Saturday, August 30, 2014

Shed Your Skin

Shed your old skin,
take off the layers and reveal what's within.
It's time to stop with this little act,
it's time to be who you are meant to be.
I know there's more shining inside,
But in order to shine, you need to try.
You need to realize, the popularity doesn't mean a thing.
Shallowness in life will always fade,
so pour out your heart and soul,
like you once did to me.
Keep it out on your sleeve,
for everyone to see.
Because that's boldness my dear, that's beauty.
Because that's boldness my dear, that's bravery.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

A Ghost Story

I am going to tell you a ghost story. This ghost story is scary but not in a way you would think. This story is scary because it could happen to you. It's scary because it might have already happened to you. Are you sure you have the bravery to hear this story? It starts off with a girl. A normal, young, healthy, beautiful girl. This girl had it all. Until one day she didn't. Everyone couldn't deny her good looks, and there were many who found her company pleasant. And yet... everytime she looked in the mirror she found a monster. She saw what was inside and what was on the outside and she despised both. It frightened her to see so much of herself and all of the time. She could not escape herself and she grew sad. She grew sickened and disgusted and sad. Until one day, she looked in the mirror and she didn't recognize herself anymore. She didn't see herself anymore. She didn't even realize she wasn't herself anymore. She didn't even feel. She didn't feel disgusted or sickened or sad. She didn't feel anything. This beautiful being had become a living ghost. The person who was once afraid of who she was ended up becoming a being that is told in stories that little children cling to their fathers when they hear about them. She was only but a little older than a child herself but she didn't realize she still needed to be taken care of. That's why she "took care of herself". Even though, as you can see and anyone around her could see, that this wasn't the truth at all. She thought she could handle herself, but she was wrong. She mistreated herself and let herself become a living human ghost. Sad, isn't? But thankfully that wasn't the end of the story for her. One day, she began to feel and feel very strongly. It was an emotion that awakens even the dead. It breathed into the very depths of her soul and whispered life into her as it spoke the soft words of love and compassion and comfort. She hadn't realized it but she needed saving, desperately. Oh so, desperately. This voice knew that. This voice asked her why she was content with being a ghost and why she didn't try to actually live. He told her all about what life meant and how this wasn't how a life should be lived. A life void of love and meaning. He picked her up and told her about a story, gently reminding her about how a great marvelous being came down to earth and though he had done absolutely nothing wrong he died cruelly and brutally with nails piercing his hands, a spear in his side, as he hung from a cross. He didn't have to die, but he wanted to in order to save these imperfect human beings that he loved very much. He wanted them to live a life, an eternal one, free from death and sadness and pain if only they'd accept the gift. But in return, he would ask for these humans to share the gift with others so they might experience eternal life too. But, how could a ghost share this gift? Why would a person with such a beautiful promise and beautiful gift, be a ghost? That ghost finally got it. She realized her mistakes. She couldn't believe what she became. That ghost became human again with the breathe of life that breathed inside of her. She was human again as her heart beat with a fervent love for others and life and a will and a want not to waste it. So, yes, this ghost, had a happy ending. But I warn you, because not all ghosts do. Some ghosts stay ghosts their whole lives and there is no point to them. They sit and they don't feel and they waste away never satisfied. Don't become a ghost. There is a light, there is a way to become human once again. Don't stay a ghost. Because being a ghost is one of the most terrifying things you can be. When that girl looks back at her time spent as a ghost, it gives her the chills. She does not want to ever go back to being a ghost. It is something to be scared of. So, don't become a ghost. Choose life instead. Choose eternal life instead. (John 3:16)