Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Are you sure it's still July?

Yesterday, was a good day.

I came into the car, and my Mom had on Christmas music. We drove to the mall where I had multiple tea samples (Teavanna just loves to give you samples whether you want them all or not haha), a conversation about Loki and Thor with a worker in Hot Topic, looked at the many Christmas ornaments already out in Hallmark, and shared an Auntie Anne pretzel.  Lastly got a Pumpkin Spice Latte(Glorious, I tell you. GLORIOUS) from a cute Coffee Shop called the Coffee Mill.

Are you sure it's still July?

Because I'm not.

I'm ready for; routine classes, trying new things, colder weather, sweaters, actually enjoying going outside, boots, jeans, enjoying a hot cup of coffee, football games, holidays, pumpkin and gingerbread flavors, warm scents, Fall colors and Christmas lights.
I'm ready, ready, ready.
In fact, I'm already thinking about what to get my friends for Christmas.
I really am.
 I feel like everybody is getting this anticipation though as of late.
I know my friend Heidi is counting down the days till Christmas, and my friend Erin is anticipating sweater weather. 
So, I'm not a lone in this.

I have to say, sometimes people say you should anticipate things.
They say it distracts from living in the moment.
But I don't think that has to be true.
You see, I can live in the moment.
This whole missions trip week, I lived in the moment and had multiple infinite feelings especially as I submersed myself in crashing waves in the late nighttime air with an orange moon and a dark sky and sea that stretched on and onwards.
I live in moments, and I love moments.
But I don't think there's anything wrong with being excited for more moments to come either.
The Future is exciting.
So, keep moving forward.

Last Fall and Winter were wonderful. Dressing up like a hobo, finding a pumpkin, making pumpkin cookies, visiting a winter wonderland, embracing the snow. Yeah, I wouldn't mind doing it again.
But I also can't wait for the new surprises that this Fall and Winter have to bring.

To top my wonderful yesterday off though, I came back home and logged onto facebook and had my already glorious day topped off by a sweet message from my friend Erin who has been a BIG blessing in my life lately. Then, I worked out and later watched Star Trek for the first time at my friend Austin's house. It was a realllllly good day.
Reallly good day.
And tonight, at midnight, I get to greet my sister and bring her home from the airport after her two week Mission trip.
It will be a good day too.


  1. Aw, this post has warm fuzzies all over it. Like I told my friend Jessica, I think everyone has gotten to the point in the summer where they've gotten over the summer hype and are starting to look forward to Fall! Cause I know I am too. Or what little Fall California brings, haha. And I looooooove your photos! They add even more warm fuzzies!

    I agree though, there's nothin' wrong with looking forward to the future, so long as you are totally enjoying the present as well. Good job! ;)

    Have a fab day!

    P.S. Thanks for your comment on my blog! I never hold grudges or anything when people don't comment on my posts regularly haha. I know life is busy!

  2. Fall!! YES!!! I actually just bought a pair of boots two days ago....and sweaters earlier. I don't know when my problem is, lol. You're so sweet! I'm glad the message encouraged you! And oh my word, these photos are great. Especially the one of you looking down at the cabin. Great stuff :-)

  3. Yes! Man, I seriously really like all of these photos! Especially the red berries, you at the cabin and the snowy one.
    Lacey's right when she says they add "warm fuzzies"!!
    ♥ And I still love your curly hair. ♥

    Good post! =D

    xx ~Jenny