Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Leave it to the workers.
As they scoop up the rubble in their ash ridden hands.
Make no demands, make no demands.

(Photo cred- to me)

So, this post doesn't have much to it.
I just wanted to say a couple of things.

1. Thank you guys<3 You are the best. You make me happy. I thought you should know that. I haven't had much time to address these comments, but the comment made about how I should write an inspiration coffee table book and all the people who agreed to that, that really made my day. It's small things like that that mean a lot to me and honestly, I would totally love to do something like that someday. Who knows what the future holds! So thanks guys for motivating and encouraging and reading. :)

2. I maaaade dinner the other night!!! I found this delicious looking recipe (thanks Pinterest) and I just made it and I didn't burn down the house and it's exciting. It's a lot more work than I thought it would be, but surprisingly, it was also a lot of fun. Oh, and it's delicious.  :)

3. Two of my 3 tests this week got postponed! *Happy Dance*

4. I am just really excited guys. About life and such. I don't know why, but I really am. I love it when I get in these moods.

5. I don't usually love Spring, but for some reason I am so excited for the pretty flower decor and floral shirts and spring break and St.Patrick's Day ( I love green and the movie the Luck of the Irish ) and Easter and I don't know. I'm liking spring this year.

6. I started playing the guitar again the other day! It's been awhile since I've played. I also put some chords to a poem I wrote and turned it into a song. I'm kinda happy about that. Mind you, it's not the best song because I only remember a minimal of chords, but I put a melody to the poem so that was exciting to me because I like how it turned out.

Those are my ramblings.


  1. Your #4 made me smile and big smile. Such a nice feeling to reach that point isn't it? Life is awesome

  2. You're so pretty, Sophie.

    I hope you DO write that book. I'd defo read it.

    Hehe, it must be nice to get excited about life and the future. Me? I get a bit panicky when I think of the future. So then I put it all at God's feet and pretend I never thought about it in the first place. :)


  3. love these pictures:) and you should write one because you'd be amazing and everyone would buy it, and then have something to read when they need a pick me up, because that's what you can do :)

  4. Such happy things. That's so neat you made dinner! There's something so accomplishing about cooking a really good meal. :) And you put guitar music to a poem? That's really awesome! :D

    I'm excited about Spring too. Something about everything becoming more vibrant and alive is such a promising thing to look forward to each year. Blessings to your day! :)

  5. This post was happy and really made me happy!
    i love that photo of you<3

  6. YOU LIKE GREEN TOO?!!! That's totally awesome! You'd never catch me on St. Patricks day without green on; I wear it 4 days of the week usually anyway. ;)
    Hee hee, I think I have to agree with Noni, this post just overflows with your happiness! =)
    I've re-written this comment 3 times and I still can't get the words out of what I mean!
    So,simply put; I just like it.
    Oh, and guitar! You've just inspired me to add chords to one of my poems, or even on the piano, I should do that.
    K, that's the end of this scrambled comment.

    xx ~Jenny