I shouldn't have said.
But I have changed a lot since then.
And even if I still mess up and make mistakes every now and then, etc., it still doesn't mean I'm not a nice person or the person I once was.
So, I wouldn't want a person to judge me based on who I was.
I guess two things made me think of this. 1. I was thinking about "the bad guys" in superhero films that we love. The ones we make excuses for and say; "Well he was misunderstood. He was hurt when he was a kid. He was lonely." Or whatever else reason like that. Because we get their back story and we feel sorry for what made them the way they are. They're sympathetic.
And yet, when it comes to humans and their lives, we don't tend to think the same way. If they wronged us, they've wronged us. And we usually judge them. We don't get to know their back story, or learn it, and we judge. If a person is mean, if a person is really out there, if a person is constantly seeking attention and it's gotten on our last nerve, we judge.
And if they ever took the time to change or fix their problems(which by the way, we all have problems even if they aren't always as noticeable), we would probably still judge them for who they were and wouldn't really give them a chance.
2. The other reason I thought of this... is because of what Tom Hiddleston said here; "Thought for the day; Don't judge people on who they used to be. Allow them to be who they are. See them "now." Not "then."
SO, yeah, he's the bomb...
Obviously, I don't know all. And honestly, I hope this wouldn't be me. I haven't really be in any of the afore mentioned situations as of recently. I had when I was younger, and when I was younger, I did judge. And I know I won't be cured of judging either because we all do it without thinking sometimes. But, I hope I'm more aware of when I am judging someone and make it more of a goal to not judge and to accept people for who they are, not who they were.

By the way, I'm going on my retreat/missions trip, so see you all when I get back! Prayers are appreciated. :)


  1. That is so true. It's so super easy to not even realize we are judging someone. It seems totally acceptable at first to treat someone cold if they've hurt us. It's hard to remember that we should be like Jesus. Because He was different. He wasn't mean. He wasn't cold and judgmental.

    Good thoughts. Thanks :)

    Have fun on your trip!!

  2. So true my friend! A must read by us. Thanks for sharing...learning from this post today about judging in my own...reminds me of a harlot that Jesus saved her life :)


  3. It's so true. People can change, they just have to want that.

  4. I have been having the same thought Soph. About how judgmental I can be at times and get worked up when people do that to me. I am striving to let go of it too.. among a lot of other things!

    I missed you, hope you're doing good!