Monday, July 15, 2013

A Beautiful Weekend

I just adore pleasant weekends and this weekend was plenty pleasant.

It started off with Friday. Friday, I went to highland rec center pool which happens to have two amazing waterslides. I love waterslides, so that was a plus. Also, there were nice lifeguards and one of them had a tattoo that said something like; I rescue people, because He rescued me. I thought that was neat.

Afterwords, I watched Finding Neverland(again, yes), The Goofy Movie, and Mama. So, a Drama, a Comedy, and a Horror film. It was quite an entertaining mix. I watched this while consuming pizza and laughing at the films with my friend. So, that was awesome in itself.

One quick thing I'd like to talk a bit more about;

Johnny Depp. Can we please all take a minute to appreciate him? I find him highly amusing and he seems like SUCH A NICE PERSON. I know he loves kids and he loves being weird and silly, and he's really good with both. I'd love to meet him. Plus, he's a highly amazing actor. He can be serious, goofy, and whatever he's asked to be pretty much, and on top of it all he's highly attractive. And for anyone who questions my sanity in thinking he's attractive, do yourself a favor and go watch Finding Neverland and then try to tell me he's not attractive. With his accent, and gentleman looks, ohmygoodness. Watch the movie, it's a great movie. You won't regret it. It's truly magic.

 Okay, I am done ranting about his greatness. We may proceed...

Saturday. Saturday I had a quiet and lovely day. It started with poptarts( and I mean seriously, how can a day that starts with poptarts go wrong?), and SpongeBob Squarepants. Then, it proceeded with a thunderstorm and shopping. I got a new book, a new cd, a photography portfolio, starbucks coffee, and pumpkin bread. So, it was successful and lovely and the rain made it ten times better because it's so soothing and comforting. Don't you agree? Rain is lovely. And I got to enjoy my Mom and sister's company. Then we had frozen yogurt and watched The Princess Bride which really is a great movie.

Sunday, Waffles and Coffee. And encouragement, much needed encouragement. Sometimes a reminder, and a good lesson from other people are just what you need for you to realize things. I feel extremely blessed and thankful for the power of prayer and the gift of prayer, and I also feel comforted about the Future and trusting God that He is faithful and His will and way for my Future will always be the best for me. Also, that if I really seek to follow His way, then I can trust that I won't get misguided but follow His way, if that is my desire, which it is.

Another thing I realized or had pointed out to me, was that we were given our talents for a reason. Also, we are blessed to have the brains we have and we should use them. So, I've been more excited or motivated I should say to write more and photograph more and learn more since I can and I've been blessed with the ability too. I also think for awhile there, with writing, I just kinda didn't do it as much because I thought; "What's the point?" It's not like it's going to get published someday or going to be read by a lot of people. I kinda lost faith in the whole chasing your dream things. I know it's a lovely idea, but sometimes I get discouraged when nothing happens right away. When you write or photograph but it doesn't amount to anything. But then outta the blue, I got inspired. I decided that we can't just sit around and wait and hope that one day my writings amount to something or people decide they want me as their photographer. I have to do things. I have to create. And even if they don't amount to anything, I can't just neglect the gift I've been given. So, I'm writing, learning, photographing, creating. And who knows, maybe one day it will mean something to someone somewhere. And if nothing else comes from it but it glorifies and points people to God, then I'll have succeeded and have accomplished more than anyone could hope for.

So, I hope and pray I can use my talents and gift and not just sit there waiting and hoping for something to happen on it's own. I hope I can impact and point people to God and make something beautiful out of my writings and photographs. Or even if I just happen to connect with the people I photograph and get to talk to them about my love for God or tell them that He's the one who gave me this life and my talents, then I'll be just as happy there. I just want to be molded and used clay for Him.

So, the weekend was great and I just wanted to write about it because it made me happy and I've been told that I should write about things that make me happy.
Yes, some of this weekend has been tough for me too,
but that's Life.
Life isn't always perfect straight lines.
Sometimes you get thrown curveballs.

But it's a learning process and you grow from your trials,
and you rejoice in the Hope of God.
And so I do, and so I will.


  1. I loved reading this :) It was great. That is all.

  2. Love this entire post.
    I just watched Finding Neverland last night! Seriously, Johnny Depp is attractive and an amazing actor. The movie is one of my favorites.
    I've been having the same feelings lately. I just want to find the gifts God has implanted and use them to impact people as show them God's love. He's been really showing me to be patient and know that my gifts will unfold in HIS time.
    And you know, God's timing is always the best.

  3. I've never seen Finding Neverland. I want to though, it looks good. I heard it was really sad? Hehee.

    THE PRINCESS BRIDE!!!!!! Who can't love that movie? That annoying little man, "DID I MAKE IT CLEAR THAT YOUR *JOOOBB* IS AT STAKE!?!" You know... that is Buttercup's real hair? She did her own hair and makeup for the movie. :)
    Iningo Montoya is mah favorite.

    Anyhoo. This post was awesome. I loved it. Woooo!


  4. Oh, I loved this from the first to last word. <3 God definitely does give us our talents for a reason, and it's so awesome when we use them to glorify Him. And you're definitely doing that.

  5. Gosh...I don't know what to say either...
    'cept that I love princess bride too (even though when I was younger all the jokes flew RIGHT over my blonde head =P)

    ...An' about the part of doing things even though people might not see it; I've been there too, but I'm comforted and inspired by the fact that HE sees. All the time. Every little thing I write or post pictures of, and as long as I did it glorify Him, it doesn't matter what other people think. =)

    Lastly, that last picture really got me. It IS a gift. <3

    Love this and you for writing it. <3

    xx `Jenny