Friday, August 10, 2012

Free Thoughts

I've been free with my thoughts. On my poems, on my heart, on my hands, on my eyes, on my writings, on my lips. They've been everywhere. I didn't realize how freely I give my thoughts till just now. I used to give my thoughts freely to one person but that person left me embittered as an old cup of coffee sitting in the hot sunshine. I'm fixing that. There's no need to be bitter. I have stopped looking and searching for you out there because I won't find you until you find yourself though. I needed to let that person go, because my words and thoughts no longer meant anything. So, I'm starting to realize I shouldn't give all my thoughts away so freely. And no matter what, bitterness is not a pretty trait.

Readers, don't be bitter. It's not a pretty taste, it's not a pretty sight. And it hardens your bright shining heart and takes up the room for other things to grow like love and happiness.

Is anyone else enamored by the Sun, the Moon, and the Stars?
You should be.
Everyone should be.

I love feathers.

That's me. For the most part, I still feel like I haven't changed much at all.

I'm so bad with the words inside my mouth. I'm much better at the words my fingers pluck out.

Carousels are magical. I've always believed that.

What makes the corners of your mouth turn upwards and your eyes crinkle in the corners?
What makes your eyes light up like the Fourth of July?
What makes your heart pound and laughs escape?
What are you enamored with?
What do you treasure?
What is your passion?

I'd like to know. Even if noone else does. I want to know, readers. I like hearing people talk or write about things that matter to them. Things that make them recall Memories of good times. Paint pictures and create stories. Tell me, please.


  1. Remember summers spent at my grandparent's house does this to me - exploring the woods, catching fireflies, fresh squeezed lemonade, and AM radio playing in the background of a home-cooked meal :)

    This post is beautiful as are the photos enchanting. Thanks so much for your sweet comment. Following you too :) xo Marisa

  2. Family holidays and gatherings are easily my favorite memories... so many smells, sounds, and scents that bring up the idea of togetherness. Apple cider reminds me of opening presents, and the smell of pumpkin reminds me of my grandma from when we made pumpkin pies together one time. Cool breezes, no matter where I am or what I'm doing, remind me of Halloween and running from house to house with my older brother and collecting candy while my dad waited at the streets.

    Aw, this is a lovely post. :'D I think you may have inspired my next topic to write about on my blog: memories. Thank you!

  3. everything about this post is purely amazing and fantastic. i think the word amazing is overused but this post definitely deserves the word.

    hmm..what makes me happy? photographs, (like this), people i love and being by them, dreaming up my big plans, the blue ocean, the smell of lavender or fresh laundry or the salty beach. writing in journals, painting, friends that live and have been all over the world. i dream about it!

  4. Ahhh. I love these reponses! Thank you so much for the replies! They make me so happy. :)

  5. I like this post. :) I'm enamored with Life and I treasure the small special moments. I couldn't agree with you more about being bitter. It may seem fine for the time being, but it's hard to wash out after a long while.

  6. Thank you, and I agree completely. Bitterness just ruins potential beauty. Plus, you can't ever be the better person if your heart is full of bitterness. (:

  7. I think my favorite picture was the one where the person was holding the sign that said, "Someone is (or will be) lucky to have you." I imagine the person is standing on the street holding it up for people to see.

    I myself write lots of Random notes of Encouragement and leave them on people's windshields, and I think I'm going to start using that phrase on some of them!

    1. Thank you, and also I never thought of it like that! I like that idea too. And thats so cute about the windsheilds! I think i want to do that someday.

  8. Beautiful post, Sophie. You're inspiring me to dig deeper as a writer.

    I cherish moments spent with family and the memory of laughter and warm hugs from loved ones. Autumn brings the remembrance of years passed and and the familiarity of past years. Warm cups of apple cider, the beauty of changing leaves, and the crisp cool wind, fills my heart with such joyful aching.

    My heart pounds when I think about how fast time flies and how fleeting life is. How I must take in every moment I have with my friends and family because I don't know when the last time will be when I see them. And before I know it, my siblings will be grown and their once called annoyances will be wished for because they will be grown and independent.

    Just a few things I thought I'd share. :) Once again, loved this post Sophie and all the quotes and pictures you find.

    1. Thats so beautiful. Thank you for sharing! I love hearing about people's moments because it makes me picture it too. Even if i wasnt there for it. Thats so true, life is fleeting. Which is why i want to treasure it as much and as often as i can. Thank you again for your lovely comment<3