Monday, May 28, 2012

Happy Memorial Day!

Hey all! :) I had my heart set and fully intended on blogging everyday but this weekend...was busy. Very busy. I mean hardly any facebook time busy! haha. And to say the least, I'm a bit exhausted. So instead of writing a pensive and fully thoughtout post, I'm going to sum up my weekend. Tell you a few things I love. And then I'm going to send you a link to one of the funniest videos ever made. Take that back, I'll send you two because I'm so kind.

My Weekend Consisted Of:
1. Two parties in one day. Both of them pool parties. Which makes me miss my old house which had a pool. :(  I loved Marco Polo and Sharks and Minos! Those were the days. However, I'm so glad I have lovely friends to play that with me and share their pools.
2. TUBING! Off a boat. FOR MY FIRST TIME. It was love at first sight. I couldn't stop laughing the whole time I was riding the wake. Ahhh. So much fun, so much love.
3. Late night at Church! I love those nights. They usually consist of Hyperness, Waffles, and Games. And surely last night did not dissapoint. Basketball, Soccer, Elimination, Rolling like Spys, Major Poke Wars, and the such took place. As well as blisters on my feet from playing basketball bare foot. Not the brightest idea. XD haha. But it was worth it! ALSO, NEOPALITAN ICE CREAM ON TOP OF THE WAFFLES. Yes, it was quite an awesome night.
4. BEACH! Somehow, I also managed to snuck in beachtime yesterday and it was marvelous. Lots of waves equals lots of fun.
5. Pokemon. Yes. Pokemon. I loved that show as a kid and now they have it on Movies on demand!! And my little sisters are now having the privelege to enjoy that beautiful show and I get to watch it with them. :) I'm such a nerd. But I don't care. I love Brock. <3 We'd be good friends if he existed in real life.
6. There's a Memorial Pool Day party today! Yes, more pool! I'm pretty pysched.

I think that sums everything up. So I will leave you all to your happy selves with two hilarious must see videos and one of my favorite songs. :)

                      ~Sophie :)

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  1. Love the post Soph! :) I can't believe y'all put icecream on your waffles! And tubing sounds like a blast :D

  2. Thanks Erin<3 I love you! :)

  3. You know, I really like to say "Waffles" it's just a funny word. Waffles.