Monday, August 20, 2012

Stories and stories

Let's start off with me telling you the story of yesterday:

Yesterday. It was my last day of Summer. Last day of youth group. Last. Last. Last. It was slightly bittersweet. There may have been a few internal tears. You see, I feel like life is slipping away. I feel old. I'm not old. There's plenty of life ahead. But yesterday felt like the end. It was a party but it didn't feel like one last night. Until suddenly the rain came. I spot it through the window. I asked if anyone would come trek on this journey with me, and I got some takers. Erin, Daisy, Kaylie, and I ran through the pouring rain. The rain forced my eyelids to shut half way and I still had a pizza crust in my hand quickly becoming soggy. But it didn't matter, we screamed and ran and frolicked. We danced, we prayed, we treasured. We held. The rain cried for us. Then we came inside, had multiple pictures taken and everything was alright. We played soccer and were merry. And it was sweet.

And today, I feel alright too. I started College and it's not all that scary really. I actually enjoy it. And I reminded myself of my graduation speech and guess what i realized? In my graduation speech, I was reminded that I was young. And that it was only the beginning. Not just today, but every day is the beginning of our life, our future, ourselves.Its funny how you can sometimes forget what you wrote and came up with yourself. I'll post you the video at the end.

Lastly, yesterday, I also came up with a story that sounded pretty in my head. I'll share it with you but you may want to grab a cup of coffee before you do so. Here. I'll inspire you;

Now, that I've set the mood off right... Here We Go.

"Words crept through his fingertips and ink ran across her cheekbones as he wiped away her desperate tears. His mouth was closed and so were her eyes as they listened to the whispered breaths that filled the air in the silence that hung around them. His heart threatened to escape from his mouth as the words I Love You and Goodbye pulsed through his veins. She knew he couldn't wipe away her pain forever and soon his ghost would be the only being left in front of her. He wanted her to open her eyes so he could take one last mental picture of her to keep forever framed in the skeletal cage around his heart. he got his wish as his chapped, icy lips found their way to the smooth creases of her forehead. She wanted him to say the words before he left even though she already heard them pulsing through his skin and becoming the background music for this ghastly movie scene. He know he couldn't speak the words or else he knew he would never have the strength to leave. She knew she couldn't hold his pitied stare forever. So with the pain throbbing in the oxygen he reluctantly breathed in, he left his other half, his princess, crumpled on the sidewalk. He knew she would be better off without him and there was no other option for him to choose. That night, the monsters came out of their closets and her pillow could not hold all of her tears. But she knew that one day, that pillow would be dry. "

I get inspired sometimes.


  1. I hate last things like that. Always so sad feeling...It does tend to make one feel like life is slipping away faster than it should. :P
    Dude, that made me want to cry. The whole post did. I loved it! You have the most beautiful way of writing things. <3 <3

  2. very pretty photos. and the words were beautiful too.. i love it
    check my blog out sometime?

  3. you've onlyjust begun! enjoy life! only good can come from ahead!