Sunday, January 6, 2013

Les Miserables

Will always be my weak spot. Will always be my favorite movie. Will always have songs that I will sing really loudly and unashamedly. Will always be my favorite movie. Will always make my heart warm at the sight of Hugh Jackman, Aaron Tevit and Eddie Redymane. Will always make me feel like I ran a marathon or did something productive.Will always make me feel ready to take on the world and sad at the same time. Will always be my favorite movie. Will always inspire me. Will always never cease to amaze me or grow old. Will always impact me. Will always never tire me. Will always be my favorite movie. Will always be my favorite movie. Will always be my favorite movie.

I'm sure of this. Because in all of my 18 years of movie watching and going through fan phases, I've never seen a movie in the theaters twice in one week. I've never been so curious enough about the production to watch the interviews. I've never been so excited for other people who get to see it. I've never felt like I had been through a life changing experience when watching a movie and afterwords still thinking about it and even now a couple of weeks later still talking about it and wanting to see it again for a 3rd time. It's impacting, invigorating, and beautiful. Just beautiful. I really hope you all see it some day and are all impacted by it like I was in ways I can't even explain though I try.

The only thing that makes me sad is that I really want the actors to have the personality of their characters. I want to love them the same way I love them on the movie screen than when they are just being themselves at home or in a grocery store. Unfortunately, this is not usually the case because they're human and humans have flaws. And because Hollywood likes to corrupt people so i've heard.

This may seem weird to you that I'm spending so much time talking about a movie, but hey, I felt like writing about it.


  1. Oh now, its certainly not weird, there are certain movies i can go on about too. =)
    i reallyreallyreally can't wait to see this movie, its got so many of my fave actors in it!

    btw. your new blogger pic is *stunning*.

  2. You're making me want to see it more!!! Ugh. But I don't think I'll be able to see it. My sisters and I just went to see The Hobbit a couple weeks ago, and my parents aren't known for taking us to movies often. So I'll just have to wait for the DVD. :P

  3. I am planning on seeing it next week. I am so excited to finally see it. It looks epic and your post really makes me want to see it eveb more!

  4. I really want to see it... so much! But I checked IMDB, just to be on the safe side, and it looks like they really up-played Fantine's scenes. I'm pretty strict with what I watch... partly because bad scenes get lodged in my head and I have a hard time looking over them. So here is my question: How bad was it? What the whole "Lovely Ladies" song full of nastiness or was it just a little?

    Because I'm sort of thinking I ought to wait until it comes out to dvd so I can just skip. :D

    I don't mean to be a kill joy... because I REALLY REALLY REALLY want to see it! It looks BRILLIANT! I just want to be safe, for my own peace of soul. :)

  5. Yes, yes, yes, yes.... Anything else you'd like to say for me? All of the above is true for me, including it being the only movie in my 19 years I've seen twice in one week and watched the interviews for and been sooooooooooooooo excited for my friends about!!!!!!! :D <3 So, yes, yes, yes?