Wednesday, January 9, 2013

A Year of Opportunities

This year, I want it to be exciting and adventurous and far from boring.
I don't know how to achieve that though.
But what I'm hoping for is some extreme and crazy opportunity to come up and for me to take it and enjoy it.
 I would love to go out more and see more.
Like if I had a chance to go to some sort of Summer camp or volunteer at some neat place or get an enjoyable, decent paying job, it'd be amazing.
So, I hope it happens.
I hope I see an ad or a flyer or someone comes up and talks to me about some once in a lifetime neat opportunity and I take it because I don't want to spend my life standing in one spot.
I want to try more things and experience more.
I also hope I can expand my career as a photographer a bit.
I hope I get some clients.
 I just don't know how to go about getting some.
Pretty much the people who know I'm a photographer have already asked me for photo sessions and I don't know how to reach people who don't know and live locally and would want my photos.
But I really want to do more.
I want to meet more people.
I want to grow as a person.
 I don't want to spend most of my time at home and doing nothing.
I want to be out and about and
Any tips guys?
Any suggestions or ideas?


  1. Me too! Although I must admit, staying a hermit is a pretty easy thing to do, but I know its not what I really want, so I have to really push myself to get out and come alive in this world.
    I'm not sure I have any tips, cos I'm just getting started too:) Its going to be exciting, wonderful, awful and great all at once though.

    1. Actually, my only tip {and this is from my wise mum} would be to pray about it. Ask God what it is He wants you to do, and when an opportunity comes your way, ask for His ok:)

    2. Your Momma is very wise. <3 Thanks girl:)

  2. This post spoke to my inner-dreamer. Sounds as if you are going to be embracing the preciousness of the here and now, and that's truly a beautiful thing. I look forward to following your journey on here my friend.

  3. Take risks, go on long weekend getaways and clear you mind. Take photos of new places during your getaway. Put an add on craigslist or make a flyer of your own and hang it in your town hall or church. Tell as many people as you can, word of mouth is very powerful. :)

  4. The possibilities are endless Sophie and I think you have the talent and the passion to make some amazing things happen this year. My philosophy is fail forward. The best way to stretch yourself and experience the best things life has to offer is to try as many new things as you possibly can. You may fail at a few of your endeavors and ask yourself why you ever tried in the first place but that is living:) If you never try you may escape failure but you will cheat yourself out of so much excitement and joy at the same time. So go out there! Live it up! Be a photographer, a writer a unicorn and anything else that tickles your fancy. Because life is too short to be cautious. Oh and a cheap and easy way to get a clientele in your area is make a page on facebook. Get a few people you know to model for you, make a few collections and put some of your best work out there. I have no doubt by the end of next year you wont know what to do with all your business:) Good luck!

    1. Thank you so much<3 thats really encouraging and helpful!

  5. I think to get clients in your area, put up flyers with your name and website on it, assuming that you have a website with examples of your work. I think that would speak for itself :)

    also, you keep commenting on my blog and I want to respond, but you don't have your e-mail address linked to your profile! You should get on that! E-mail me if you need help figuring out how :)