Saturday, August 4, 2012


We all have them. Even the people who look like they are doing great, they have their own battles too. That person who seems overly confident and perfectly fine with herself, she struggles too. Even the beauty queen with a 2 inch waist and flawlessness, she struggles too. It's because if you always compare yourself to even just one single person that you think is better than you or prettier than you, you will never measure up. Never be satisfied. So don't compare yourself. Don't wish you had curly hair when your hair is straight and don't wish for straight hair in exchange for your curls. Be happy with yourself. Be happy with your weight. Despite what you may think; You are not fat. You are healthy and you are beautiful. A number doesn't determine your beauty. I'm not saying this to anyone in particular just anyone who needs to hear it. Because I'm a girl and i've seen many other girls, and I have been around long enough to see that everyone struggles with appearance. A whole lot of girls only think they are beautiful if someone gives them attention and tells them so. But if they are alone in their room staring into that mirror, they just might see a different girl in there. They might not think that they are beautiful. Girls, beauty is not determined in weight, curly or straight hair, flawless skin, compliments and attention. That is not the definition of beautiful. My personal definition: If God made you, you are incredibly and indescribably beautiful. Because You are His creation. And His creation is beautiful. He hand made you. He thought of you long before you were born. You were no mistake, and you were no surprise. You were carefully thought out and designed to be His beautiful creation. You are so so beautiful. And what makes you the prettiest is your inside. Your heart. Your soul. Your mind. Those are what mainly counts. Thats what you want a guy to compliment you on the most. Thats what you want a guy to love you for. Your smile is beautiful, so wear that always. Who cares if you've got those sparkly nail polish or new makeup if you aren't wearing your smile?  I know my words may not leave marks on your hearts, but I thought I should let you know that anyways. That you are beautiful for who you are, not what you look like. There's no reason to dive into compliments and attention to make you feel beautiful. You should feel beautiful anyways because you are beautiful. And if a guy can't see that, he's blind and God can and does see that. And you deserve someone who sees you for who you truely are. And loves your inner beauty most. Don't compare. And don't hate yourself. You are beautiful. Hear me? You are beautiful.

You are a lovely light. Spread that light and shine. If the opportunity comes, shine. Shine bright, shine beautiful.

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  1. Hey Miss Soph! I love your blog girl! First off, the poem from your latest post was amazing! This post in particular really stuck out to me though. It was a beautifully written post and it really meant a lot to me. Keep up the good work! And by the way, you've got yourself a new follower! :)