Thursday, January 31, 2013

Valentine's Day thoughts. It's two weeks away, so I thought I'd write about it. :)

A lot of people complain about being single on Valentine's Day. I think thats stupid. No offense. But honestly, of all the things to be complaining about? Some people don't have their sweethearts anymore with them on Valentine's Day and we're sitting here complaining about not having the one God has ordained for us to have at this moment in time even though God knows what He's doing and planning out our story in His perfect timing? I get getting the blues, so don't get me wrong and think i'm trying to be harsh and say that i don't want a boyfriend on Valentine's Day because I do. But I'd rather have the right one in God's timing, than one just because it's Valentine's Day and I want a boyfriend.

So I've decided to compile a list of Valentine's Day tips to enjoy it single or not single. :)

1. Valentine's Day is about love. People choose to focus this sentiment as only for their significant other but in reality, it doesn't have to be this way. You can choose to show your love to your parents, your sisters, your friends. You can make them cards, pink cookies, little conversation hearts, small things like that to show your love. My friends Heidi and Natalie exchange valentine gifts with me every year and it's enough to make me happy.

2. Read the Bible. Read 1 Corinthians Chapter 13. The Love Chapter. Find out where love all began and why it lies in our hearts today. And figure out how to be better at loving. Find out more about the Author of Love.

3. But what about the chocolates!? Go buy yourself some chocolates! And put on a chick flick while you're at it! You'll feel much happier and who cares if someone else didn't buy it for you. Chocolates really aren't all that expensive. Remember, you need to love yourself too.

4. Write letters to your future husband. Store them in a notebook or a jar to give him in a future Valentine's Day gift.  :) You can do this even if you have a boyfriend at the moment, just save it for when he's your husband.

5. Take your sister or a friend out to Village Inn for some pie. Or a cafe for some coffee. Coffee and Pies are always quick fixes for a dose of happiness. :)

6. Plan a trip or vacation get away. It doesn't matter the cost, or the reality of it happening. Just put on some relaxing music and look up information on the destination you want to go, the place you want to stay at, the things you can do there and write it down. Save it to a computer document or even write it out on a journal page and include pictures found from the internet. Save it, and maybe one day you'll be able to have this trip or get away with someone. It helps having something to look forward to. :)

7. Do not expect any gifts on this day. I know people with boyfriends/girlfriends will be expecting gifts, but if you try not to expect anything, you'll probably be more thrilled when you get a gift. If you expect a gift, you'll more than likely have hopes or guesses to what it is. And if they don't meet your hopes or guesses, you may be dissapointed. But you shouldn't be because it's nice of them to give you gifts in the first place and Valentine's Day isn't about the gifts, it's about the love that person has for you. So don't expect anything, and then be appreciative if you recieve something. And on the same token, single girls, don't expect your crush to come out and confess his undying love for you, or to get a rose or chocolates from a really cute guy. It most likely won't happen, and if it does happen, then its better to have it be an unexpected surprise than the other way around and getting your hopes up for nothing.

8. Do something fun! Earlier this week I got inspired by some posts from some of the blogs I follow. One talked about eating boxed Mac and Cheese and settling in for the night. One talked about bringing in her laptop and watching movies on it while taking a bath. I think these ideas are fabulous. Or you could get in touch with your inner child and re-watch disney movies or old tv shows you loved as a kid. Or you could soak your feet and make a homemade mask and just relax. If you don't usually have time to spend on yourself, use today to do it if you are spending it by yourself.

9. Go for a walk or a run on the beach. And then enjoy the sunset, the sound of the waves, and the beauty of it all.

10. Buy yourself a good book. Go to Barnes and Nobles or Borders, and search for the perfect looking book( don't just read the back description, flip through some of the pages and get a feel for the book first ) and buy it and read it there with a latte in hand or at home curled up on the couch with your pet or stuffed animal.

I'm sure there are more ways to have a happy Valentine's Day, but these are my main suggestions and points. I always enjoy valentine's day with my friends and family, and all the while being single on Valentine's Day for 18 years of my life. You can do it too. It's about perspective my loves. :)

Ps. These ideas can be used for any having the blues day as well. It doesn't just have to be on Valentine's Day.

Pss. You have any other suggestions/comments? Comment! Tell me 'em. I'd like to hear. :D

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Some nights. You need to be reminded that the stars are still shining and that they are shining for you. For your comfort, for your light, to let you know that you are loved. Not just loved by the fickle humans in their flesh and bones and wishwashy ways. That you are loved by someone better, someone greater, someone Permanent and Stable and who's hands are bathed in Grace and Mercy. Who's love flows like the ocean tide but it doesn't reach just one shore, it reaches all of the shores and it leaves the shores with a choice. The choice to accept the love or not. But regardless of what the shore chooses, it is still loved.  Even if it's turned away and the waves move back away into the ocean, they still will love that shore and offer it second chances. You need to know that you are loved by someone who will Never Leave You.

* The first and last photos were taken by me. *

So, do you know who I was talking about up there? I was talking about my God, my Savior, my Redeemer. The one who loves the undesirable, the weak, the lonely, the lost, the happy, the sad, the sinners. So, all of us. Sometimes I forget to appreciate the little things He put out there for us. To help us, to guide us, to show His love for us. I shouldn't forget this. But if I do forget again, I will keep reminding myself and I will thank Him and praise Him for His love, for His creation, for His grace.

"Because your love is better than my life, my lips will glorify you." Psalm 63:3.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Leave it to the workers.
As they scoop up the rubble in their ash ridden hands.
Make no demands, make no demands.

(Photo cred- to me)

So, this post doesn't have much to it.
I just wanted to say a couple of things.

1. Thank you guys<3 You are the best. You make me happy. I thought you should know that. I haven't had much time to address these comments, but the comment made about how I should write an inspiration coffee table book and all the people who agreed to that, that really made my day. It's small things like that that mean a lot to me and honestly, I would totally love to do something like that someday. Who knows what the future holds! So thanks guys for motivating and encouraging and reading. :)

2. I maaaade dinner the other night!!! I found this delicious looking recipe (thanks Pinterest) and I just made it and I didn't burn down the house and it's exciting. It's a lot more work than I thought it would be, but surprisingly, it was also a lot of fun. Oh, and it's delicious.  :)

3. Two of my 3 tests this week got postponed! *Happy Dance*

4. I am just really excited guys. About life and such. I don't know why, but I really am. I love it when I get in these moods.

5. I don't usually love Spring, but for some reason I am so excited for the pretty flower decor and floral shirts and spring break and St.Patrick's Day ( I love green and the movie the Luck of the Irish ) and Easter and I don't know. I'm liking spring this year.

6. I started playing the guitar again the other day! It's been awhile since I've played. I also put some chords to a poem I wrote and turned it into a song. I'm kinda happy about that. Mind you, it's not the best song because I only remember a minimal of chords, but I put a melody to the poem so that was exciting to me because I like how it turned out.

Those are my ramblings.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Oh weekends. How I love them. Go ahead and put on the song; Stay Young, Go Dancing by Death Cab for Cutie while I ramble. :)

This weekend consisted of going to my friend's goodbye going away party, A Soccer Game( we dominated, mercy ruled our opponents ), Tropical Smoothie, a Folk Festival, Fried Green Tomatoes, Morse Code, Mall Shopping, and Apple Pie. :)

I love the weekends. Here's some pictures over the past couple of weekends.

Tropical Smoothie thinks I'm muscular. I can't help but agree.

I know you're jealous.

Just chilling with my husband who's adoringly looking at me.

It was a black and white kind of day.

My dog loves me.

Photo Letter Art Creation that I did. :)

My friend Heidi's winnings when playing "poker" .

My winnings. :(

So to update you all with the events coming up this week.

- 2 Essays, 3 Tests, and Chapter Outlines to do for College.
- Working Out most Likely.
- Soccer Practice
- Church
- Free Wendy's Frostys
- Dance
- February First, which means the start of my Self Portrait a Day for the Month of February
- Cold Bodies, Warm Heart movie watching.

I'm excited for February guys. It's going to be fun. Last years February was challenging, but I feel like this February air won't make me shiver. (See American Pie lyrics to get the reference). Janaury is strolling by fast!

How has your weekends been?

How about your January?

Do tell. <3

Friday, January 25, 2013

MAGIC OCCURED TODAY.  I can finally upload photos. So my fellow bloggers, you will soon be bombarded with pictures ive been saving for when this day arrived! Today is a full length, totally image inspiration post. When I come back on Monday I'll share with you photos I've taken myself. EEP. *mini celebration dance* Go ahead and brew yourself a cup of tea- green tea, and put on Hopeless Wanderer by Mumford and Sons and enjoy. Then when you are done, write. Write words, fragments, inspiration. Or draw. Or photograph. Or work on art projects. Then go and enjoy the world. Or stay inside and turn up the loud upbeat music and dance on your bed. Just enjoy today, okay? Okay. Here are the pictures:)


Inspiration Found in these Photos:

- Pizza
- Inner Child
- Wise Words
- Friendship
- Sad but True Quotes
- Life Lessons
- Love
- Hugs
- Kindness
- Painted Clouds
- Mix Tapes
- Beautiful Writings
- My Future Husband

Anyways, two things. One time I saw a quote that said; " Believe me, you are worth more than all the milkshakes and mixed tapes in the world." And I think it's cute, so I thought I should share it. Number two: "Even the darkest dawn will end and the sun will rise." - Victor Hugo. I'm sharing this quote again because it's my favorite.

All right, go enjoy yourself now. Be inspired.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

No titles. I don't want them anymore.
Don't ask me why, because I don't really know.

Did you know I used to make wishes at 11:11? I used to inform people whenever it was 11:11 and I was talking to someone. I don't do that anymore. One time I looked at the clock and it was 11:11 and I decided not to make a wish. Because I just didn't want to do it anymore. So, now I don't.

This is sort of irrelevant, but I don't care about that either.

There's no logic in this post, so there's no need to tell me that. I was just thinking and I saw that quote in the last pictures and it says; "I hope you remember me with flowers in my hair and laughter in my lungs." I think that's a beautiful quote. Because I imagine a care-free girl always smiling and enjoying life whether she's had a bad day or not. And I think that's a nice thought. To be able to have people remember you as the girl with flowers in her hair and laughter in her lungs. As the one who you could always count on to cheer you up. The one who kept her head high even when the waters are rough. I'm not saying the person has to fake a smile and pretend to love life even when she's sad. I'm not saying the person isn't allowed to be sad. I'm just saying the person doesn't let sadness define her. There's a difference. She doesn't let it hold her back from loving the beauty in life. I hope I'm able to portray that girl. I hope that I can be a girl that someone remembers as always joyful and happy. Not bitter about life. Because there's no room really for bitterness towards life and even if there was room, there isn't a purpose for it. It doesn't change anything. And we're blessed enough just being here. Getting to witness the sun come up each day to brighten the world, getting to be loved and have the opportunity to spread it from your fingertips. Getting a chance to paint the world with your thoughts, your words, your actions. Yeah, I hope you remember me with flowers in my hair and laughter in my lungs and no bitter tastes found on my tongue.
God is good, isn't He?
No need to answer that; I already know the answer.
He is.
Oh yes, He is.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013


I'm packing my bags today. I am leaving Florida. I am going to a different state or maybe even a different country. I'm going to get a job, enroll in a new college, make new friends, learn new norms, try new foods, see different sunrises. I'm just going. I'm leaving my old life behind, and starting a new one. It will be thrilling and exciting and nerve racking and amazing. I'm ready. So, goodbye everyone here in Florida. I may see you again in the future. But for now, I'm going to go and be wanderlust.

Okay, so maybe I'm not doing that.
Maybe as in I'm definitely not.
But have you ever thought what your life might be like it and how different it would be if you just left.
Left everything you knew and sought a new beginning and adventure.
Have you?
I wouldn't do it.
Because I belong here.
With my friends, my family, my doggy, everything that I know and love so well.
But sometimes the idea of picking up and leaving and trying something new and so adventurous with endless possibilities... sometimes it intrigues me.
To think about.
To dream about.
But not to do.
I'm too comfortable and too shy.
Plus, I like it here.
Where I am.
And I haven't had enough experience to know my way around to do that sort of thing.
However, someday, when I'm older and I have an urge, maybe I'd go away for a Summer.
Maybe I'd try something new.
But maybe not.
We'll see.
What about you?
Have you ever thought about it?
Do you ever thiiink you could do that?
Would you want to?
"We are the reckless,
We are the wild youth
Chasing visions of our futures
One day we'll reveal the truth"
"But hold me fast, Hold me fast...
Cause I'm a hopeless wanderer.
And I will learn, I will learn,
 to love the skies I'm under.
And I will learn, I will learn,
 to love the skies I'm under."

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

I'm learning; are you?

We get one life. You know? So, i've decided to learn as much as I can from it while I'm here.

I learned that pizza really does taste wonderful with M & M's.

I learned that midnight poker and dancing to Hannah Montant cd's is good for the soul.

I learned that Eddie Redmayne has marvelous eyes.

I learned that watching a movie about pyschopaths can keep you up thinking weird thoughts.

I learned that if you ask Pizza Hut for a princess turtle to be drawn on your pizza box, you might just get one.

I learned that sometimes brilliant people are quite stupid (Example: The Prestige. Watch it. You'll See what I mean.)

I learned that sometimes I act really different depending on who I'm with and what kind of person talks to me in my various classes.

I learned that I'm afraid of always being awkward and unsure of myself around guys I like and I wondered if I'll come across a guy that I like and don't feel uncomfortable around and that's one of the reasons I'll know he's going to my husband some day.

I learned that Footloose is a cheesy and predictable and mediocre movie but its fun to watch when you got really great friends to watch it with.

I learned that when things go wrong, it's because of Bobby.

I learned that if you drink 3 cups of coffee around nighttime, you might not be able to fall asleep until at least 1 am.

I learned that I lost a follower... I had 78 once... but now I have 77. C'est la vie.

I learned that C'est la vie means Such is life.

I learned that thinking can be pointless sometimes.

I learned that I've still got a lot of life to live.

I learned that you shouldn't take little things like eating cereal with a friend and watching Spongebob for granted.

I learned that this is turning out to be a weird compilations of things I learned, and that I should find more wiser and plausible lessons to learn. haha.

Haha. Oh, well, I had a nice weekend. How bout you? Learn anything?