Wednesday, January 23, 2013


I'm packing my bags today. I am leaving Florida. I am going to a different state or maybe even a different country. I'm going to get a job, enroll in a new college, make new friends, learn new norms, try new foods, see different sunrises. I'm just going. I'm leaving my old life behind, and starting a new one. It will be thrilling and exciting and nerve racking and amazing. I'm ready. So, goodbye everyone here in Florida. I may see you again in the future. But for now, I'm going to go and be wanderlust.

Okay, so maybe I'm not doing that.
Maybe as in I'm definitely not.
But have you ever thought what your life might be like it and how different it would be if you just left.
Left everything you knew and sought a new beginning and adventure.
Have you?
I wouldn't do it.
Because I belong here.
With my friends, my family, my doggy, everything that I know and love so well.
But sometimes the idea of picking up and leaving and trying something new and so adventurous with endless possibilities... sometimes it intrigues me.
To think about.
To dream about.
But not to do.
I'm too comfortable and too shy.
Plus, I like it here.
Where I am.
And I haven't had enough experience to know my way around to do that sort of thing.
However, someday, when I'm older and I have an urge, maybe I'd go away for a Summer.
Maybe I'd try something new.
But maybe not.
We'll see.
What about you?
Have you ever thought about it?
Do you ever thiiink you could do that?
Would you want to?
"We are the reckless,
We are the wild youth
Chasing visions of our futures
One day we'll reveal the truth"
"But hold me fast, Hold me fast...
Cause I'm a hopeless wanderer.
And I will learn, I will learn,
 to love the skies I'm under.
And I will learn, I will learn,
 to love the skies I'm under."


  1. Yes, I have thought about it. When we decided to start looking for a house we began looking about an hour away from where we both grew up. I know that sounds trivial, but it's a different life up there- it not just right down the street from our families... we would picking up and essentially starting over. I can't wait for it to happen, I dream of a new beginning- not a whole new life but a new chapter, with some of the same characters yet a totally new outlook :)

  2. I think it's normal to think that way, especially when you are younger. When I was 19, I was playing around online and found really cheap airfare to London ($500). I booked it, and four weeks later was on a plane by myself, and spent a week there going to museums, staying at hostels, taking pictures and wandering around. It was one of those things you don't forget and I think everyone should take the time to go off on a wild adventure at least once in their life.

  3. I think of this every single day. I experience wanderlust quite frequently. There is something wonderfully romantic about the notion of moving to a new area and meeting new people, making new memories, and living a brand new life.

  4. Oh yeah, I've thought of just "going away", but like you, I'm not sure I'd ever do it {by myself}... I love the idea of just going away for a summer though..That sounds really amazing. I'd go to New York or Ireland ^_^

  5. I kind of did that when I randomly went with a group I didn't know for the Passion conference. It was scary, and fun! I think I would just leave some day. I guess that kind of scares my parents, but I think it would be an adventure. :D

  6. This made me think. It even inspired a page in my art journal. ;) Although adventuring sounds amazing (and maybe even addicting), I don't think I would leave. Like you said: "I'm too comfortable and too shy. Plus, I like it here. Where I am." Sometimes I get bored where I'm at, but I do love the life I'm living. Miniature, everyday adventures -just doing something I normally would do- sounds lovely, though.
    My apologies for the long comment... ;)