Friday, August 3, 2012

It's In the Past

Are you worrying today? Of course you are. Everyone has worries. Everyone has stress. It might fog up the glass of the mirror and make it harder for you to breath if you let it . So here's what I want you to do. Exhale. Suck in a deep breath. Exhale. When you exhale, exhale that heavy weight thats sitting on your chest. Write your problems down on a piece of paper. Now rip that piece of paper up. Again. And Again. Now pretend its confetti. Throw that paper in the air and blow it into the sky. Let it fly. Let it go. Let it go. Let it go.
Don't wish for that paper back. Remember, it's over. It's gone.
Give your problems to God, let them be like that wind blown paper. Let it go, and Breathe clearly.
Look into the mirror and smile now. It's all in the past. It doesn't matter. It is gone.
Whatever it is hurting you, let it go. Its not worth your time.

I don't know where this came from and I don't quite get it, but i like it.

If only I found that in my cup of coffee this morning. :P

Humans are quick to be a Judge when they aren't equipped to be Judges.

Last night I went to the American Idol concert in orlando. It was one day to be spent with my family and away from the World. We walked around Lake Eola park where there were pretty swans. And then we came back to our hotel room(which had a revolving door and glass elevators) and me and my sisters muted the tv and pretending to be the voices of the characters as my Mom napped. Then after that we strolled to menchies and ate some yummy frozen yogurt. Then we waited in line and got to take a free photo booth picture before the American idol concert. Then we saw the concert where Colton Dixon sang Meant to live by Switchfoot, Piano Man and his new single. All which are very very good. And Phil also took the night with his Mumford and Sons type of voice and the way he got lost in his music was pretty great too. And then after that we went for a late night swim at the hotel which was also fun. This morning we came back home and I feel so happy. That was a night to remember. Earlier this week, i got caught up with problems again and then when I went on that daytrip, i forgot all about them again. I love getting out and away sometimes. It reminds me to unplug as much as I can and not to focus on things that don't matter and that I can't change. It reminds me to let the past go. Because it's already happened and it's already gone. You can learn from it, but don't dwell on it. Give God your problems and let go of them. You can't fix things always, as much as you want to. But God can, so let Him do it! Don't try to take away His job. He only wants what is best for you.

                                                                Let It Go.

(So you can listen to phil's awesomeness)


  1. I love these photos they are so inspiring!!
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    1. Thanks! I will definitely give you a follow. :)