Thursday, August 16, 2012

Hate Vs. Love

You will have two types of people in life. The people who will hate you, and the people who will love you. It's gonna happen in life. It's not going to change. The only thing you can do is choose who to listen to. And if I were you, I would choose to listen to the people who love you. And here's why; When you listen and let in hate, it will grow throughout your brain and mind, all the way to the heart and eat you from the inside out. It will destroy and fester and hurt. The people who hate you most likely comes from people who are: a. Jealous of you. You have something they want. Whether it be looks,  personality, whatever it may be, they hate you because they wish they were you but they aren't. b. Insecure. They aren't comfortable with themselves, so they pick on others to make themselves feel / look better. Or c. Simply mean. For whatever the reason, their hatred lies behind lies. The mean words are lies and lies destroy. You don't want to let them in even if it's easier. Yes, easier. Some people think they deserve the hateful word, that they must have done something. That they must be speaking truth. No, you don't deserve it. No matter what you do, you won't deserve hatred. No, it's not the truth. Those type of people wouldn't know the truth. They don't know you. Which brings me to the people who love you. The people who love you, love you because they know you. They know your true beauty. They care for you. They treasure you. They say words because they mean them. They speak the truth. And if you let in their words, love will nourish you, build you up, and better you. Love will make room for happiness and give you opportunities to spread it. It will not leave you bittered and wounded. It will help turn away Hatred. So listen to them. Even if you don't believe them, its true. So try harder to believe them. And let that soak into your bones. Let yourself be loved and love in return. Don't be a person filled with hate. And don't listen to the people who hate.

So spread the love, spread a kind word, spread a smile. :)

(Ps. This is the last Friday of the Summer. Sadness. Monday comes College and brand new wave of spankin' memories to be created and a wave of old memories to think of and be reminded of as I go through the seasons and the school year and reminisce of old friends, classes, places and such. I'm ready for it though. I'm always ready. Because you have to be.)


  1. I love how you show what you feel, not by just rambling on and on like I tend to do in my blogs, but by using pictures too. I'm a big believer in the visual aspect of writing. It's so good.