Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Cooking? Who Knew?

I've gotten a sudden inspiration to cook.

To cook an actual meal.

I need suggestions. I want it to be healthy but yummy.

It's going to be a surprise.

I'm going to cook dinner for my family.

But I need suggestions and recipes.

Anyone got any good but not difficult at all recipes you would like to suggest?

I also have the strong urge for a makeover. Because I want to switch things up a bit.

But I really have no earthly idea how to go about that.

unless I find some one to give me one, I'm probably going to stick to the way I look now.

Which is fine.

I just like change sometimes.

And my hair is being difficult as of late.

One last thing,
 In case you haven't noticed,
my blogger has been having a glitch again with uploading *ANY* new pictures.
The only ones I have access to are pictures from previous blog posts.

So for the past couple of weeks, I've just been reusing an old photo here and there.

I try to pick ones from my earlier blog posts because I figured that most of you probably haven't seen those because I was a newbie and it took me a while before I got it all figured out and got a few followers.

Okay, that's all. <3


  1. mine too! but i found out you can copy and paste into the post.. it has been working for me anyway! go check out my recipe box- i love cooking! there's some awesome recipes that are pretty simple and easy to make :) good luck, cooking is the best!

  2. Wow! I am sorry your blogger has been stubborn lately.

    I actually don't really know how to help you.... When I cook a big "fancy" meal it is always some meal mom has concocted and I am re-making. When I want to find something new I normally go to this site: http://www.tasteofhome.com/

    What do you have in mind? Soup and saled? Casserole? Are you wanting to do the works with three courses? (That would be a LOT of work) How many are you cooking for? Do you have pretty much any ingredient at your disposal?

    I probably wasn't any help at all, but if you think of something, it is very likely to be on that site. :-)

  3. Cooking is so much fun! A chinese night would be easy -stir fry (spaghetti broke in half, with soy sauce, broccoli, etc.) and some fried rice (white rice, green onion, scrambled egg, etc.) and give everyone chopsticks too (always funny to watch!). You can incorporate a lot of vegetables to keep it healthy.

    Or, if you want something simpler, maybe try a crock pot meal. You can google five ingredients of less recipes for it, and there's some really good ones.

    Good luck!

  4. Tuna casserole!! It's super easy to make and relatively healthy. For someone like me (who is not the greatest cook...and by 'not the greatest' I mean terrible lol) it's really easy!

  5. :D good for you! I'm not terribly fond of cooking. anything. It's pretty rare wheN i actually enjoy it.
    Ideas...hm...I don't know. Mexican food is generally pretty easy. Enchiladas, tacos, burritos, taco salad...that typa thing. :D It's the yummiest too....
    lol! I hadn't noticed, cuz you're right! I haven't recognized a single picture. lol. :D I love the one you put in this post. It's gorgeous and so summery!! <3
    good luck with the cooking idea! ^_^

  6. Well.... what kind of meal were you thinking? Like... chicken? Baked chicken and mashed potatoes are dead easy.... fairly healthy too.

    Ooh oh oh, or you could do a Tortellini salad. It's good and filling... it just requires a lot of chopping.

  7. I never know what to say when someone asks me for a recipe! I have so many favorites but my mind turns to mush when I am asked that, so I usually end up saying something lame like spaghetti? My advice, do go simple but try something new like FRESH spaghetti! I've been dying to make pasta from scratch as soon as we are all moved. It's buckets of fun and tastes way better than dried pasta, and it's super easy!

    P.S. I think that is a gorgeous photo!

  8. You too now?! Mine still won't upload if I use Internet explorer, but I found that firefox can upload pictures on blogger. Dunno why, but, I just go with what works! unless of course you alrady DO use firefox and then this comment will be of no use at all to you. *grins*
    I (sadly) don't really have any recipies for ya', but that seems to be okay, as the others left you lots of ideas. Personally, the chinese sounds the best to me, we've made that before....Mmmm, loved it!


    P.s. You remember Emma over at Living fully by faith? She did a post on curly hair tips, which could help, from two of the best books I think there ARE on curly hair. =)http://emmavogelsang.blogspot.com/2013/01/tips-for-curly-hair-girls.html Just fyi. =)