Monday, January 14, 2013

I Promised

So here's my update on College life and classes and the such.

Let's start with my first class: Government.

SO far, it's boring. To put it nicely. And my teacher sounds like she has a permanently sore throat. And she's constantly drinking tea which is sort of ironic since it sounds like she would need tea to soothe her throat but in reality, her throat is fine it just sounds a bit squeaky and she just likes tea. She's a nice lady though and I like her. I just don't like Government. Also, this girl with purple tips in her hair is in that class and I reference her as Purple Hair Girl.

Next class: Anatomy and Physiology.

Guess what? Purple Hair Girl  is in this class too. We don't talk so I don't really know anything about her or wether she's nice or not, I just like her hair. Also, my professor is awesome and she talks in a monotone voice but she makes jokes all the time and she's really funny. She also references movies 24/7. I also like the subject matter.

Next next class: Humanities.

My favooorite. The professor is a nice guy and he reminds me of how I imagine Charlie's English teacher to be from Perks of Being a Wallflower. Ironically, he used to teach English. I actually enjoy his class and he talked about Van Gogh and gave interesting facts about Starry Night which I love. And he's not boring. Also, a girl sits next to me who has the same bag as me and she has the same sense of style that I do so i think that is neat. She sits next to this kid named Ronald but he goes by Ronnie and that's all I really know about him but I think it's cool because I've never met anyone named Ronald.

Class after that: Anatomy and Physiology Lab.

Boring. The teacher is nice but she is very quiet. And she gives a lot of breaks and I sit by two quiet people. So all in all, there really is nothing worth mentioning.

Last class I'm taking: Speech.

I actuallllly like it. :) My teacher is nice and the class is... dare I say... fun so far. There's a lot of group activities and I like group activities. I got to meet a lady addicted to tatoos, a guy who has been to a Japanese Tea ceremony and I got complimented on my Perry the Platypus shirt by a cute guy that looks my age.

I also met this guy named Tin who keeps needing to borrow my phone after classes to call his parents for a ride home. He's afraid of acorns and he's funny. That's about all of the excitement and info that I can think of to give you. All, in all, I like my classes and am happy about em. Even the boring ones because boring is better than having it be terrible and awful.

I apologize if this was a boring post but i thought i'd catch you up on my school adventures. I took a break this weekend from blogging and checking other people's blogs partly because i was busy and partly because I needed a break. I spent the weekend playing soccer, going to the beach, sipping a tropical smoothie, visiting a chinese market, going to church, swinging on a hammock, and the such. It was a nice weekend. I hope yours was too.


  1. I loved my humanities class, I felt I learned so much about the things that I love and how to interpret art, writing, poems, movies, theatre.. it was just a great class. A&P tho, forget about it... I had a great weekend, glad you did too :)

  2. I'm starting school today, and I'm surprisingly happy! or so I'm telling myself ;) I'm only going part time because I'm still finishing up highschool, so today I have Algebra and Speech. I REALLY hope my Speech teacher has us do group activities like my brothers did, and yours :)
    Glad you had a nice weekend, mine was lazy with lots of reading ^_^
    I want to go to the beach! Take me with you next time? hehe ;)

  3. Wow, you're taking pretty hard classes! Sorry you have a few boring classes, I hope they get better!

  4. Oh speech is the best! I met the most interesting people in my speech classes. I hope you find that you love it! Picking your topics is the most fun. I loved how every one was forced to listen to what I had to say for 5 to 8 min haha. No matter how absurd my topic was:)

  5. Ah! I hate giving speeches, they're terrifying for me. I'd rather sing solo. (Which I've done and is way easier. lol)

    Haha, oh, you do the same thing I do, referencing people by how they look. lol... Boring classes are awful.

  6. haha! I love this post! Not a boring one at all. :D I love how you write about all the interesting people you see and/or meet. ^_^

  7. Sometimes those seemingly boring days can be the best, because even when we don't realize it, we're picking up some pretty interesting things throughout them, like all of the things you said. :)

    1. Oh, and to update you about the letter, he hasn't written. He probably won't, but I feel so relieved to have told him the things that needed saying. It was worth it. :)

  8. I HATED Government. It was awful. I started out optimistic, but it turned out I picked the worst teacher at my school to take it with. And he was really unfair with his grading. I hope yours is better than mine. Lol.

    My speech class was sort of epic. I met so many cool people and we were all kind of siblings by the end of the semester. It was awesome.

    This is absolutely not a boring post! Normal, updating posts are always nice to read :)