Saturday, July 6, 2013

Ketchup and Summer Air

 I'm going to take it slowly.
I have cleaning, unpacking and some loving on my dog to do today.
I'm also seeing Despicable Me 2 , having a mini 4th cookout, and a smoe's (smores) extravaganza today.
So, I'm not going to ketchup on all the blog postings today.

I'm taking it slowly.

If you want something to read something though in the meantime...

I do imagine though, a lot of you are on the same boat.
Your living life, and finding inspiration, and finding that you don't have much time to sit and get inspired.
Because you're already inspired.

At least that's whats happening to me.
And I feel like Summer is a time and season where it inspires people, and they travel, and they live and they don't have a lot of time to sit around the house and have free time to do stuff leisurely.
They go, go, go and bask in the constant changing flowing breezes of Summer, whisper the anthem of the smiling sun, finger through the dazzling grass and stare unashamedly at the stardust fireworks of July.
As it should be,
as it should be.


  1. Inspirations, yes. But not the kind for my blog, which I find to be lacking somewhat in awesomeness lately. lol.

    Drawing is more fun right now.

    That whole italicized bit at the end there? yeah. That's beauteous, m'dear. :D

  2. Oh I love Despicable Me and I really really really want to watch the second part too!
    How is it? :)

  3. For real! Summer is just the best. I'm getting especially excited for youth camp in a couple of weeks! IT'S GOING TO BE THE BOMB DIGGIDTY