Tuesday, May 29, 2012

So Much Love

So today, I thought I'd share with you ten things I love through pictures. Because pictures are worth a thousand words. So here we go! XD

1. Mini Coopers
2. Full Moons
3. Quaint Places
4. Rainy Days
5. Vintage Dresses
6. Pretty Light Fixtures
7. Creative artsy journals
8. Pictures with Quotes or Words
9. Places in the world that make you feel Small and puts things into Perspective
10. Cameras (Especially older looking ones)

That's 10 Things I Love Tuesday! Have a fabulous day, and smile alot. It's contagious.


  1. I love art journals too! And the vintage dresses :)

  2. Yesss! I hate dresses and never wear them but I so would if I had those lovely vintage ones. Also, I want that camera too Kay. xD haha