Sunday, August 19, 2012

Poem & Pictures

              Alphabetical Order

Everything used to be in alphabetical order.
Now the letters are scattered.
Everything used to be plain and simple, like black and white.
Now everything is just grey.
Everything used to be working fine,
Now it needs new parts.
Everything used to be Pure and White,
Now everything is smudged and smeared.
Every breath used to be delicate like a rose pedal,
Now its as useless as ashes the wind blows away.
Everyone used to dance in the rain,
Now everyone is drowning in it.
Everything used to be sacred, treasured,
Now it doesn't matter.
Everyone used to be strong and determined,
Now they're as frail as a newborn baby.
Everything used to be exciting and new,
Now it's like replaying the same movie for days.
Everyone used to cheer for you,
Now you're your own support team.
Everyone used to be understanding and saw you,
But now everyone is blind.
Your bones used to be so weak and your mind so strong,
Now your bones are stronger but your mind is deteriorating.
You used to be ushered in when the rain came down,
Now you’re left alone in it.
You used to have it all going for you, the world on your side,
But just like everything else, it all died.

Sometimes I write because the words sound nice and create a certain emotion. Whether I feel it or not, I write it. I've never written something like this before. So even though its a bit sad, I hope you like it.

Today, be and don't be.
Remember how to forget.
Regret but Treasure.
Wish for Fall but Hold on to Summer.
Listen for the Rain but think about Sunshine.
Be fickle. Be strong.
Don't make sense.
You don't have to.
But sometimes make sense, for the sake of it.
There aren't always sets in stones.
You can be who you wan't to be.
It's your life.


  1. I *love* it. ^_^ It is a bit sad, but hey, "sad is happy for deep people". ;) lol. <3
    I love those pictures! My favorite is probably the porch with the rain...I love it. <3 I love sitting on porches while it's raining. :D