Friday, May 25, 2012

Happy Friday!

Hello readers,
  I thought I'd start of the day with a poem of mine. I was looking back at past writings this morning and I realized how much i liked this piece of writing. I try to write about things that people can relate to, and i thought this might be relatable. I don't like expounding on the meaning of my poems because I like people to use their imagination and connect the dots their ownselves. So, if you'd like, please leave a comment and let me know what it means to you. :)

So here's the poem;

Broken memories and teary eyes hung from statellites,
Dripping the fragments of star dust down all upon us,
Sending a whir through a blush colored sky in a realm of used to be’s.
But time and season’s change,
Nothing ever ends up staying the same,
In a world of possibilities, wonders and dreams.
I gathered up my tears and saved them in a jar,
I glued them to my fears and sent them to the stars,
Living cautiously in land full of broken mundane.
I grasp a wisp of my hair and set it free,
I let the sky’s pond gently fall on me,
And I remembered how unreal everything seemed to be.
I’m trudging through soft sand that’s holding on to my feet,
I’m purposely distracting myself by dancing fast offbeat,
Letting go of what was once us as it flies into the sky and blends in with the star dust.
No reason to get misty eyed,
Everyone has to say their goodbyes.
Everyone has to learn to fly,
Without your help, and by theirself sometimes.

There you have it. Happy Friday! Enjoy the weekend, and don't do anything stupid. :D
~ Sophie

"Wait for the Lord, Be strong and take heart, wait for the Lord." Psalm 27:19

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