Thursday, January 17, 2013

My Lullaby

In the steam from your coffee cup is where you'll find me.
In the colors of the sunset; that's where I'll be.

In the arms of the hug you just embraced,
In the summer breeze kissing your face,
In the comfort that you find from place to place,
That's where I'll be.

'Cause darling no one should feel alone,
In the place they call their home.
So I will dry these weary bones,
I will dry these weary bones.

So if I'm not with you every single day,
Find the steam, the sun beams, the summer breeze...
And you'll find me.

You'll never be alone.
Because where you find comfort, you'll find home.


  1. Prettypretty. And that picture, looks like something I'd have done in my little watercolor book, I'm always dong triangles ^_^

  2. Aaaaaaaaaaaah! I love this. This is brilliant. Is it okay if I link to it next time I post? ;)

  3. I just love this *so* much....<3

  4. This is great. And such a comfort and blessing to read today. :)

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  6. That's like...perfect. Love it. <3