Thursday, May 31, 2012

Ups and Downs

Life has its ups and downs. It's that whole rollercoaster cycle type metaphor. There's nothing we can do, normally, to change the ups and downs. So instead of complaining, we should get a new perspective. I've never liked the whole black and white, optimistic or pessimistic, either or options. Sometimes, there is middle ground, There is gray, there is realism, and sometimes there are more than just two options in life. For me, I like to take on the perspective of realism. What that means to me, is I don't say that things will for sure get better and I don't say things will for sure be worse. Because you don't know. But I do know that your down is probably worse than some other people's downs but it's also not as bad as someone else's down. There's always things in life that could go better, and always things that could go worse. But it's not about your ups or downs, it's about how you react to them. Sometimes the best thing to do when things get bad, is to get thankful instead. The sun will rise tomorow, you have oxygen in your lungs, your heart is healthily beating, you are alive, there is life around every bend, there is color everywhere you look and love does exist. And the greatest love you can ever have is the love from our Savior Jesus Christ. And you don't even need to do anything to aquire His great vast unending river of love. Thats mindblowing to me. Thats enough to make me happy right now even though I have some downs in my life. His love makes me want to do what I can to show that I love Him back. If you have ever been a relationship before, think of it that way. Say your boyfriend surprises you with a heartfelt gift and demonstrated his love for you by a kind act. How would you feel? Would you just say thank-you and thats it? Or would you want to do something to show your love back? See, God doesn't force us to show our love for Him. He gives us free will which many human beings abuse at ease. However, I think the creator of the universe, my Savior who died and bled on that cross to save my faulty human sins, The one who never stops loving, forgiving, and providing, deserves our love. He deserves to be shown that.  So during the downs, don't think to yourself; "God hates me." "The world is ending." "I'm a good person, why is this happening to me?" Instead, think of all the things you do have. All the things you can do still. Think about how much He loves you. Because even if the moon doesn't shine, you never see a rainbow again, the flowers wither away and all beauty is lost and gone, there is still beauty in what He did for you and what He does for you. If you are alive, you have been given a great gift. Don't waste it. Some people don't get to have that gift as long as you do.

Revelation 21:4 ; "He will wipe away every tear from their eyes, and death shall be no more, neither shall there be mourning, nor crying, nor pain anymore, for the former things have passed away.”

  If you have any questions, readers, feel free to ask. If you have anything to add on or share, feel free to comment and add on or share. Sorry for the long post, but I found it worth posting.
                                                    Love From Thursday,

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Wednesday Boredom?

I have one simple cure: Planking.
You can do it anywhere and anytime! Be creative!

You can plank with a shark!

You can plank with a turtle!

You can plank by a boat...

You can plank on a table...

You can plank in front of a creepy spongeman statue!

You can plank with your sister if you want to.

You can plank with your family!!!

Or... if you're like me... you can plank ON your family!

See what i mean? Planking is an easy sport, family friendly, and cost effective! Just a grab a camera and a few friends and find wacky places to plank and you'll find yourself having the time of your life! Don't hesistate. Become a Plankster TODAY!
                                            Love From Wednesday,

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

So Much Love

So today, I thought I'd share with you ten things I love through pictures. Because pictures are worth a thousand words. So here we go! XD

1. Mini Coopers
2. Full Moons
3. Quaint Places
4. Rainy Days
5. Vintage Dresses
6. Pretty Light Fixtures
7. Creative artsy journals
8. Pictures with Quotes or Words
9. Places in the world that make you feel Small and puts things into Perspective
10. Cameras (Especially older looking ones)

That's 10 Things I Love Tuesday! Have a fabulous day, and smile alot. It's contagious.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Happy Memorial Day!

Hey all! :) I had my heart set and fully intended on blogging everyday but this weekend...was busy. Very busy. I mean hardly any facebook time busy! haha. And to say the least, I'm a bit exhausted. So instead of writing a pensive and fully thoughtout post, I'm going to sum up my weekend. Tell you a few things I love. And then I'm going to send you a link to one of the funniest videos ever made. Take that back, I'll send you two because I'm so kind.

My Weekend Consisted Of:
1. Two parties in one day. Both of them pool parties. Which makes me miss my old house which had a pool. :(  I loved Marco Polo and Sharks and Minos! Those were the days. However, I'm so glad I have lovely friends to play that with me and share their pools.
2. TUBING! Off a boat. FOR MY FIRST TIME. It was love at first sight. I couldn't stop laughing the whole time I was riding the wake. Ahhh. So much fun, so much love.
3. Late night at Church! I love those nights. They usually consist of Hyperness, Waffles, and Games. And surely last night did not dissapoint. Basketball, Soccer, Elimination, Rolling like Spys, Major Poke Wars, and the such took place. As well as blisters on my feet from playing basketball bare foot. Not the brightest idea. XD haha. But it was worth it! ALSO, NEOPALITAN ICE CREAM ON TOP OF THE WAFFLES. Yes, it was quite an awesome night.
4. BEACH! Somehow, I also managed to snuck in beachtime yesterday and it was marvelous. Lots of waves equals lots of fun.
5. Pokemon. Yes. Pokemon. I loved that show as a kid and now they have it on Movies on demand!! And my little sisters are now having the privelege to enjoy that beautiful show and I get to watch it with them. :) I'm such a nerd. But I don't care. I love Brock. <3 We'd be good friends if he existed in real life.
6. There's a Memorial Pool Day party today! Yes, more pool! I'm pretty pysched.

I think that sums everything up. So I will leave you all to your happy selves with two hilarious must see videos and one of my favorite songs. :)

                      ~Sophie :)

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Friday, May 25, 2012

Happy Friday!

Hello readers,
  I thought I'd start of the day with a poem of mine. I was looking back at past writings this morning and I realized how much i liked this piece of writing. I try to write about things that people can relate to, and i thought this might be relatable. I don't like expounding on the meaning of my poems because I like people to use their imagination and connect the dots their ownselves. So, if you'd like, please leave a comment and let me know what it means to you. :)

So here's the poem;

Broken memories and teary eyes hung from statellites,
Dripping the fragments of star dust down all upon us,
Sending a whir through a blush colored sky in a realm of used to be’s.
But time and season’s change,
Nothing ever ends up staying the same,
In a world of possibilities, wonders and dreams.
I gathered up my tears and saved them in a jar,
I glued them to my fears and sent them to the stars,
Living cautiously in land full of broken mundane.
I grasp a wisp of my hair and set it free,
I let the sky’s pond gently fall on me,
And I remembered how unreal everything seemed to be.
I’m trudging through soft sand that’s holding on to my feet,
I’m purposely distracting myself by dancing fast offbeat,
Letting go of what was once us as it flies into the sky and blends in with the star dust.
No reason to get misty eyed,
Everyone has to say their goodbyes.
Everyone has to learn to fly,
Without your help, and by theirself sometimes.

There you have it. Happy Friday! Enjoy the weekend, and don't do anything stupid. :D
~ Sophie

"Wait for the Lord, Be strong and take heart, wait for the Lord." Psalm 27:19

Thursday, May 24, 2012

My First Blog Post

Hello there.  I'm Sophie and I'm a newbie. So this first post is inevitably going to be pretty lame because it's the first one and I'm still trying to get the hang of things. Which is indeed hard when you are technologically challenged. Hopefully, I'll get some help soon and spiffy up this solemn blog with some Sophieness. I'll give you a heads up about what my blogs will mainly consist of though. :) It'll consist of poetry, lots of it. It will consist of my thoughts. It will consist of random things that I love. It will consist of photography, mine and others. It will probably contain quotes, but only ones that really strike me or make me go; "Ooh. I like that." It will consist of puns. Because, hey, let's face it. Who doesn't like puns? I might make polls and I might post everyday yet but I'm not sure yet. You'll have to wait and see. It will consist of Bible verses and songs I like. And hopefully I'll get to impact you all or inspire you in some way, shape, or form. Because that's my main goal. This writing isn't for me. I have a journal for that. This writing is for you, dear readers. :)