Monday, July 8, 2013

Food for Thoughts

Sorry, this is a Disney post. (I still haven't uploaded the St.Augustine pictures yet, so I didn't want to talk about it yet. Instead I'll talk about something else that I've thought about recently... sorry it's long)

I was sitting here thinking about how much I love Disney and how everything was so magical and real as a kid. The movies and everything. How much I enjoyed em and wanted to meet the characters and never knew what was going on or what we were going to do in Disney World because my Parents had it all planned out. And everything was taken care of. And I enjoyed it all without worrying or thinking about it. Just knowing that it was magic and to enjoy it and eat those yummy lollipops.

And then I started thinking about how that's different and kind of sad, because as much as I want to, I can't rewind time.
I can't go back to the not knowing where we're going/ what we're doing.
To sitting on my Mom's shoulders during the Fireworks.
To slowing it down a bit because I didn't know how much there was to do and how little time there is to do it all.
 I can't go back to being completely reveled in the magic, because I know Disney movies contain unrealistic scenarios and things and that I can't be a princess when I grow up.
But I also realized that Disney did teach me a lot of things.
1. How to be creative, 2. how to never give up on dreams and to always have them, and even something very important for growing kids and young adults; 3. You never know when you're life might change drastically. You never know when you'll meet your prince. You'll never know when you'll meet and make a new friend. You'll never know when an adventure might show up out of the blue.
That's something I never thought about... yes Disney movies are aimed for kids, but the characters weren't kids at all.
Jasmine spent most of her life cooped up in her palace waiting for her man, it wasn't until that one day where something different occurred and she left the palace and her life changed.
Rapunzel also was cooped in a tower watching the lanterns from afar for 18 years, until she finally left and discovered the lanterns, and found a guy, and her life was changed.
My point is, you never know what life has got for you and you should never give up on it.
Because she wasn't a young kid who got what she wanted right away, her dreams didn't come true until after 18 yrs.
And ours might not come true till later either, so don't give up on em.
You never know where or when you'll meet a new friend, your future spouse, or a new adventure.
Just ask Carl from Up.
Or Baloo from Jungle Book.
Because Carl made a new friend when he was an old man after his wife died and he didn't .
And Baloo made a friend who wasn't even an animal.
You never know.
This is one of the promising aspects and magic to think about.
Life really is full of surprises and things can still happen.
Even if they aren't the same dreams and hopes or thoughts you had as a kid, and even though you know now you can't be a princess or stay on top of Mom's shoulders forever.
There's still plenty of magic, and you can always be a kid still.
And you get to touch little kid's lives like maybe you were touched as a little kid too.
The cycle continues.
The circle of life.
And if I get my dream of working at Disney, I can't fathom the magic I'll experience, the encounters I'll have, and the kids who will teach me.

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