Monday, July 22, 2013

*Rannnndommm Postiiiinggg*

Okie dokie.

So this post is just some of my random rantings...

I saw The Avengers this weekend(I know I'm behind on the bandwagon) and I loved it! Now I want to see Captain America, Thor and Iron Man. I've seen the Batman series and Spiderman series, but I just never got the chance to see any of the Marvel Superhero Movies. But, The Avengers was free on Amazon Prime Instant Video, and therefore, I got to see it. :) The funny thing is, I kept seeing posts about Tom Hiddleston and I had noooo idea who he was. I saw quotes from him, pictures, etc. and I think I've even pinned one of his quotes on pinterest because I liked it. However, I didn't know Loki was this Tom Hiddleston person. BUT I LOVED LOKI. So, after seeing the movie I looked up the actor cause he seemed sort of familiar ( probably from all the other people who fangirl over him) and then I saw the name, and then it all made sense, and now I feel like I can join and understand the Hiddleston Fangirl Clan. So, yeah. He's my new husband. And now I'm going to see Thor and Captain America(which are both free on Amazon just f.y.i) as soon as I have free time again.

Speaking of new husbands, I've also discovered that I really like Drake Bell (I briefly mentioned it last post). I always thought he was sorta cute when I first saw him on The Amanda Show, and then on Drake and Josh, but I never really was a huge fan of him. However, now, I quite enjoy him. I think his posts and stuff are hilarious and he really does seem to be more classy and never writes anything mean or nasty on his twitter/etc. He says he tries to make sure he's a good role model since he knows people look up to him and I think that's admirable. And he's funny. So, yeah. Another new "husband" for me.

Okay, now that we're done discussing guys... I guess the other things I could talk about are nature trails that my family and I went on, alligator babies in which we saw there, a record/vintage shop we looked at, the possibility of me getting a typewriter!!!!, trying curry for the first time and liking it, froyo, Starbucks, The Once Upon A Time series(SO ADDICTING), Winnie the Pooh, our church's coffee house event, the beach and more sunburn :P , Soccer,  and Truth or Dare... That's went down this weekend.

(Disclaimer; the Pooh photo is not mine. I found it on tumblr. Because, I mean, how cute is that. I want one! All of the other ones from the weekend were taken by me though.)

Now that I've stepped off my pedestal of my weekend randomness, I would like to let you all know that I'm going on a camp/retreat/type thing this week. I'm leaving Wednesday and coming back Saturday. So, I won't be blogging then. Instead, I'll be diving into God's Word, and strengthening friendships and bonds and creating memories. I'm real excited for it. :) Whenever we have a church summer outreach/retreat/conference/or missions trip, I always come back refreshed and joyful beyond belief. I know that's all from God and I can't wait to experience that again. I can't wait to learn more, and seek Him, and be reminded of the things I need to fix in my life. I say that, because sometimes I think we don't realize or really listen as well as we should when we're here in our life living normal days. Sometimes you need to get away, you need to be told things and encouraged by others, and you need to tune out the rest of the World and listen to God. So, I'm ready to do that.

I apologize for the randomness that this post consists of. I usually have it organized and I usually try to write with proper grammar and connect everything well and make it meaningful. I don't know if this was meaningful or not to you, but sometimes I think we need a bit of unpredictability and randomness in life. Sometimes, it's healthy to be unorganized for once. One also small thing, even though I'm posting today and tomorrow... I probably won't be on to read blogs although I want to... because I have packing, and spending time with my sister(who's birthday is this week so I promise Tuesday to her since I won't be here during her birthday) and some preparation for VBS which is the next week. So, I'm busy busy.

So, I'm sorry, but I'm not sorry.

Ps. Props to whoever got my title reference.


  1. I love once upon a time.... yes, its addicting... annnnnd... this is awkward. I love this post :)

  2. Well good for you Soph! =) About everything really; finding out who Tom Diddleston is, SEEING ALLIGATOR BABIES, seeing typewriters (buy me one too, k?) tasting curry (I like it myself), taking cute pictures of yourself reading a book and going to a camp/retreat type thing!


    xx ~Jenny

  3. I didn't get your title reference. Sad day :( haha.

    Wow, two husbands at once? I didn't realize you were into the whole polygamy thing. haha! j/k. I'd marry them both too ;)

    THOR IS AMAZING! He is my faaaaaaaavorite! He's *my* husband.

    Have fun on your trip! :)))